SHOCKING | Omnibus 4 Ukraine = Collision | Can US Survive?
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  • 01/02/2023

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What do we know about Ukraine? Sure there are sensational stories on the news and pandering politicians demanding that we must sacrifice, at all costs, to win. However, when boiled down, funding the Ukraine – Russia war appears to be an investment that we are being forced to accept under the weight of intense political […]
SHOCKING | Omnibus 4 Ukraine = Collision | Can US Survive?
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  • 01/02/2023

Read: 29 min

What do we know about Ukraine? Sure there are sensational stories on the news and pandering politicians demanding that we must sacrifice, at all costs, to win. However, when boiled down, funding the Ukraine – Russia war appears to be an investment that we are being forced to accept under the weight of intense political […]


What do we know about Ukraine?

omnibus ukraine 1 | shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive? | lost coast populist

Sure there are sensational stories on the news and pandering politicians demanding that we must sacrifice, at all costs, to win. However, when boiled down, funding the Ukraine – Russia war appears to be an investment that we are being forced to accept under the weight of intense political leverage. So, like any investment, this article will attempt to explain the elements as we go through each factor, step by step, and try to assess the details hidden in the fine print.

Table of Contents

Step One | Assess USA Financial Condition

First, are we even in the financial position to make investments of this caliber? If we were to approach this like buying a house, what is the condition of the foundation, and what was the history of development? Was any illegal activity conducted in the house, like perhaps the pay-to-play information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Thoughtful Considerations of a Would-Be Investor

Was there a full-on, breaking-bad tyle Biolab akin to the presence of a meth lab in the basement? Has the property been surveyed regarding Ukraine’s history as a Nazi collaborator in WWII? What are the neighbors like? How was Russia historically involved with Ukraine? What is the status of the title? Are there any issues similar to oil investments holding stakes within the country?

Those are all questions a wise person would consider when purchasing a house or property. Questions that all Americans should feel free to discuss without being ashamed of trending virtue signals.

US Economic Death Spiral

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

It is no secret that America is in the throes of one of the worst economic disasters in memorable history; looking back over the 2008 housing bubble and the Y2K .com fiasco, we need to carefully assess our position before making big-ticket purchases. An excellent way to look at how bad things are would be to compare median income and the cost of buying a house.

Step Two – Check your Vitals | National Debt Clock

  • Year: 2000, the median income was $32,157;
    • NOW: median income is $36,160
    • An increase of roughly 12.34%.
  • Year: 2000, the median cost of a new home was $168,850,
    • NOW: the median cost of a new house is $446,196
    • An increase of roughly 164.26%.

Environment: The median cost of buying a new house rose ~13.31 X higher than the U.S. median income.

These figures are not surprising. Looking at the unsustainable spending practices demonstrated by both Democrats and RINO Republicans, bringing the U.S. National Debt from over 5 trillion in 2000 to over 11 trillion in 2008 to over 31 trillion, currently 6x greater than in 2000. When breaking the National Debt to what it looks like spread out equally to all individual taxpayers, debt per taxpayer was $53,548 in 2000, $101,637 in 2008, and $248,542 now 5x greater than 2000 (different from total increase due to increases in population). SHOCKING | Omnibus 4 Ukraine = Collision | Can US Survive?
shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

There is no single arena of government spending that has led to this point, only what can be called a bi-partisan attack on U.S. fiscal integrity. A widespread competition of who gets the most significant budget from the next bilking of the commonwealth, from endless wars to foreign aid to rebuild afterward, to widespread bloated bureaucracies funding pointless programs and studies that seem to have risen from the pages of a poorly written sketch comedy. 

Step Three – How Much Money Has America Sent To Ukraine?

What could be a final nail in the coffin of America as a global superpower recently appeared in the 4,000 pages (!) of the Omnibus package passed to keep our clown show of a government running till next September. The prime example of pointless spending within this unreadable stack of pork came in the form of another aid package delivered to Ukraine and its television President, Vladimir Zelensky, to the tune of 45 billion dollars, now bringing total financial aid rendered to Ukraine above the 100 billion mark.

Pointless Spending by feckless Cons

While it gets difficult to discern how much of the military equipment donated to Ukraine is itemized monetarily in the total donations, a recent congressional report provides a valuable illustration of exactly how much military equipment was donated in this fashion. An article by Defense News states that as of November 15, 2022, the United States Congress had already passed $65.9 billion in Ukraine assistance, being done through three separate supplemental funding packages since Russia’s invasion in February. At that time, Congress was gearing up for more, estimating that an additional 38 billion would be required.

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

“We are urging the Congress to provide additional appropriations to ensure Ukraine has the funding, weapons and support it needs to defend itself and that vulnerable people continue to receive life saving aid,”

Office of Management & Budget Director Shalanda Young ,
letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.
shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

A bill to keep the USA alive hijacked for Ukrainian Assistance

The year-end omnibus keeps the government alive bill ended up including a total of 45 billion in Ukraine aid, 8 billion more than the 37 billion initially requested by President Biden. The additional aid spawned from the administration pressing lawmakers to approve even more supplemental funding for Kyiv within the omnibus.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), a continuous champion of Ukraine assistance, was instrumental in the increase in approved funding.

Step Four: Historical Context – Crimea: The Lost Empire of Khazar

When contemplating the merit of the 100 billion America has sent to Ukraine in the last year, it is essential to understand the historical foundation of the region that led up to the current turmoil we witness. Crimea has gone through multiple rulers throughout the centuries; between the 1st & 5th century B.C., a Turkic horde invaded from Mongolia/Siberia settling the Western steppe, primarily the shores on the Northern side of the Black Sea.

Turkic Horde Invades Northern Black Sea

The Khazarians were a violent, warlike group of nomadic tribes from Asia who migrated to the north end of the Caspian Sea, by the 7th century, established a state known as the Kazarian Kingdom in what today we know as Ukraine and parts of Eastern Europe. The power held by this Kingdom grew through its brutal control of the Silk Road, connecting trade routes between Europe, China, Persia, and Arabian kingdoms.

Natives were Conquered, and the way was Paved for Paganism.

As a result of the native population being conquered by the invading Asian tribes, the Khazarian people were a mix of multiple ethnic backgrounds speaking various languages also practicing multiple religions that included Islam, Paganism, Christianity, and Judaism. The elite Khazars were composed of aristocratic Turkic nobility who practiced Tengrism, a form of paganism focusing on Tengri, a sun god.

Varied historical recountings indicate it was between the 7th & 8th centuries that the ruling elite of the Khazars converted to Judaism, as reported by Byzantine, Persian, Jewish, and Arabic sources. An expert on the Khazars, Benjamin Freedman, a Zionist operative who walked away from Zionism in 1945, described the Khazars as a pagan nation and:

“The vile forms of sexual excess indulged in by the Khazars as their form of religious worship produced a degree of moral degeneracy that Khazar’s king could not endure. In the 7th century King Bulan…decided to abolish the practice of phallic worship…and selected the future state religion as… ‘Talmudism,’ and now known and practiced as ‘Judaism’.”

Another take on why the Khazarian overlords chose the switch to Judaism paints a different tale, claiming it was an ultimatum from various countries surrounding Khazaria, including Russia. Demanding they take on a new religion in hopes of reforming the people from their violent pagan practices, which had produced a nation of

“thieves, murderers, road bandits, known for assuming the identities of those travelers they murdered as a normal occupational practice and way of life.”

“The Khazarian kingdom reached its peak of power and world influence in the latter half of the eighth century. The death knell of their empire was eventually seen in the dragon-headed ships of the Vikings who were to cross and navigate all the major waterways in their onslaughts.”

What is the Khazarian Mafia?

This is the widely known general history of the Khazarian empire; beyond that, there is a secret history that continues in the form of what some call the Khazarian Mafia. History claimed to have been excised from history books on a global scale. In a 2015 geopolitics article, Preston James and Mike Harris provide many details on this hidden history.

Describes an elaborate tale of the Khazarian Mafia and its evil plan to infiltrate and tyrannize the whole World, of how the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that the Khazarian oligarchy morphed into by their deployment of Babylonian Money-Magick. This Babylonian money magic involved the substation of paper credit certificates for gold and silver deposits – a system that sounds surprisingly similar to that contrived by the Federal Reserve in our fractional banking system currently in use.

What ARE Ukrainian Neo-Nazis?

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

Western media portrays the Ukrainian Government as a democracy bravely fighting for freedom, the underdog David to Russia’s Goliath bear. What does the Western world know beyond this portrayal? Do Americans have the faintest clue about Ukrainian history involving a culture partially enshrined in Nazi ideology?

During World War II, the leader of the Ukrainian nationalists, Stepan Bandera, was considered a hero. Obsessed with the notion of establishing his own Ukrainian government, Bandera developed the belief that working with the Nazis would help him achieve this goal. Eventually, the Nazis recruited Bandera to create diversions to help destroy Soviet forces. Bandera moved to West Germany with his family working against communist organizations, dying two years later by cyanide poisoning. 

Bandera IS a hero to neo-nazis in Ukraine, LIKE Adolf Hitler.

Today, far-right neo-Nazi groups are a severe problem for the Ukrainian people since many of these extremists are embedded in various levels of the Ukrainian government, including members from the notorious Azov and Aidar Battalions.

Both groups were also involved in the 2014 Maidan Coup, which overthrew pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, a coup backed by the United States and the European Union.

What is THE 2014 Maidan Coup, AND who is THE Svoboda Party?

Other far-right, neo-Nazi groups who appear to be involved in the Maidan Coup were the Right Sector and the Svoboda Party.  In other words, the US and its European allies seem to have created a monster, and it will only get worse for the Ukrainian people in the future.

A Ukrainian news anchor for their local Channel 24 station, Fahruddin Sharafmal, had this to say:

“And Given Russia calls us Nazis, Fascists anyway – I will allow myself to quote Adolf Eichmann who said that in order to destroy a nation, it is imperative to first destroy their children because if you kill parents – these children grow up and seek revenge, but if you kill children – they never grow up and the nation dies out.”

Fahruddin Sharafmal

Who Is Fahruddin Sharafmal and Sergai Dybynyn?

Making this all more relevant to  America, Gateway Pundit reports that Ukrainian Neo Nazis played a part in the so-called “insurrection” Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, as well. 

“One noted member of the fascist group who refers to itself as the Zhidobanderites, Sergai Dybynyn, was photographed at the Capitol with the man known as Jacob Anthony Chansley.”

gateway pundit

Ihor Kolomoyski, another member of the Zhidobanderites, is a wealthy Ukrainian media giant with connections to Burisma. The day after the Jan 6th riots at the Capitol, the Ukrainians claimed that Russia was behind the effort because they supported President Trump – proving they were at the Capitol while demonstrating techniques like Antifa in storming the Capitol.  “The ‘Russians’ were Ukrainians.”

Has Western Media Failed?

Western media has failed to report this tie between Ukraine and Nazi ideology; also, as the Twitter files and the case by Dr. Shiva have illustrated, social media has censored and banned people from sharing this information.

I have witnessed this first hand on Facebook, having my account shut down for an entire month for posting a picture of a Ukrainian member of the Azoff Battalion with Nazi badges on his uniform.

ash teeter, lost coast populist

Step Five: Assess Natural Resources – Oil War in Ukraine

A good explanation of the oil situation was made in a recent podcast by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, stating that the primary purpose behind the war in Ukraine is to stop Russia from delivering oil to Europe. Before the 2014 regime change in Ukraine, three big oil corporations swooped into that region: Exxon, Shell, and Chevron. They thought they would start delivering oil reserves from Crimea, doing oil work serving neighboring European countries.

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

Unexpected Resistance

Since 2014, when the coup took place, there’s been this war between Ukraine and the Eastern province that is really about Big Oil and Big Gas creating an infrastructure in Ukraine. They planned to build a pipeline into Europe. This is screwing Russia big time. Putin got wind of this, winning the battle with Exxon, Shell, and Chevron and stalling the imperialist vision of Condoleezza Rice/George Bush. 

They did not expect the people of eastern Ukraine in those regions to fight back as hard as they did. Throughout these 8 years, amid hostile actions by the UN, even reasonable people are saying,

“Hey, look, we don’t want this war.”

reasonable humans of earth

Could this escalate to nuclear war?

Many feared that things could escalate to a nuclear war, which led to the suggestion of signing an agreement that would have settled the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine. Russia was willing to sign such a treaty, but the United States and other NATO countries wanted war.  The Ukraine NATO alliance pokes the Bear by letting  NATO do whatever they want in Ukraine, while if Russia engaged Ukraine, it would be considered a war against NATO.

Russia has faced difficulty maintaining its pipelines due to being dependent on parts that come from Europe. When mainstream news claims Russia doesn’t want to deliver oil, the statement makes no sense being that Russia makes millions or even billions from delivering oil across Europe. Looking back at the most current conflict in Ukraine, it began with Russia being able to use Nord 1 and Nord 2 to deliver gas across Ukraine to Germany.

How do Russian Oil and Gas Pipelines Fit Into the equation?

Recently, to stop Russia from delivering oil to Western Europe, it appears the United States NATO alliance has  literally blown up gas pipelines. Douglas MacGregor, former advisor to the US defense secretary,” in a recent podcast with Andrew Napolitano

“You have to look at who are the state actors that have the capability to do this and that means that UK’s Royal Navy and the United States Navy.” McGregor also noted that Poland’s former foreign minister from 2014, Rodoslov Sikorsky, said “he thanked the United States for damaging the Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 pipelines.”  

dr.shiva: us/russia foreign politics for dummies

McGregor says it’s ridiculous to think that Russia broke their pipelines; remember, Russia’s making billions and billions of dollars they need cash reserves; Russia relies on this. One of the pipelines is in Sweden, underground in their territory, and the other is in Denmark, which is part of NATO. Russia can’t even go to those regions to prove that they didn’t do it because one area where the explosions occurred is controlled by NATO-allied Denmark. 

Who attacked Russian Pipelines with Explosives?

September 27th is when the two pipelines were attacked with explosives, the same day that the four provinces in eastern Ukraine were voting to do referendums to leave Ukraine. There is oil and gas in that area where they don’t want to be part of Ukraine, voting to be part of Russia or their own independent Republic.

Europe now must depend on US and NATO for oil, no longer being able to depend on Russia because the pipelines are cut off; this was Condoleezza Rice’s 2013 architecture from the beginning to make Europe depend on US/NATO. Even more interesting is the day after the pipeline explosion, conveniently, a new pipeline called the Baltic Pipeline was revealed. The Baltic Pipeline was under construction on and off in Denmark, routed through Poland.

This pipeline has been developing for quite a while, somehow getting to the finish line precisely as the destruction of Russia’s two pipelines was complete. What a fantastic coincidence.

Step Five: The Enemy of a Neighbor becomes our friend: 2014 Ukraine Regime Change

The conflict we see today between Russia and Ukraine has a long and sorted past; one of the most pivotal moments leading to today’s situation occurred in the 2014 coup whitewashed by Western media as a revolution. A coordinated effort by America and other Western forces succeeded in replacing Ukraine’s democratically elected neutralist government with a rapidly anti-Russian replacement.

Main Stream Media: New Nazis = Fake News

Much like the current war in Ukraine, Western media downplayed and labeled tales of neo-nazis involved in the coup as illegitimate or Russian propaganda. Though the orchestrated regime change began in February of 2014, it wasn’t until that July the New York Times acknowledged the importance of neo-nazis and other nationalists within the movement. A key player in manufacturing this media spin was European assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. Her actions were crucial in creating the idea the coup wasn’t really a coup, but it was somehow a victory for democracy.

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

Is the Ukraine conflict a VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY?

“Clearly, Victoria Nuland, U.S. President Barack Obama’s central agent overseeing the coup, at least during the month of February 2014 when it climaxed, was crucial not only in overthrowing the existing Ukrainian Government, but in selecting and installing its rabidly anti-Russian replacement.

The 27 January 2014 phone-conversation between her and America’s Ambassador in Ukraine, Jeffrey Pyatt was a particularly seminal event. Nuland famously said, on that call “Fuck the EU,” and she instructed Pyatt to choose instead the rabidly anti-Russian, and far-right, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.”

“The Times also reported that these far-right forces had been joined by Islamic militants. Some of those jihadists have been called “brothers” of the hyper-brutal Islamic State.”

The New York Times and Washington Post were instrumental in building and maintaining the mainstream narrative, eventually claiming that an alliance between Islamic militants and Neo-Nazis was malicious as a positive game changer.  This tactic of regime change had also been used throughout the Middle East during Bush’s presidency before continuing with Obama.

Though we had a break with the regime change playbook during Trump’s presidency, it seems that Biden is making a blundering attempt at it again. This time he’s aiming high, though, not some third-world nation. It seems that Biden’s Target for regime change is Russia itself; The Federalist reports that the U.S. is using the Ukraine conflict as a fulcrum, attempting to mobilize all NATO countries against Russia. Hopefully, the conflict loses steam before it reaches the point where Russia legitimately feels threatened to the point of action against those funding the show. 

Step Six: Assess Opportunities: What are Ukrainian Biolabs?

You might remember earlier in the year that the existence of Biolabs in Ukraine or contention in the news, you could even get censored or banned for suggesting it on various social media platforms. Then when it became undeniable and multiple proofs arose, the Pentagon finally let loose with the truth revealing that there were 46 biological research centers in Ukraine. However, they were not part of a bio-weapons program; they were part of a peaceful public health project.

What are you talking about? Biolabs don’t exist!

Russian defense minister, Major General Igor Konaschenkov, told a different story, though, claiming that the Biolabs were producing dangerous pathogens and diseases such as cholera and the plague. Also that the biological agents were indeed being created as a weapon of war, also that they were funded by the US Department of Defense – which was indeed later admitted as accurate by the Pentagon.

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

Wait, nevermind that, yes they do, but they are #essential

The Pentagon claims that these 46 Biolabs have been developed over the past two decades to preserve the health and safety of Ukraine. The Russian military claimed that only three laboratories of the 46 had proper safety levels to safely engage in the research they were pursuing, alleging that more than $224 million had been dumped into bio-research between 2005 and 2022.

Robert Pope, who heads the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program at DOD, said the labs.

“may hold pathogen strains left over from the Soviet bioweapons program preserved in freezers for research purposes.” Pope said that “scientists, being scientists, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of these strange collections and some of these laboratories still have pathogen strains that go all the way back to the origins of that program.”  

A disinformation campaign or?

The work completed in these laboratories was frequently done in partnerships between agencies such as Animal Health ( OIE ) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Pentagon claims the Russian government was fully aware of the nature of the research in the bio labs, even having Russian scientists employed at some of them. The Pentagon accused Russia and China of spreading disinformation about the labs to undermine the work. 

This is somewhat hard to believe. Not long ago, the existence of these very same laboratories was wholly denied by the media and the US government as an elaborate fiction. Yet here we are later, and they are speaking about them as plain realities. This is even harder to reconcile when considering what has been revealed about the funding of other Biolabs, such as the one in Wuhan, where the gain of function research was admittedly conducted by Dr. Fauci’s affiliated group.

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

Human Trafficking in Ukraine, the land of opportunity

As we mentioned in a previous article on FTX about founder Sam Bankman Fried, both he and Jeffrey Epstein were supporters of Ukraine. With the exploits of Epstein in mind, it is not hard to believe that human trafficking is also a hallmark characteristic of Ukraine. This fact is common knowledge, with the reality of these crimes in Ukraine even being found on Wikipedia.

Curious about Ukraine’s vibrant Human Trafficking Industry?

“Ukraine is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked transnationally for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Ukrainian women are trafficked to Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, China, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Spain, Lebanon, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Cyprus, Netherlands, Serbia, Argentina, Norway, Iran, and Bahrain. The majority of Ukrainian labor trafficking victims were men exploited in Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland, primarily forced to work as construction laborers, sailors, and factory and agriculture workers.”

The Associated Press

Published: February 19, 2007

“KIEV, Ukraine: More Ukrainian men, women and children have been trafficked abroad and forced into indentured labor or prostitution than in any other Eastern European country since the Soviet collapse, an international migration group said in a report Monday.

Roughly 117,000 Ukrainians have been forced into exploitative situations in Europe, the Middle East and Russia since 1991, the International Organization for Migration said.

Ukrainian officials say low salaries and unemployment force thousands to seek employment abroad, increasing their vulnerability to exploitation by criminals who often seize their passports and refuse to return them.

The organization said the full scale of trafficking through, from and within Eastern Europe is difficult to determine since most victims are unwilling, scared or unable to contact authorities.”

A booming industry flourishing in Child Labor

A report from 2015 released by IOM revealed that since 1991, an estimated 160,000 Ukrainians have been exploited in trafficking type of scenarios. Ranging from forced begging to agriculture to sexual exploitation and various service occupations. Two years later, in 2008, it was revealed Ukraine was not fulfilling the minimum standards required to reduce incidents of human trafficking

A 2018 report by the Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking, Bureau of International Labor Affairs, US Dept of Labor,  claimed that in 2017 Ukraine had more than 1.7 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), including more than 190,000 children. 

Also stating that:

“Children from Ukraine are trafficked both internationally and domestically for commercial sexual exploitation and forced begging. (14; 17) Children with disabilities and homeless, orphaned, and poor children, especially those living in state-run institutions, are at high risk of being trafficked and targeted by recruiters for child pornography. (2; 18; 13; 14; 16)

Ukraine is a destination and transit country for refugees from Afghanistan, Somalia, and Syria. Refugees lack access to state-run children’s shelters, have no formal means of acquiring food and other assistance from the government, and experience heightened vulnerability to child trafficking.”

In thinking about these facts, a person might have doubts about the positive impact of the regime change pushed on Ukraine in 2014. Did western involvement make things better, then? Is endless Western funding for war going to improve the situation now?

Step Seven: Do what the Pros Do: Bidens in Ukraine

Another story suppressed by mainstream and social media during the last few years was Hunter Biden’s time in Ukraine with the energy company Burisma. A job he acquired with no experience in the field, a job he got through the political influence of the Vice President his father, Joe Biden. At the time, the energy company Burisma was trying to remake its company image while a top player was under investigation for money laundering.

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

According to Bullough, who wrote about Zlochevsky in “Moneyland,” his book on tax havens and shell companies.

“Adding these people with these fancy names to the board made Burisma, [which] got licenses to extract gas in Ukraine through very suspicious means, look like a Western, legitimate company,”

Said Daria Kaleniuk, executive director of the Anti-Corruption Action Center. She described such “whitewashing” as a common tactic for tycoons and officials looking to legitimize assets of questionable origin. Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s stepson — believed that joining the board of Burisma Holdings was a bad idea and ended his business relationship with Biden and another partner, his spokesman told The Washington Post

Quid Pro Joe

One of Trump’s impeachment inquiries was triggered by himself and Rudy Giuliani pursuing an investigation into Burisma. It alleged Trump held support for Ukraine to ensure it gave Biden his opponent in the 2020 election. The irony is that Biden was caught on camera originally leveraging the legal system in his son Hunter’s case in Ukraine, threatening to pull one billion in US aid if the prosecutor looking into Burisma Holdings was not immediately fired.

joe biden brags about getting ukranian prosecutor fired–dj2-CY

“I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.”

joe biden, quid pro quo

The Gateway Pundit reported that “This was a classic case of (Quid Pro Quo) – If you want this, then give me that.”  Biden used this strategy to end the investigation into the company that his son was on the Board of and force Ukraine to act accordingly in a time of duress.  (Later, the Democrats  blamed President Trump for this “crime” and tried and failed to impeach President Trump for attempting to obtain evidence of this.) Joe Biden was accused of improperly forcing the ouster of the country’s prosecutor general in 2016. However, Ukrainian authorities have since closed the criminal probe into the case. 

shocking | omnibus 4 ukraine = collision | can us survive?

Ukraine President Trained via TV Show

Many aspects of the Ukraine conflict have turned out to be manufactured, such as the Ghost of Kyiv and pictures being pulled from video games and broadcasted as news.  Nothing is quite as telling as the history of Ukraine’s current president. Volodymyr Zelinskyy’s previous experience lies as an actor in a comedy TV show about him being president; you can even watch it on Netflix.

After being in a sitcom (2015-2019) starring as the president, Zelenskyy was elected in 2019, much to the chagrin of Western powers who orchestrated the Ukraine regime change in 2014. A TV star, a comedian, this is the guy that’s going to bring greatness to this country.

This guy has the most experience reading teleprompters; he will do great.

Volodymyr Zelensky is the 6th president of Ukraine. Before entering politics, he was a comedian, actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director. Before his political career, he obtained a law degree and created a production company, Kvartal 95, which produces films, cartoons, and TV comedy shows, including Servant of the People (2015), in which Zelenskiy played the role of President of Ukraine. A political party bearing the same name as the television show was created in March 2018 by employees of Kvartal 95.

Zelensky announced his candidacy for the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election on the evening of 31 December 2018, alongside the New Year’s Eve address of President Petro Poroshenko on the 1+1 TV Channel. At the time, Zelenskiy had already been one of the front-runners in opinion polls for the election. Zelensky won the election with 73.22% of the vote in the second round, defeating Poroshenko.”

What is there to Gain in Supporting Ukraine?

We can only imagine what the Ukrainian citizens felt after the turbulent/violent series of protests and riots that accompanied the regime change leading to one installed president, followed by Zelenskyy being elected. In many ways, I imagine the American people can relate to the Ukrainian people in this regard; there are many similarities between the summer riots we experienced after George Floyd was killed and the protests in Ukraine in the 2014 unrest. And many might say that the election results awaiting the end of the turbulence have been just as comical.

In review, we now know a whole lot more about what we don’t know about Ukraine.

  • We know approximately how much money was sent to Ukraine
    • Without knowing how much of it was spent
    • Precisely what the funds were used for.
  • We know that in the distant past, the Kazarian hordes invaded from Asia
    • Influencing the people in the region of Ukraine far into the future.
  • We know that Ukraine has a history entwined with Nazis and neo-Nazis
    • But we don’t know how deep or widespread this social dynamic has spread.
  • We know Ukraine is an intersection for oil, natural gas, and other energy commodities in that region.
    • But we don’t know how many separate parties are involved or how far they are vested. 
  • Western powers had a considerable influence in the 2014 upheaval and subsequent regime change.
    • We also know that there are real Biolabs containing dangerous pathogens in Ukraine.
  • We know that Ukraine is a hotbed for human trafficking
    • Jeffrey Epstein supported Ukraine
    • Like so many others, that may very well be on Epstein’s flight logs.
  • We know about the Biden family’s history of criminal activity in Ukraine,
    • Ukraine’s president was a TV president, as well.

If America personified was looking to buy a house, we would find that it’s only a timeshare in a bad neighborhood with a history of drug labs and criminal activity that would be available based on its current credit. We would also find our credit rating so poor that we would have difficulty getting a loan underwritten to purchase in the first place. We would find that the property has been improperly surveyed and that there are neighbors with unreasonable easements making occupation and habitation difficult at best. This is the backdrop to our “funding” Ukraine.

Now that the Senate and Biden have approved the omnibus crash, we know that it’s only a matter of time till the next big call for Ukrainian aid is forced upon a reluctant US voter base. It is highly unlikely a coincidence the same casting characters keep showing up throughout the various threads, schemes, and scandals we see in this developing Ukraine-American Love Story.

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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German Farmers Protest Against Globalist Policies

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Hollywood: Predictive Programing, Propaganda & Social Engineering


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German Farmers Protest Against Globalist Policies

German Farmers Protest In a resounding show of dissent, German farmers have taken to the highways, staging protests against government policies that they fear will jeopardize their livelihoods and the nation's food supply. The crux of their agitation lies in policies...

Hemp Disconnected, A Psychological War for American Dependence

Hemp Disconnected, A Psychological War for American Dependence

Hemp Disconnected New Movie by Myles Moscato and John HardinHemp Disconnected, A Psychological War for American Dependence, Writer’s PerspectiveHemp Disconnected, A Psychological War for American Dependence - On the Ground in Southern Humboldt County New Movie by...

District 3 B.O.S. 2024 – Blue Lake Forum

District 3 B.O.S. 2024 – Blue Lake Forum

District 3 B.O.S. 2024 District 3 Press Release District 3 Press Release The Citizens of Blue Lake would like to welcome all constituents of the 3rd District to the Presbyterian Church at 357 H St., Blue Lake, CA on Wednesday January 10th to a 'Meet and Greet' with...

RBH 14.7: #China #THC Takeover

RBH 14.7: #China #THC Takeover

With the Fentanyl problem in the spotlight is another problem literally growing right under our nose? Are Chinese nationals taking over the U.S Cannabis black market? Why should that worry us? #China #THC

No More Biden Lies – A 2024 New Years Resolution 

No More Biden Lies – A 2024 New Years Resolution 

No Biden Lies In the realm of politics, absolute statements are commonplace. Leaders, regardless of their affiliation, often make bold claims about the state of the economy, unemployment rates, crime statistics, and border situations. Resident Biden made many such...

Hollywood: Predictive Programing, Propaganda & Social Engineering

Hollywood: Predictive Programing, Propaganda & Social Engineering

Predictive Programing, Propaganda & Social Engineering  Predictive and Other Programming Racism and Division RoboPocalypse Woke and Broke Profits vs Propaganda Predictive and Other Programming  The concept of Predictive Programming revolves around the notion...

Protest at Your Own Risk, Results May Vary

Protest at Your Own Risk, Results May Vary

Have you noticed how some Protests are treated poorly by the local media while others are supported, if not openly celebrated? For reasons we can only speculate, there appears to be a clear underlying bias that is at play in Humboldt County, California with a chilling...