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hate crimes ep 3 parents v groomers

Hate Crimes Ep 3 Parents v Groomers

Concerned Parents Against Groomers or Local Hate Group starting Hate crimes? Is the term "hate event" an accurate phrase when labeling concerned parents who showed up recently to protest an all-age drag show? Is it hate speech to call these folks groomers for...

patriot for the republic – vol.1

Patriot for the Republic – Vol.1

No Party System We do not support the Republican Party or the Democrat Party; there is no party system in the Constitution. In his Farewell Address President Washington warned of the many dangers to freedom caused by parties; he called parties factions who support...

humboldt hero, january 2023: david eberhardt


David Eberhardt was honored Friday, January 27, during the monthly Humboldt Heroes celebration. The ceremony was held at Scott Hammond’s State Farm office on the corner of 7th and G Streets in downtown Eureka. Members of the public gathered at the office to honor this...

gender & children: the truth about “anti-lgbtq+” bills

Gender & Children: The Truth About “Anti-LGBTQ+” Bills

Children. According to trans and queer activists, the United States is currently passing an overwhelming amount of “Anti-trans” or “Anti-LGBTQ+” laws. However, upon viewing these bills, it becomes evident that the majority of them are aimed at protecting children from...

review: megan movie ‘m3gan’ terrible don’t waste your money

Review: Megan Movie ‘M3gan’ Terrible don’t waste your money

Introduction Table of ContentsIntroductionM3gan: The GoodsPredictive ProgrammingGood Message - Smart Tech, AI, Robotics, Cell phones, Tablets: Potentially Harmful, Require Responsibility.Autonomous AI Robot, What's the Worst that Could Happen?M3gan: The Bads...

p2: drag show cancelation used to push hate


We contacted both sides to get their take on the story We contacted both sides to get their take on the storyBramwell, St. Mark Lutheran Church on Drag Show Cancelation Unlike the Outpost (or, as some call it, the Outhouse), Lost Coast Populist contacted both sides...

outpost spins ferndale drag show cancelation to push hate

Outpost spins Ferndale Drag Show Cancelation to push HATE

How Local Politics are Perverted by Fake Woke News How Local Politics are Perverted by Fake Woke NewsLost Coast Outpost Spins the Ferndale Drag Show Narrative from the StartOne Could Have Said, "It's a Sign!"Here is one of the proponents of All-Age Drag Shows saying...

wednesday netflix series | gomez dies suddenly 2023

Wednesday Netflix Series | Gomez Dies Suddenly 2023

Wednesday Addams Brings Netflix Back from the DeadNetflix goes woke and subsequently goes broke ... dies suddenlyAmericans want Entertainment, not indoctrination and proselytization Gomez Dethroned | Toxic Masculinity or a chivalrous charmer?Wednesday: Ideology over...

1a right to protest sabotaged by social justice elite class

1A Right to Protest Sabotaged by Social Justice Elite Class

Are All Protests Equal? Do Marginalized Groups Have Higher Social Status? Table of ContentsAre All Protests Equal? Do Marginalized Groups Have Higher Social Status?Reparations in Social Justicespe·cial Justified in ResponseBramwell described the interruptions:...

talkshop 010623 – miles slattery web editor

Talkshop 010623 – Miles Slattery Web Editor

It’s the start of 2023 & with some buildings needing repairs from the recent earthquakes, Miles Slattery (Eureka City Manager) comes by the studio to tell us what business owners can do.

Inclusive Nationalist Populism

Populism is a movement built directly from the people.

A Populist movement comes about when an individual is foisted into a position of political leadership by the people they represent.

They Rise to this call and fight for their community against the privileged elite.

Inclusive Nationalist Populism is where inclusion is open to all who agree with the founding principles of our Nation, regardless of race, sex, creed, or personality.

When combined with a populist movement among the free people of a nation, state, or county – value is birthed into their community.

Nationalism v Patriotism?Why is Populism Good?

Take Back The Narrative

Humboldt County News has for too long existed merely to benefit the status quo and the woke Marxists who promulgate it.

The LOCO Populist Team of Citizen Journalists seeks to reshape the face of Lost Coast News into a voice that represents the people of Humboldt County and not the privileged elite.

If you are sick of being called racist for having a different opinion, you are home. If you are sick and tired of apologizing for who you are, you are at the right place.

If you are sick of the Lost Coast News being a filtered narrative controlled by the woke left elites, then you’ve found your home.

Keep your eye on all of the local woke news by visiting their aggregated feeds here on Lost Coast Populist for your reading convenience.

Lost Coast Outpost FeedRedheaded Blackbelt Feed

A Brighter Future

for Lost Coast News

Gone are the days when patriots apologize for their love of country in Humboldt. Long gone are the days when woke Marxist organizations controlled the local narrative. Their fascist crusade to shape Humboldt County in their image is over.

Welcome to Humboldt County, California’s Patriotic renaissance.

Our Mission

Lost Coast Populist seeks to foster a Patriotic Renaissance in Humboldt NEWS.

Over the past two decades, Humboldt County has had its brand hijacked.

The Lost Coast News outlets accepted woke leftism, cancel culture, critical race theory, and all other poisonous hallmarks of American Marxism.

Lost Coast Populist and our team of Citizen Journalists have risen to this call with an unwavering commitment to fight against the left and provide hard-hitting Humboldt news.

At the same time, we rebrand Humboldt County to represent the quintessential Americana culture it truly reflects.

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LOCO Citizen Journalists


Donnie Creekmore

Founder, CEO, Publisher
Father, Patriot, Populist, Website & Internet Expert

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Liberty Lady

Chief Social Soldier
Mother, Lover of Liberty, Social Media Expert


Ash Teeter

Chief Citizen Journalist
proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual, & talented writer

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Uri Driscoll

Citizen Journalist
Uri Driscoll wears a lot of hats. His favorite is a well-fitting Stetson but he’ll put on the horse archer fedora too!