Elaine Zeigler | Loco Populist Podcast -Ep 2 | HATE GROUP?

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Welcome to the Loco Populist Podcast I’m your host Donnie Creekmore and we are in the studio with Elaine Zeigler. 

The infamous Patriot mom who was at The Jefferson Center, they hope that on the like an LGBT Pride, you know, Halloween show at The Jefferson Center and Elaine Ziegler was there to protest as a concerned parent and, you know, since then everybody in Humble has witnessed the local left-wing mob. Go completely Haywire crazy. 

Human Rights Commission used in Wrap-Up Smear

They got ahold of the Human Rights Commission Humboldt County humans Rights Commission and you know, they put out a rapid release statement and of course, you know it did what it was designed to lose, you know. It’s the basically same Nancy Pelosi wrap-up schmear. Like she kind of said in her famous video from 2017 where, you know, you kind of you make something up and then you manufacture it, you give it to the press and then the Press runs and before I know it, Your names and the press and you’re being called a hate group or an anti-semite or, you know, whatever, whatever racist, you know. 

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And so that’s kind of what’s happened, obviously, you’re just a normal human being and a normal good mom and probably just doing the best you can. So, I wanted to have you in here and get your take on the record and give you a chance to speak about That and then also, you know, we could spend an entire hour so we can talk about anything that you’re interested in. 

Interview: Donnie Creekmore & Elaine Ziegler

So I guess just to begin with

How long have you lived in Humboldt County? 

For about 15 years now.

Wow, 15 years. Okay. 

So and then what brought you here? 

I’m originally from reading and so I always used to come and visit Humboldt County because of course it’s beautiful here. And I always thought people were so friendly and nice and my best friend, she’s lived here for a long time. As long as I’ve known her, we’ve been best friends for about 18 years now or so. And so, I moved here with my older son, when he was 1 year old from Willits and Mendocino County where he was born. 

And so I moved here about 15 years ago and I stayed with my best friend for a little while. And then just, you know, got everything together. I just thought it was a good place to raise children shortly after I had my younger son, who’s 14 now. 

Elaine Zeigler

So you were like sick and tired of the nice warm weather in Redding you thought, you’d come here and get some rain, some consistent rain, and cold weather. I’m just joking. And so yeah, so that’s cool. 

So has Humboldt County changed in the 15 years that you’ve lived here? 

Yeah, it’s changed a lot. Especially in the past couple of years and just kind of turned around and felt like “what is going on here.” It’s a lot different.

Elaine Zeigler

Would you say that the whole covid pandemic situation, kind of made things, worse? Or was it changing before that? 

That definitely made things worse. I used to love, you know, shopping locally, for example, and all the people that worked at these local shops were so friendly and nice and you’d have conversations with people and I loved that. And I noticed, when I traveled out of town, people weren’t as friendly. 

However, in the past couple years, since the whole covid thing, happened, things change really fast and people all of a sudden were so friendly anymore. Or a lot of interactions were just you walk in and like “PUT ON A MASK!” You know, like well usually people say hello or good morning.

When you would question, just the efficacy of masks, for example, then all of a sudden you’re a trump supporter. You’re this you’re that you know, a,b,c,d? 

Elaine Zeigler

Yeah. And it’s like WOW, no. I mean I’m all I’m old enough to remember when you’re, you know, considered a grandma more for not wearing a mask, you know. 

Exactly. And so and it took me quite openly. I personally have certain things. I have PTSD, which makes it difficult to wear one and then one of my sons has well he’s neurodivergent. 

So it’s extremely difficult for him to wear one as well, and the treatment that my child got from the community was just beyond unacceptable. 

Elaine Zeigler


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