Tres Chiles Picosos Mexican Restaurant

3502 Broadway St, Eureka, CA 95503

In recent news, last week Mike Lindell, CEO of, and founder of visited Humboldt County, California on vacation with his family. When Mr. Lindel surveyed Humboldt for a good place to eat, he discovered Tres Chiles Picosos Mexican Restaurant in Eureka, CA, and decided to give them a try. 

Truth be told, we are completely unaware of what compelled Mike Lindell to eat at Tres Chiles Picosos, though we have reached out to Mike Lindell for comment, and hope to get a reply. We realize he is a busy man and his email inbox is likely filled with inbound messages on a daily basis. Prior to the outrage, we’ve been told the food is great and the atmosphere was cool say a few trusted sources, but have yet to stop in.

That being said, we are confident even Mike had little idea by merely choosing to spend his money with Tres Chiles Picosos, and agreeing to a photo with some of the employees, he’d be single-handedly sending the Restaurant into a frenzy of undue ridicule by the local woke mob.

Mike Lindell Eats Food, Triggers Humboldt Liberals

mike lindell eats food triggers humboldt left
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Warning. Typically I would leave things like this out of a restaurant review. However, I became compelled to share after experiencing the amazing food, atmosphere, and thoughtful decor. It all works together to create a very unique space and culinary experience. When you compare the reality on the ground and the people behind it to the vitriol online being fomented by the local press, the hypocrisy of those who are triggered over the idea Tres Chiles Picosos would serve Mike Lindell, and the employees showing their enthusiasm for having the opportunity of taking a photo with a celebrity patron, is hypocrisy crystalized.

Here are some lovely things local folks are saying on Facebook:

tres chiles picosos mike lindell eats food humboldt woke loses collective poo
tres chiles picosos mike lindell eats food humboldt woke loses collective poo
tres chiles picosos mike lindell eats food humboldt woke loses collective poo
tres chiles picosos mike lindell eats food humboldt woke loses collective poo
tres chiles picosos mike lindell eats food humboldt woke loses collective poo

Wow, those all seem like nice people. 

With all of this “to do” about essentially nothing, Lost Coast Populist felt compelled to at least give the food and atmosphere at Tres Chiles Picosos a test drive. The “controversy” aside, having never been to Tres Chiles Picosos, curiosity was the total sum of learning Mike Lindell ate there. 

I mean, after all, Mike Lindell is not a small man by any means. Merely judging from a distance, I’d bet that Mike not only has a serious appetite for good Mexican food but maybe, just maybe, he is also a self-identifying burrito connoisseur!

Regardless of your position on Mike Lindell, his pending defamation lawsuit, his unapologetic Patriotism, MyPillow, or his appetite, the Lost Coast Populist can assure you when it comes to killer Mexican Food in south Eureka, Tres Chiles Picosos is THE SPOT!

Tres Chiles Picosos Food and Atmosphere are Great!

I arrived at Tres Chiles Picosos ten minutes before they opened, in all honesty not checking their hours in advance. I was already in Eureka earlier in the morning for a much-needed self-care appointment and decided I’d mosey over to Tres Chiles Picosos for brunch afterward. 

Monday was an extra gloomy morning for Eureka with the common thick grey overcast that had yet to burn through (hopeful thinking) by the time I arrived at 10:50 AM.  Despite my being the only customer silly enough to arrive ten minutes early, the manager, who saw me come to the door only to find it had not been unlocked yet, came to the door and let me inside. 

The server immediately showed me to my table, allowing me to decide whether I’d sit at a booth, table, or bar. I chose a booth, and the gentleman led me that way with a menu in hand. 

Once seated, as expected, the server asked me what I’d like to drink as I read the menu, and I ordered a Coffee with cream, no sugar, and water, no ice. These items were delivered promptly to my delight. 

A Perfect Cup of Coffee at Tres Chiles Picosos

The coffee was perfect, had a beautiful aroma, and clearly was not some cheap preground coffee. The best part, it was served in a tall white mug which I immediately appreciated, having an odd pet peeve for the classic small coffee cups commonly found at breakfast diners. 

A few moments after reading the menu, and snapping some photos of my coffee, the server returned as if he somehow knew I had decided. “I’ll have the Breakfast Burrito with Chorizo,” I said, putting enthusiastic emphasis on the word Chorizo due to its addictive yumminess. 

He thanked me with eye contact and a smile that was comforting, took the menu, and delivered the order to the back of the house. The moment he began to walk away I grabbed my phone, took another sip of the coffee that had steam rising off of its surface, and started shooting some photos of the inside. 

Tres Chiles Picosos is decorated in a very unique way

The walls of Tres Chiles Picosos are covered with murals of Frida Kahlo, short for her real name which is indeed a mouthful, “Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón,” a famous late painter from Mexico. 

“Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón was a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. Inspired by the country’s popular culture, she employed a naïve folk art style to explore questions of identity, postcolonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society” – Wikipedia

The murals are absolutely incredible. The artist responsible is definitely talented, their work complements the rest of the decor perfectly, as well as the incredible food that I was about to devour. The entire place is white-glove spotless from top to bottom, with a beautiful bar that is visually welcoming with nearby tables, as well as booths throughout the perimeter of the interior. 

I finished taking the last photos I needed for this article and made my way back to my seat. After a few moments of enjoying the coffee once more, the server delivered my meal much to my delight. 

The Breakfast Burrito with Churizzo was incredible.

When asked if I’d like hot sauce, I agreed, prompting the server to list off a handful of the usual suspects, concluding with, “If you really like hot, you should get the house-made habanero sauce.” I was in heaven. “I’ll take the habanero for sure,” I replied. I was rewarded for making this choice with the perfect heat-level spice for a hardened spice head mixed with a flavor that was not only complimentary to the burrito but delicious by itself tasting it on my fork. 

I wondered to myself what Mike Lindell ordered and if he shared my newfound appreciation for Tres Chiles Picosos as I finished my last few bites of the burrito and polished off the coffee. Stacking the plates and all of the silverware together for easy cleaning while whipping up the few drips, I finished my post-meal ritual, paid the bill, thanked the Manager and the server for letting me in early, and made my way home. 

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