Alan Bongio Did Nothing Wrong- Ep.1 – Triggers Lost Coast Outpost

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In a recent article titled, “Lost Coast Populist speaks at Humboldt Planning Public Comment,” authored by yours truly, I wrote the script I had prepared for my public comment in support of Alan Bongio. I typed it up on my phone while I waited for the Humboldt County Planning Commission meeting to begin, having arrived a half hour early. Alan Bongio was previously the Chair of the Humboldt Planning Commission and has recently become the target of a multifaceted media frenzy to demonize him and by proxy wield leverage over Rex Bohn to get Alan Bongio to not only step down but resign.

While their disgusting plan has surely succeeded, nevertheless they’ve also succeeded in literally forcing the food to come back up in the mouths of almost every Humboldtian who, like me, are absolutely sick and tired of seeing these polarizing allegations made about good people that provide value to the community, especially when the video of the comments in question simply do not back up the feverish allegations.

Lost Woke Outpost: Donnie Creekmore is just a pot grower anti-vax wacko

To make matters even more interesting, Ryan Burns at the Lost Coast Outpost – who I assume was present for the Planning Commission meeting to hear my public comment in support of Alan Bongio or watch the video via the Access Humboldt coverage I’ve linked below, for reasons I can only speculate, chose to quote me out of context as well as misrepresent me branding me with the title “local cannabis farmer and anti-vaccine activist.” I have a sneaking suspicion it has more to do with what he left out of my support of Alan Bongio than what he quoted. Let’s take a look, shall we?

During the meeting’s first public comment period, local cannabis farmer and anti-vaccine activist Donnie Creekmore defended Bongio, saying the longtime commissioner had “failed to show any semblance of racism.” He also accused local tribes of embracing “the woke-left ideology of weakness.”

Ryan Burns, Lost Coast Outpost, “Bongio Steps Down From Chair Position; Planning Commission Approves Apology Letter for Racist Comments
alan bongio did nothing wrong - lost coast populist - donnie creekmore accident before and after shot

While I am a proud Cannabis Enthusiast and I’ve used Cannabis for pain consistently ever since surviving a deadly car accident in 2008, I am not a “local cannabis farmer.” Potentially they are confusing my previous employment as a SalesPerson successfully moving tons of fertilizer to Humboldt County Growers as me being a grower myself, though I have not had the distinct pleasure of growing Cannabis commercially.

Pro-Cannabis and Proud of it – You know, like ~90% of Humboldt

Maybe Ryan was trying to delegitimize my comments, or somehow use my love of Cannabis and the fact I am not ashamed of it as somehow lowering the value of my commentary.

This seems a very odd thing for an Author from Lost Coast Outpost to do considering acceptance for Cannabis use, growing, et. al. has been consistently something left-of-center media outlets like LCO have historically supported.

It seems to this Author, Ryan Burns took a cruise through and saw my article titled, “Cannabis, a Defamed National Treasure,” and maybe just assumed he had some dope-brained grower making wild statements supporting Alan Bongio during public comments at the Humboldt County Planning Commission meeting Thursday, October 6th, 2022.

Sadly it seems our friend Ryan spares no hesitation to lob his judgment and contempt in the articles he writes for Humboldtians from whom he differs politically. The fascinating part is how easy his accusations and underhanded insults are to dismantle. His Articles covering Alan Bongio have been so hypocritical, so divisive, one-sided, and biased, the mere fact Ryan would sit on his Woke Outpost high-horse and lob articles of slander against Alan Bongio, while taking my public comment out of context, omitting the many times I claimed myself as with Lost Coast Populist News & Opinion and the fact I am a Cherokee Nation Citizen, stands as hypocrisy crystalized.

Creekmore Defends Bongio, Creekmore Bad, Creekmore Anti-Vaccine

Here is where the entire painting Ryan is trying to yield completely falls apart, claiming I am an “anti-vaccine activist.” While he is correct that I am a reluctant activist, and consider myself a reluctant culture warrior, I am not anti-vaccine. In fact, I’ve had every vaccine a child born in the 1980s would receive to attend public school, and abide by California State Regulations.

However, I do not take the flu shot, and never will. Correspondingly interesting to me, as anecdotal as it may be, I’ve rarely ever come down with Influenza. With that being illustrated, my disposition toward the Trump Administration’s Warp Speed COVID-19 Vaccines was that of hard shying away. I have no issue with what other consenting and informed adults chose to put in their bodies outside of coercion and manipulation, as that is clearly their choice. My choice was no, thank you.

Indeed I did rise as a local leader in the pushback during the COVID-19 Pandemic because the Government’s reactions, both Federal, State, and Local, were far beyond what I could accept as a proud American aware of his rights and willing to stand for them.

But again, this is just our good pal Ryan trying his hardest to trigger a negative response from his readers in connection to my name, while claiming I am something I am not, while simultaneously failing to link directly to my commentary or mention Lost Coast Populist which I mentioned by name a handful of times during my public comment.

Donnie Creekmore’s Public Comments in Full – Alan Bongio Humboldt Did Nothing Wrong

Donnie Creekmore, Lost Coast Populist, Public Comment #1 @ Humboldt Planning Commission – Alan Bongio Humboldt Did Nothing Wrong
Donnie Creekmore, Lost Coast Populist, Public Comment #2 @ Humboldt Planning Commission – Alan Bongio Humboldt Did Nothing Wrong

After watching the actual comments made it will be clear to all why Ryan chose to mischaracterize me and influence his readers to take the tiny fraction of my commentary he took out of context and not look deeper. The reason being, if they did look deeper, they’d find out Donnie Creekmore is a Local Cherokee Nation Citizen who gets all of the Medical, Dental, and Vision services that come with it. He couldn’t call me “Donnie Creekmore, owner of Lost Coast Populist News & Opinion and a Local Cherokee Nation Citizen,” before my commentary because then people might consider my words.

donnie holds indian card | alan bongio did nothing wrong- ep.1 - triggers lost coast outpost | lost coast populist
Donnie Creekmore holds his Cherokee Nation card while explaining the word Indian is NOT racist

This is just more of the same blood sport politics rag-tag leftist publications like the Lost Coast Compost, North Coast Urinal, and Crimes-Standard put out. They have absolute disregard for the trouble, pain, and danger they cause just so long as they can score political points for their woke leftist bedfellows. While it pains me to imagine the hardship this has caused Alan Bongio and his family, I’m just glad their efforts are so weak, so transparent, and writhe with hypocrisy, most of Humboldt County is waking up to their nonsense and many are ready to fight back.

Alan Bongio Did Nothing Wrong

It’s true, you can watch my public comment, and read the article I posted previously, defending Alan against these egregious claims against his otherwise good name. The article titled, “Weak Planning Commission Kneels 2 Tribes, Bohn 4 equity BS” has been receiving more traffic than all of the posts on the site combined. Indeed, myself and Jaymi Ayres have felt like we are drinking from a fire hydrant from all of the emails and phone calls of support we’ve received since we dropped that piece.

Clearly, Humboldt County is primed and ready for a fresh perspective on current events in the Lost Coast, and this team of Populists is equally primed and ready to deliver. We know how to use the internet, and we will use this platform to defend anyone else the local leftist media teams up on.

The days of blood sport politics in Humboldt County are OVER!

This entire debacle reminds me of the clip posted below. In the clip which is a little over one minute long, a Grasshopper speaks to his crew of subordinate Grasshoppers about an Ant that “stood up to me.” The other Grasshoppers reply saying “Yeah, but it was just one ant.”

It seems to me there is a collection of organizations that can not stand when one ant, like an Ant named Alan Bongio or Donnie Creekmore, stands up to them and speak our mind openly and honestly about what we do not appreciate and will not stand for.

The video shows exactly the mindset of these characters waging this woke war against Alan Bongio. The entire thing is sick and they should all be ashamed of themselves.


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