6.4 Magnitude Earthquake shakes Ferndale, CA out of Bed

Dec 20, 2022 | 0 comments

6.4 magnitude earthquake Holly cow Humboldt

I was just sleeping in my bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head when that slumber was disrupted by the biggest earthquake I’ve ever experienced.

How the house managed to not get blown down by this 6.4 magnitude earthquake is beyond me.

What to do during a 6.4 magnitude earthquake?

It blows me away my childhood which was filled with the cliche CA lessons of what exactly one should do during and after an earthquake, and I must admit authoring a blog post was definitely not one of them. However, news was not part of my life back then.

Just like we were trained back in the past, my wife and I jumped out of bed and positioned ourselves under the doorway of our room while the house, and literally the entire earth shook like out of a movie.

How the unsecured items in our home didn’t smash into a mess of undistinguishable nonsense is incredible. Thank God all of our boys and seemingly all of our animals and belongings survived the 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

6.4 magnitude earthquake knocks out the power

Shortly after the world stopped shaking the lights went black as we were scurring around checking our children to make sure everyone was okay.

The older boys sleep on bunk beds so immediately we were terrified the worst scenario may be upon us but fortunately their tank of a bunk bed system survived unscathed.

Indeed both boys were more shocked by the calls of us parents than they were of anything else having some how slept through the entire experience! How is that even possible? 🤔 So with the house in order, beside total darkness, I felt like I should write up a quickie before I head back to bed. The Lord knows I’m gonna have a hard time dozing back to dreamland.

Lost Coast Populist team marked safe after 6.2 earthquake

Worried about my colleagues I figured they too were like still shaken from the shaking (see what I did there) and likely using their phones as a flashlight like me, I shot them all a “holy shit are you guys okay,” text message.

To the delight of my parental instincts, all of them responded back equally shocked but all in good order as well.

Liberty Lady shot over the screen shot below showing the emergency alert she received 😳 as well as this Twitter link, being the social media bad ass that she is, her instincts to feed me this stuff was keen!

No Tsunami Expected from 6.4 magnitude earthquake 14 Miles from Fortuna

earthquake fortuna 6.4 magnitude

So here I write in the darkness, beside candle light, while my wife and family, back in their beds, drift back to sleep wondering if there will be a second coming. Gladly it seems to me this experience is itself losing its ability to keep my interest.

With all of my job being done bringing this experience to the internet, my family and teams experience of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake whammy that rocked the California Coast at 2am in the morning on December 20th 2022 behind me, I think I will join my wife in bed.

I just hope all our friends and the families in Fortuna, Ferndale, and Rio Dell which seems to be the round about area of the Epicenter, are also heading back to bed unscathed. What a night to remember.

Sweet dreams Humboldt County


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