Ep.1 – Adam Lustig – Powerful Raw Milk | Loco Populist 2022

Nov 13, 2022 | 0 comments

Adam Lustig, Raw Milk Populist

On this first episode of Loco Populist Podcast, we have Adam Lustig the Raw Milk Populist on to talk about California Politics, Mid Term Election results, Raw milk, the Humboldt County cannabis industry, The Humboldt Republican Central Committee, and many other recent topics are discussed in this, our first long-form Podcast.



Welcome to Loco Populist Podcast. I’m your host Donnie Creekmore, and I’m here with Adam Lustig, also known as Raw Milk Populist. How are you doing Adam?

I’m doing great. Donnie, how are you?



Adam’s gonna be our first guest. And that’s because he is a special guest that he’s the original lost coast populist. The handle was originally his Twitter, Twitter handle, as well as Facebook, handle. And I believe even a sub stack. And he just so happened to own the domain lost coastpopulist.com before he was so kind as to. As to, you know, give it to myself and our team to, you know, start this podcast and a bunch in the website and everything that’s happened since. So big thanks to Adam Lustig for that, for volunteering that.

Oh, you’re welcome. You know, I think there was a time there when I kind of was kicking around the idea of doing some journalism. It’s really inspired by, you know, California’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought it was over the top, and too authoritarian and it really inspired me to get more politically active.

I started the sub stack, and I wrote this article, “What Happened to Humboldt” and then I just kind of lost passion for that. I am sort of focused more on what’s been a lifelong passion of mine, which is like natural health, natural medicine, and natural healing. And so now I’m currently a student going into the Energetic Health Institute an online program to be a certified nutritionist and I think that’s where I’m going to focus most of my energy now.

So when I was talking to Donnie and he said, hey, we’re gonna start this local media thing because, you know, there’s no alternative voice around here at all. All the media is just in sync. They’re all, you know, just Democrats but more the Woke Progressive Democrats. And that’s the only perspective you get in any of the local media.

And, you know, another thing that inspired me to do lost was populace in kind of where I got the name, was, you know, the fact of the local media that they don’t even let you provide a different perspective in the comments on their social media. Nope, I got banned right away from North Coast Journal and Lost Coast Outpost.

And then what’s funny is, Donnie, since you started Lost Coast Populist, they out of nowhere blocked me.

Like, I haven’t been able to comment for a year. So there’s nothing I could have possibly done in this past year to say, block me to get myself blocked from the entire site. So I thought, I thought it was rather strange that all of a sudden they just arbitrarily blocked me, I can’t even go on there and read the news anymore. Like, I’ve just been completely banned from, you know, our most popular local news outlet.

I don’t know. There was some shenanigans for sure in LA, because I know a lot of people in the valley, and I talk to people that. That personally, that had this problem. And. And I’ve seen this around the country too, is seems to only happen to Republicans. But you go in the vote, and they’re like, Oh, you already voted. According to our record, you already voted. So basically, with somebody did is voting your name and put it in the system and probably voted Democrat.


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