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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a…
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Donnie Creekmore is a father of three amazing boys, and a proud husband to his wife. Donnie is a proud American Patriot, website designer and…
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Patriot. Mom. Lover of Liberty. Follower of Christ. LIBERTY is a gift from God not from Government! Let’s work together to preserve and promote Liberty…
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Seymour Hersh’s fearless reporting has earned him fame, front-page bylines, a staggering collection of awards, and no small amount of controversy. His story is one of fierce independence. Faced with pressure from corporate…
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A constitutional mined sovern citizen
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Gays Against Groomers is a coalition of gay people who oppose the recent trend of indoctrinating, sexualizing and medicalizing children under the guise of “LGBTQIA+” Our community that once preached love and acceptance…
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Uri Driscoll wears a lot of hats. His favorite is a well-fitting Stetson but when need be he’ll put on the horse archer fedora when a target comes into focus. His favorite sayings…
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Bill Kortenbach is a lifelong martial artist with over 40 years of active experience. He holds a 7th-Dan in Isshinryu Karate and has trained extensively in several other disciplines including 6 years of…
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I have two daughters that have been kidnapped and am now working full-time on Canceling the System(State) in order to restore Liberty and equality back into the Land of the Living.
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I am an activist for freedom. Currently, I am running for Arcata City Council for the November 8th, 2022 election. My passion is to try to wake-up as many people as possible to…
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Introducing Lost Coast Populist's Citizen Journalists

Empowering Voices, Enriching Communities


At Lost Coast Populist, we take immense pride in our vibrant community, which extends to our Citizen Journalists who play a pivotal role in shaping our platform.


These remarkable individuals embody the essence of empowerment, acting as a firewall that keeps mainstream journalists in check while providing an invaluable service to their beloved Humboldt County.


With unmatched credibility, they stand tall alongside mainstream journalists, each performing the same essential tasks and functions.



The Power of Citizen Journalists


Our Citizen Journalists are the heart and soul of Lost Coast Populist, representing the true spirit of a participatory democracy.


By offering a dedicated “Citizen Journalist” page, we proudly showcase these inspiring individuals who fearlessly express their opinions and share stories that matter most to our community.



Guardians of Truth and Accountability


Citizen Journalists act as a critical check on mainstream media, ensuring that diverse perspectives and local narratives receive the attention they deserve.


In a world where media can sometimes be influenced by external forces, our Citizen Journalists serve as a reliable source of unbiased information and transparency, keeping journalistic integrity intact.



An Invaluable Service to the Community



Lost Coast Populist’s Citizen Journalists go beyond the conventional role of media contributors. They are community advocates, change-makers, and watchdogs who spotlight issues affecting Humboldt County residents. By creating petitions, sharing event updates, and writing reviews, they actively engage with their neighbors, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.






At Lost Coast Populist, we firmly believe Citizen Journalists deserve the same recognition and respect as mainstream journalists.


They undergo the same rigorous fact-checking processes and adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring their content is reliable, accurate, and impactful.


The credibility of our Citizen Journalists is a testament to their dedication to the truth and the people they serve.



Unifying with Lost Coast Populist’s Vision



Our Citizen Journalists seamlessly intertwine with our branding, as they align perfectly with our mission to be the exclusive online space dedicated to Humboldt County. They embody the values of empowerment, inclusivity, and positive change, driving us closer to making our region a better place for everyone.






Becoming a Citizen Journalist at Lost Coast Populist is an opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.


You will amplify your voice, contribute to the political narrative, and impact real change in Humboldt County.


Your unique perspective will enrich our community, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.



Together, We Rise



As we celebrate our Citizen Journalists, we invite you to join Lost Coast Populist’s ever-growing family.


Subscribe to our platform and explore the extraordinary voices that shape our community.


Embrace the power of citizen journalism, stand up for truth, and together, let’s elevate Humboldt County to new heights.

At Lost Coast Populist, we are more than a platform; we are a movement of empowered voices united to build a brighter future.


Join us today and be a part of this incredible journey!