Community Speaks Against Drag 4 Kids Resolution at Ferndale City Council Meeting

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Community Speaks Against Drag 4 Kids Resolution at Ferndale City Council Meeting

Apr 20, 2023 | 0 comments

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Drag 4 Kids Resolution in Ferndale -Community SAYS NO!

On April 19, 2023, the Ferndale City Council discussed a resolution on inclusion that had been modified from a previous resolution on hate. The meeting made little progress on addressing the issue besides scheduling a special session on the same topic. They heard an ear full from the people of Ferndale who are seemingly fed up with drag events for kids in their community.

The video embedded in this article covers the comments by the City Council and the public present to speak on this topic.

Two LCP news team members commented on the subject in their capacity as fathers, along with other numerous concerned citizens.

The comments from the LCP news members can be read below; these and all additional public commentary can be viewed in the video below.

Ash Teeter’s Remarks, Unabridged

I appreciate the Council’s statements on this matter, and I understand why you might be hesitant on moving forward on this resolution. This is a national and controversial issue.

The marqee at St Mark’s consists of only a short sentence at a time, leaving a lot to be interpreted or misinterpreted without actually talking to the Pastor about what his intended meaning is. Something that people in opposition to his messaging have openly admitted that they have not and will not do.

Nationally, in a recent trend, speech itself has been equated to physical violence. Words can be hurtful but the two acts are not interchangeable. People’s feelings can get hurt when they hear things they disagree with, but in no way should this be used to validate actual physical violence.

Unfortunately, this is something that has recently occurred in the tragic Tennessee Christian school shooting, and more locally in San Francisco where swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted by trans-rights protesters during her speech at San Francisco State University.

Opinions are not facts, speech is not violence and saying the two are the same through the lens of equity sets a dangerous  precedent. A precedence where literal acts of violence are now being attempted to be claimed under the umbrella of free speech.

The best thing to do here is nothing. People will always have disagreements. As long as there is no physical violence, like with the St Mark’s marquee, the 1st amendment has already defined the result of this decision. 

Ash Teeter

Petition to End Drag Events for Kids in Humboldt

The LCP Petition to end drag shows for kids in Humboldt County was also announced during the meeting with broad support from the majority of the public in attendance. The Ferndale City Council seemed reluctant to make any quick decision on the highly controversial subject matter.

Donnie Creekmore’s Remarks, Unabridged

My name is Donnie. 

I am not a religious man. 

I’m far from being a Christian. 

However, I support Pastor Bramwell’s position entirely regardless of my lack of faith. 

I am so sick and tired of the local media dictating the terms of the narrative in this county.

I am so sick and tired of seeing good men and women kowtow to a political order that is propped up entirely by 5 lousy websites. 

Im also sick and tired of hearing leftists conflate bigotry and racism in the same breath they are using the term “gaslighting.”

When he rhetorically combined unconnected events to make it seem like anyone who is critical of the LGBTQ community and their behaviors are just hate filled biggots that call people faggots and support black-face or racism is the absolute pinnacle of gaslighting. It is gaslighting, crystalized.

The resolution itself is gaslighting the members of our community who stand against drag shows for kids. 

Its not about representation.

It’s not about inclusivity.

I heard a speaker speak of protecting the vulnerable, who is not vulnerable more than children and what is more vulnerable than their innocence?

But I digress.

Here we are in Ferndale, California, of all places, and the City Council has read a resolution into the record that is both an insult and injury to its people.

All this resolution does is lend political credibility to the idea the LGBTQ community can host and promote drag events for kids with impunity.

And that the good mothers and fathers who’ve overcome the fear of being canceled, who are standing in solidarity against this absolute travesty – this resolution just lends political credibility to the idea they are just hateful bigots.

That they support black-face.

That they are racists.

That they, and I, are part of some nameless local hate group. 

It’s absolutely preposterous.

It would be laughable if there wasn’t a mob of folks who take it seriously and hate me, my publication, and those who stand with us for our conviction.

You see:

I am one of those fathers, having three boys of my own. 

Ive been married to the woman of my dreams, who was actually born a girl, and is a real woman, for 14 years. 

We homeschool our boys specifically to shield them from the destructive and borderline predatory nature of what we oppose here, which is sadly working it’s way into the public schools.

So, when I hear our opponents in the local woke media and the LGBTQ activists they support, say that those who protest or are critical of drag shows for kids are bigots inflicting their community with hate speech,

It makes me wonder what you all would think about the Drag Show for Kids put on by the Ink People, Redwood Pride, and Heidi Benzonelli, at the Jefferson Community Center in Eureka this past October.

I was there, Ash was there, we recorded the entire show.

So I’d like to ask the council a question. 

Do you think it is okay for minors, from toddlers to twelve year olds, being an audience to adult males dressed in sexualized costumes twerking for cash tips, some children even handing the dancers cash tips themselves?

Is this something you guys want to throw into your nifty resolution? Because THIS is what it is all about. 

Is something you’d accept?

I have another question.. 

How many protests have occurred outside of Adults Only Drag shows in Humboldt?


The answer is zero. 

And THAT is THE crux of this issue

You see a bizarre evolution of events has occurred here in Humboldt and across the Country culminating in a world where a boy or girl can be influenced by their peers to see themselves as essentially another person with a different biology than the one they were born.

This disgusting trend convinces many people to maim themselves with surgery to be something they are not and will never be.

While I see this as a shame and tragedy, it is an adult’s right to do whatever they wish with their bodies and I just wish them well.

I don’t hate these people, I feel deep pity for them. But that is not the issue.

The issue is how this act of self harm somehow whisks these folks into an elite protected class they refer to as a “marginalized community,” as if they’ve lived under the rule of slavery and just survived the underground railroad. 

Somehow, when you become a part of this elite class, you can target children with drag events. You can use colors, images, and themes historically consistent with cartoons and other elements of our culture which target children. 

How the cannabis industry is banned from using these colors, images, and themes on their products to prevent them from targeting children but the LGBTQ community is not, stands directly against logic, reason, and all that is good and wholesome. 

Arcata News, a left leaning news site, just released a video going over the media blackout regarding the hours of footage we captured sowing exactly what this community regards as “family friendly.” 

The footage we captured is damning. 

It has been online and and available for all to see since the event. 

Any normal person who views it has the same reaction. That it looked like a softporn strip club with minors present. They didn’t even have an adult managing the door where toddlers and minors can be seen walking in and out. 

I mean I can not take my kids and drop them off at the theatre to see a rated R film without going in myself and I’m not sure if that is even acceptable.

And I’m sorry this is about the Marquee and it is about the canceled drag show. Pretending as if it isn’t is further insult to injury.

This is what Pastor Bramwell’s warning to the community was all about. 

It’s not about hating anyone, it’s about tough love for a community that is losing its way. 

A city that is being pressured and influenced to kowtow to a gross movement propped up by the local media who all see nothing wrong with twerking in front of kids for cash tips. 

Well, we have a petition online at calling for the end of drag events for kids in Humboldt County and its getting signatures every day. Every signature currently emails the Humboldt Board of Supervisor but I can add you all of you wish?

We have posters with QR codes over there for anyone here who supports this and wants to sign the petition in support of Humboldt Families. 

We are going to promote it at the fair this year. 

We will get the signatures we need and make this into a ballot Initiative. 

We will do this because we take this issue very seriously.

The LGBTQ don’t like being called groomers and pedophiles. 

I get it, I wouldn’t like that either. 

Well, stop targeting kids like a bunch of thirsty groomers and we will stop calling you clown groomer pedophiles. 

Pretty simple.

Donnie Creekmore @ Ferndale City Councel Meeting 4-19-2023
drag 4 kids resolution in ferndale -community says no!

City Council Action Center

City Council

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The Mayor and Councilmembers may be contacted through the City Clerk’s office at (707) 786-4224 or email to

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community speaks against drag 4 kids resolution at ferndale ferndale city council meeting

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community speaks against drag 4 kids resolution at ferndale ferndale city council meeting

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April 21, 2023

Ash, Bramwell, James, and the rest of the brave patriots from Ferndale did an excellent job standing up for the children of Ferndale!


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