City of Eureka Infiltrated – Anarchist Extremism & Destructive Policy
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  • 05/19/2023

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Has the City of Eureka been Infiltrated by local Anarchist and those who promote Extremism ?

Anarchist Agenda

rbh 10.3 - city of eureka infiltrated - anarchist extremism & destructive policy

Anarchist Agenda

At a recent Eureka city Council meeting, concerned citizens produced evidence of council members being involved with an organization that promotes anarchy and infiltration of local governments, as well as selective destruction of society through purposeful encouragement of drug use and homelessness. This revelation has caused a stir among the public and has raised many questions about the infiltration of government by anarchists and their agenda. It is essential to investigate this matter thoroughly as it could have potentially destructive consequences for the city. 

The first two speakers outlined the problem in great detail. 

Speaker 1 

“Can you hear me? Okay. Mayor, Council, I’m sure you would recall the last City Council meeting when you and the council were asked if you would review the code of ethics. Only the mayor acknowledged that she had, how about the rest of your council? Originally that’s what I thought I would be here today to speak about; however I now suspect that it’s not laziness that’s prevented the code from being reviewed annually, it’s flat-out refusal.  

This language and the code of ethics is standard in politics and much of this language is found in the League of California Cities your role as a local elected official. The League of California Cities represents 99% of the cities in California.  Eureka is included, Miles! This means you’re required and expected to follow these terms by joining the Council to be an ethical public official, at bare minimum requires transparency. You should serve with honesty and integrity and at the service of the people who put you in the very seat that you sit in. 

 It is your duty to remain open minded on positions of others and to work collaboratively with others to serve the community, not your hidden agendas. I thought I’d be here today to speak largely about the various ethical violations and conflicts of interest surrounding Leslie Castellano and The Ink People – The Ink People who are largely funded by the City of Eureka. The city that has numerous positions filled with people who’ve been voting on the very funding to be given to The Ink people, lining their own pockets and agendas.  

This is not only morally wrong, it’s illegal on a state and federal level, and for good reason. When we asked the mayor to investigate these conflicts we were met with silence. In our search for transparency from these elected officials, we’ve discovered something more dire. This brings me to a serious question. Leslie, Katie, Mario: are you supporting an anarchist agenda, are you anarchists?  

Anarchism is a belief that core institutions like government, laws, police, or any other authority, should be overthrown using violence, if necessary. Your community members deserve to know if their vote is going toward domestic terrorism and to know if your reason for being part of our local government is to dismantle it. The Ink People support and house their own Dream Maker Project, the rise on infrastructure created specifically for the anarchist agenda. It’s intended to teach people how to systematically infiltrate our community with this agenda. 

 We have proof, and I say we because I’m not alone in this knowledge. The definition of a rhizome in the plant world is a stem that grows underground horizontally just below the soil surface, it has nodes to put out other stems, meaning what looks like several individual plants maybe shoot to the same plant.  But this same reasoning is the method of the Info Shop, to appear separate to the public eye while working on their connected underground agenda.  

In fact, our council person, G Mario Fernandez, is an author and organizer for HGR, Humboldt Grassroots. The description of HGR’s Twitter page is an anarchist organization founded in Eureka in 2007 where (participants in many movements, this group exists to fight for anarchism). The Ink People, which Leslie Castellano is executive director for, house HGR who show support for violent riots on their social media. 

We urge the community to look at the facts do not assume because we live in this rural area that riots like we’ve seen in Portland won’t happen here. Politically motivated acts of violence aren’t some new phenomena and if we don’t pay attention it will happen in our humble county. Let the people decide what they want to support instead of trying to hide under the guise of donating to arts and culture. While there are some honest and moral seeing people, an anarchist political agenda… conservative/liberal, the right and the left wing belong to the same bird, bring it back to the middle.” 

Motives and Questions 

Full Growing Pains Mario G Fernandez Interview

This raises questions about the infiltration of government funds into the anarchist agenda, which could potentially be used for destructive purposes. It is important to understand the implications of this situation and how it could affect the citizens of Eureka. We must be aware that while anarchists may have an agenda that is not necessarily in line with our values, we must ensure that our government funding is not being used to support any destructive activities or agendas. 

Speaker 2 (Mr. Gomez)  

 “I opened my first retail business in Eureka called the Fertile World, within five years we had additional locations in Fortuna, Arcata, and San Rafael. Over the past 20 years I’ve established five businesses in the city of Eureka and have employed hundreds of people, I’ve contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to the coffers of the city through property taxes sales tax cannabis permitting fees and other taxes. 

Miles, Mayor, the good people of the City of Eureka and the taxpayers of the City of Eureka deserve to know what the hell is going on and who our money is funding and what their true agenda is. I didn’t just move here six years ago to infiltrate the school board and our City Council, Mr. Mario Fernandez! I actually have children in our local schools. Council member Mario Fernandez is also an author and organizer for a radical and violent anarchist organization that publishes a newspaper called Humboldt Grassroots. 

This violent organization has been supported, funded, organized housed and incubated directly by the Ink People who Leslie Castellano is executive director of, who have been supporting a violent anarchist agenda for many years now. The hidden anarchist’s agenda wants to perpetuate violent crime and homelessness, drug addiction, and crime in our communities.  

Council member Castellano, Katie Moulton Texas and Mario Fernandez are all affiliated and bound by their anarchist agenda and should be recusing themselves when it comes to anything having to do with the safety of our community since their true agenda is anarchy. Unfortunately, the mayor and the city manager have allowed them to ignore the code of ethics, which has ultimately led to this infiltration. This council voted to waste $90,000 of taxpayers money to hire an out of town firm to audit EPD! That money could have been used on an annual salary for two more police officers to keep the streets safer. 

 There is absolutely nothing ethical about a majority of our council being anarchists and maybe we’re just scratching the surface here. Either way, people who organize, house, finance, and incubate a movement that wants to abolish the Police Department should not be voting on whether we should be funding the Police Department. It’s a dangerous conflict of interest, Miles! Just this year, council member Castellano and Synapsis hosted several anarcho events to help organize and spread her anarchist agenda under the guise of Zumba class.  

The definition of anarcho is a person who rebels who rebels against authority established order and rule from the ruling power and a person who advocates and promotes anarchy. It’s time to go on record and admit that you – council member Castellano, Mario Fernandez, and you – Katy Texas, are anarchists and incubating and fulfilling an anarchist agenda.  

The majority vote of this council is dictated by anarchists, with no code of ethics to to stop them! Let that sink in. I have friends and family who sacrificed their lives for democratic institutions and I’ll be damned if I allow you to dishonor their service! How do you feel Scott? Law enforcement? Are you under their flag? Are you under the flag the democratic flag of the United States of America? It’s time to answer questions anarchists!” 

Public Impact

ecc anarchy | city of eureka infiltrated - anarchist extremism & destructive policy | lost coast populist

This was followed by multiple citizens giving examples of the destructive policies put forth by the City of Eureka that did in fact result in increased drug use and homelessness. Many of which were also local business owners, experiencing difficulty in coping with the city’s perpetual deterioration. 

The government’s mismanagement and incompetence have caused significant consequences for citizens and business owners. Throughout the public comment period, many people spoke out about the effects of this infiltration, which includes problems with drug addiction and homelessness. These issues have had a devastating impact on communities throughout the country, leading to a decrease in quality of life for many citizens. It is essential that The People hold the government accountable and take steps to address these issues, ensuring that citizens are protected from further harm. 

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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