Dana Quillman
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I am an activist for freedom. Currently, I am running for Arcata City Council for the November 8th, 2022 election. My passion is to try to wake-up as many people as possible to see what is happening in our world so that we may unite and stop the Great Reset from being successful. Since April of 2020, I have been doing intensive research into all of the information that has been censored by the colluded forces of government, the FDA, the CDC, the big pharma, big tech, the mainstream media and the many unelected non-government organizations (NGO) such as the WEF, the WHO, the IMF, etc., created and funded by the most wealthy and powerful people in the world. These forces are colluding together to take complete control of every person and all of the resources on the planet and Covid-19 was the "Trojan Horse" that they used to make their biggest move toward their goal. In order to achieve their plans they need to bring down the U.S. and that it why they had to get Biden elected, in any way they could. The Biden administration has proven to be completely in alignment with the globalist agenda goals and it is doing everything possible to destroy this nation before people in mass wake up to stop it. Global warming and climate change will be the next excuse for taking away freedom from the population of the world. Smart phones, the 5G technology, and the Covid-19 vaccines are all needed for their plans to work along with the necessity of eliminating all currencies and digitalizing all money, to establish a digital I.D. surveillance system and a social credit system which will mean the end of freedom and a create slave society for the entire world. More information at danaquillman.com