The Covid Vaccine and Their Shoddy Testing 2022

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The Covid Vaccine is really just an injection. The reason I call the Covid Vaccine an “injection” is because they truly are not vaccines. They are a gene therapy treatment. In fact, they are not vaccines the CDC actually changed the definition of a vaccine so that these gene therapy treatments could be called vaccines. This is how “science” works at the CDC. However, for now, I will call them Covid Vaccines. 

The lies about Covid-19 and the Covid Vaccine that caused the bribery, coercion, and blackmailing that have become the norm in order to convince people to get jabbed, are being exposed one by one.  I think we are headed to a tipping point where the mass disinformation and censorship campaign is no longer going to be able to fool the general public.

covid vaccines and their shoddy testing 2022 - opinion - lost coast populist
Time-Standard claims health officials living through hell regarding “misinformation” which has ended up being true!

Covid Vaccine – Pfizer did not test before release!

Big news came out on 10/3/22.  Pfizer did not test for transmission before the Covid vaccines were released!  Of course, it has become very obvious to anyone who is paying attention that the Covid Vaccine does not prevent transmission.  A Pfizer executive was asked under oath if the Covid Vaccine had been tested for transmission before they were released and she admitted they had not!  

Gee, I wish someone would have thought to ask that simple question before they were released.  Lesson learned, ask more questions.  However, even if the questions were asked, how would we know that we were receiving truthful answers?  This why it is important to do our own research off of the mainstream media and never stop questioning authority, and start holding those in charge who lie, accountable. 

Persecution of the Unvaccinated

Think of all of the persecution that has gone on towards the unvaccinated.  Think of all those cartoons in our local media that have derided the unvaccinated and accused them (me) of being responsible for murdering people.  Think of all of the children and young people that have little or no risk of being infected but were given these Covid vaccines, some so that they would be allowed to attend school!  

Lost Jobs, Lost livelihoods, Lost Legacy

Think of all of the people who lost their jobs including nurses, doctors, law enforcement, firefighters, the military, teachers, government employees, and people from almost every other profession.  Think of the discrimination that has gone on, the banning of people from shopping at some stores and attending all kinds of public events.  

Unvaccinated Excluded from Society

Think of all of the people who have been excluded from being invited to events held by friends and family and those who have even lost important relationships because of their choice to not take the Covid Vaccine.  The unvaccinated have been treated like they are a pariah by society in general.  Some people refused the Covid Vaccine for health reasons but many people, including myself, refused them because of the basic moral and ethical principle, that no one should have authority over another person’s body, the government or otherwise, period.  

Humboldt Freedom Coalition, relevant video – Circa Covid-19 Pandemic

FDA says “Nothing to see here,” re: Pfizer docs

The FDA fought very hard to keep the 55,000 pages of Pfizer testing documents under wraps for 75 years.  Hmm, that is just about long enough that whoever has taken the jabs will either be very old or dead by the time the documents would be released to the public. Luckily there are still some people in power with some integrity and so the FDA lost that court case.  If people knew the information that has been kept from them about the shoddy testing, I doubt that very many people would have taken the Covid Vaccine.  It would be good for people to become well-informed before taking any more. 

It is important to note that the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine in order to be able to call the experimental mRNA Covid Vaccine a vaccine!  Science is ever-changing but we are all asked to trust whatever science the public health agencies tell us to trust even about experimental vaccines even though a law was passed in 1986 giving “immunity” to big pharma for any vaccine injury or death.  

75% of the FDA budget comes from Big Pharma

On my website is a credible article that stated the FDA gets about 75% of its drug review funding budget from the big pharma industry.  Talk about a conflict of interest.  This constitutes exactly what a “captured” government regulating agency is, that is captured by corporate interests, and the FDA is not the only one.  The FCC is also a captured regulating agency, hence the reason the dangerous 5G technology is being given free rein.  Corporations are only concerned about the bottom line.  This is why it is dangerous for them to be running our government, much less the world.

The Pfizer documents are currently being examined with a fine-tooth comb.  There are findings that have shocked even me and make it obvious why Pfizer wanted the documents hidden.  You may see these findings on my website.  It is disgraceful that people are not being informed of all of this on the legacy MSM, but it is understandable because it is also largely funded by big pharma!

AB 2098 Removes a Physician’s 1st Amendment RIghts

On Friday, September 30th Governor Newsom signed into law one of the most totalitarian bills that will directly affect not only the careers of doctors who have integrity but also the health of all Californians.  “Informed consent” has already been basically banned in regard to experimental gene therapy Covid Vaccine.  

Now, our state government has taken one more step in tying the hands of our doctors by the passing of AB 2098 which according to our totalitarian Governor “provides that the dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to Covid-19 by physicians and surgeons to a patient under their care constitutes unprofessional conduct.”  I can only hope that there will be lawsuits galore to take down this law.  I challenge all doctors to unite and form a coalition to stop this medical tyranny!  If they don’t, I do not have much hope for our established medical system.

-Dana Quillman


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