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Lost Coast Populist is the lost coast outpost for News, Opinion, Events, Reviews, Lifestyle and more! Humboldt County is a breathtakingly beautiful place located on the Pacific Northwest Coast of California. The People of the Lost Coast represent all walks of life and are a quintessential icon of the Americana Lifestyle. Lost Coast Populist seeks to highlight this culture and lifestyle in all of its glory!

We will balance out the one-sided story that has been told by our competitors. For far too long, the Humboldt County Brand and Story have been hijacked by a handful of local media companies who fiendishly devour any story that fits their woke agenda, while completely ignoring and omitting anything that doesn’t.

Publications like Lost Coast Outpost, Red Headed Blackbelt, North Coast Journal, Times Standard, and Mad River Union have continually been fast and loose to slander and libel any Humboldt citizen for whom they target, while giving others a complete pass. Indeed these publications can and do employ good people that put out good work. Unfortunately the cancerous, divisive rhetoric they employ while engaging in their offensive actions mixed with their ever apparent hypocrisy has left many looking for an alternative.

Lost Coast Populist will work diligently to be a lost coast outpost providing a pragmatic take on recent events and controversy. We will not play favorites or kowtow in the face of pressure or adversity but will continue providing a lost coast outpost for good information and value.

Humboldt Needs a Pragmatic Lost Coast Outpost

Humboldt County, California Agrees, there is a long and overdue need for a lost coast outpost that is willing to cover everything.

A lost coast outpost that will shine a light on corruption, and aggregate all of the local news while providing a free speech safe space for Humboldtians!

In short, we hope to become the lost coast outpost for the Humboldt way of life!

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Inclusive Nationalist Populism

Populism is a movement built directly from the people.

A Populist movement comes about when an individual is foisted into a position of political leadership by the people they represent.

They Rise to this call and fight for their community against the privileged elite.

Inclusive Nationalist Populism is where inclusion is open to all who agree with the founding principles of our Nation, regardless of race, sex, creed, or personality.

When combined with a populist movement among the free people of a nation, state, or county – value is birthed into their community.

Nationalism v Patriotism?Why is Populism Good?

Take Back The Narrative

Humboldt County News has for too long existed merely to benefit the status quo and the woke Marxists who promulgate it.

The LOCO Populist Team of Citizen Journalists seeks to reshape the face of Lost Coast News into a voice that represents the people of Humboldt County and not the privileged elite.

If you are sick of being called racist for having a different opinion, you are home. If you are sick and tired of apologizing for who you are, you are at the right place.

If you are sick of the Lost Coast News being a filtered narrative controlled by the woke left elites, then you’ve found your home.

Keep your eye on all of the local woke news by visiting their aggregated feeds here on Lost Coast Populist for your reading convenience.

Lost Coast Outpost FeedRedheaded Blackbelt Feed

A Brighter Future

for Lost Coast News

Gone are the days when patriots apologize for their love of country in Humboldt. Long gone are the days when woke Marxist organizations controlled the local narrative. Their fascist crusade to shape Humboldt County in their image is over.

Welcome to Humboldt County, California’s Patriotic renaissance.