FAKE Hateful Petition Signature Triggers BOS Resolution, Smear Job 101

Fake Hateful Petition Signature Threatens LGBTQ and Black Community – Triggers BOS Resolution, Pelosi Smear Job 101

You may have heard about the fake hateful signature that was left on our online petition titled “End Drag Events for Kids in Humboldt County.” Well, this is a response to Lost Coast Outpost and the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, specifically Steve Madrone, who seems trigger-happy to write anti-hate resolutions at the mere rumor of something being “hateful.”

But before I take you down this deep dive into a rabbit hole of government collusion to cultivate a Nancy Pelosi Wrap-Up Smear, the very short story I will tell below will provide some much-needed context and background for you to conceptualize the take-home message the best.

When my wife and I decided to move to Humboldt County, my mother, for reasons I’ll never entirely understand, watched Murder Mountain with my father to “see what the county was like.” What’s the worst that could happen? It caused both of them to have deep worry and concern that our new home in Mckinleyville (just a couple hours drive from Murder Mountain) was unsafe. 

My Mom and Dad hadn’t been to Humboldt for quite a while. This documentary was enough to shape their perspective and cause anxiety and fear whenever we spoke about our upcoming move to the land where murderers roam free and occupy entire mountains. After visiting us for the first time and experiencing the area, they realized the film had duped them into a completely distorted perspective.  

A Distorted Perspective of Hate Fueled by Local Woke Media

This same situation plays out here when the local media provide one side of a story while entirely omitting exculpatory information to the contrary. Those who consume their biased reporting are left with a one-sided view. This irresponsible journalism causes lasting damage to Humboldt County, perpetuating needless false perceptions, division, and hate among the community, and this article will highlight a glaring example.

By the end of this article, you will see just how one-sided, biased, and negative Lost Coast Outpost is. How they omit anything that doesn’t fit their narrative, then go into full attack mode when they can no longer ignore the things they purposely omitted. 

In a recent article by Lost Coast Outpost, a local leftist muck blog that appears like an ugly Craigslist throwback from the MySpace era, author Ryan Burns attempts to spin a fake hateful signature submitted by a troll on an online petition into a story. In the same article, toward the bottom Ryan even cites the second message left along with an additional fake signature from the same troll explaining their actions.

Fake Hateful Signature Troll’s IP Address Geolocation is Open Door Community Center in Eureka, CA

Below is both the fake hateful signature which is also threatening, followed by the admission of guilt and fakery. Feel free to click the IP Address we collected, which takes you to the approximate location where this person was using the internet when making these fake entries. We’ve contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, providing them with this information and assuring them we mean business and will support their investigation into this hateful person or persons.

Email screenshot at the bottom of the article.

Official Database Entry of Fake Hateful Signatures with Hateful Threats

Date / TimeSaturday, April 22, 2023 at 7:47:38 PM
IP Address47.208.148.41
First NameWilliam
Last NameKingsley
TitleWhite pride world wide!
It’s time to take our culture back!
Don’t stop until every f-, n-, and d- is dead!!!
And we’ll start here in Humboldt!

(original comment censored)
Date / TimeFriday, April 28, 2023 at 1:55:04 PM
IP Address47.208.148.41
First NameWilliam
Last NameKingsley
MessageI am the person who left the racially motivated comment a few days ago.

My expectation was that it would be deleted quickly before anyone else in the public saw it, and this site would *hopefully* put out a statement reaffirming their commitment against violence. Queer people are terrified of them, and these concerned parents are worried about violent retaliation or doxxing from the “Rainbow Coalition,”

so it seemed necessary to force LoCoPo’s hand in this way. Get both sides to start a conversation about avoiding violence. However, it’s been several days, and they’ve left the comment up and haven’t addressed it, which almost seems negligent. My sincerest apologies to anyone who saw it and became concerned, offended, or fearful. My apologies to the queer community. And my apologies to Lostcoastpopulist staff themselves.Be kind. And do better. I will try to be better, myself.

Here is a map showing Open Door Community Center’s proximity to the IP Address of the perpetrator who left the hateful and threatening comment on our petition. There are approximately 28 feet between the pin drop and Open Door Community Center, which is also the closest address to the pin drop.

Map Showing Pin Drop Proximity to Open Door Community Center

So here we have a troll leave a fake hateful signature on our online petition portraying a boogie man that doesn’t exist. This troll, as you can verify via the IP Geolocation Service linked above on the IP Address left when the petition was signed, was most likely logged into Open Door Community Center’s Internet. This is the same Open Door Community Center headed by CEO Tory Starr, pictured below, receiving $60,000 from none other than Lark Doolan, the director of Queer Humboldt.

The same Queer Humboldt that hosts and promotes Drag Events for Kids where gender-affirming propaganda is given to all, regardless of age.  Stay tuned for video evidence to this effect.

fake hateful signature trigger bos resolution smear job 101 lost coast populist
Open Door CEO Tory Starr accepts a $60,000 check from Lark Doolan, the director of Queer Humboldt. The funds will go toward the purchase of a laser hair-removal machine. (Jose Quezada, HUMEDIA — For the Times-Standard)

Board of Supervisors Pretend FAKE Hateful Signature is a REAL Threat??

To make matters even more embarrassing, the Board of Supervisors, who receive emails from each signature automatically, reacted to the same fake hateful signature with a new anti-hate resolution that is a copy-paste mirror to their previous resolution read into the record on January 24, 2023. This previous “anti-hate resolution” was put forth in response to our coverage of the all-age drag event at Jefferson Community Center.

Instead of the Board of Supervisors or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reaching out to us about this matter, Ryan Burns from the Lost Coast Outpost reached out to us, presumably on their behalf. Considering the BOS’ reaction to the fake hateful signature and the fact our contact info is public, it is curious why they’d hop directly to a resolution and not reach out to get more details so we can find out who this troublemaker is and bring them to justice. 

Breaking Down Ryan Burns Propaganda

In the first paragraph alone, Ryan tries to float the notion that we, Lost Coast Populist News, or I, the founder, are somehow hateful. He bases this claim on our not removing this fake hateful signature based on his expectations of us – as if there are no other explanations for not responding to his email timely or for our moderation technology not catching the comment in question.

He claims we are “drag-show-obsessed” for our continued coverage of this ongoing local saga regarding Drag Shows for Kids and for our standing in solidarity with Moms and Dads of Humboldt, who are vehemently opposed to the same. Doing our jobs as journalists and following up on ongoing stories makes us obsessed, I guess.

Rigged our Petition to Withhold Last Names and Location Data

Ryan and Company claim we are fringe for “rigging” our public petition signature list to withhold the last names and addresses of the signees. However, he needs to recognize the dangers of such a list in the political climate he and his colleagues foment. Risks we learned within hours of posting it to Facebook where, shortly after, we were informed by one of our readers with screenshots of opponents doxxing signees and encouraging others to do so as well. After this revelation, we promptly removed the fields which allow doxxing from the front end while still collecting and storing the entire data log on the backend. This was a responsible move.

Humboldt Rainbow Connection Encourages Doxxing of Petition Signers

Automatic Emailing is a very common Petition service

For the pure sake of signee convenience, we also programmed our petition to send each member of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors an email with the message from the signee. Given the Board’s current position of support for the salacious grooming that goes on at all ages drag events, providing them with direct messaging was an excellent way to open their minds to the contrary opinions held by their constituents who vehemently oppose this kind of degenerate behavior in their community. 

The fascinating factor to this is how change.org can perform the exact same way as our petition service, as well most all other popular petition plugins, which all provide at least the option to send signatures to a specified person or decision-making body. This is the literal intent of a Petition as a political instrument. Petitions become a predicate for putting in the effort to create and succeed with ballot initiatives. A serious journalist would know this and include language to this end within their piece. A serious journalist would have asked us more than one question when so much remains to be answered.

My Body, My Choice, Specific to Abortion, Not Broadly Applicable

Ryan and company opine about our standing for health freedom, which he twists into a negative by labeling us as “formerly anti-vax-obsessed,” whatever that means. Here he is mixing topics to confuse the reader while targeting their emotions simultaneously so they ignore that the petition is against drag events for children. 

Essentially, because we’ve been consistently opposed to vaccine mandates and opposed to mask mandates, somehow, this makes us fringe lunatics for being classic liberals when it comes to what we put in and on our bodies. I guess my body, my choice, only applies to abortion/baby murder? Somehow this is supposed to persuade his readers to stand with Ryan in his unwavering support of drag events for children.  

This is just the unpacking of Ryan’s first paragraph! Adding insult to injury, Ryan continues his propaganda with the following statement. 

Ryan Burns Gaslights LCP while Gaslighting His Readers

“As such, all 66 signatories (as of this writing) have had their messages automatically entered into the public record. The messages mostly repeat buzzwords from the current right-wing freakout over drag performances: “groomers,” “pedophiles,” “gender confusion,” etc.” 

-Ryan Burns, Lost Coast Outpost Re: Fake Hateful Signature left on our End Drag Events for Kids Petition

The fascinating coincidence here is how Ryan simultaneously gaslights and confines anyone who opposes drag events for children as part of a “right-wing freakout” while gaslighting his readers into perceiving Lost Coast Populist News and the authentic petition signers as collectively against adults-only drag performances and the LGBTQ+ community. Well, I’d also hate to break it to Ryan, but as of this publication, his blog post about us on Facebook has a combined Like / Comment count of 11, while our petition to “End Drag Events for Kids in Humboldt County” has over 70 now! But by all means, jump into the Facebook conversation! They clearly need the help.

Seeking Evidence of Protests Outside Adults-Only Drag Events in Humboldt

Meanwhile, as the Board of Supervisors opine about threats that don’t exist and never seem to materialize, and while Ryan Burns at Lost Post Craigslist seethes about our mere existence on the internet, there have been zero protests, petitions, or actions whatsoever by Lost Coast Populist, its founder, our contributors, or our supporters regarding adults-only drag events or LGBTQ events.

We, and the concerned parents of Humboldt, have been consistent since covering the Halloween Drag Show for Kids at the Jefferson Community Center put on by Heidi Benzonelli and her comrade Michael Hansen, that we don’t hate anyone or oppose the LGBTQ+ Community specifically. They can do as they please as adults if they leave children out of it. This is an excessive dilution and purposeful misdirection of our consistent message:

Drag Events for Kids are wrong and should be vehemently opposed; no community or group of people is immune to scrutiny and criticism if they are targeting children with drag events.

Humboldt concerned parents and patriots

What strikes the LCP team and me as curious is how Ryan lays out explicitly how the bogus petition submission was submitted under false pretenses. Ryan says:

“Now, obviously, such a hate-filled and explicit call to violence is repugnant, no matter the venue or context. But it was also obvious to me at first glance — when a screenshot of the message was first sent to me six days ago — that there’s ample reason not to take this particular message at face value.”

-Ryan Burns, Lost Coast Outpost Re: Fake Hateful Signature left on our End Drag Events for Kids Petition

The signature in question, like many others we’ve deleted due to either a fake email or it containing language in opposition to the petition (something the comment section is for), unfortunately, did not get caught by our automated moderation technology, and no one from the community reached out to make us aware either. Once it was revealed this comment was exactly what we thought, a troll trying to spread disinformation, we removed the signature from the front end. In truth, humans manage this operation, and sometimes we go on vacation. 

Ryan and Outpost Admit Fake Hateful Signature is a FAKE Hateful Signature

Ryan and company show their hand in the following paragraph, where this troll signature is described precisely for what it was designed and intended to do, “discredit Lost Coast Populist” and provide the cannon fodder Ryan needed to write this flimsy attack article and for the supes who seemingly desire another opportunity to opine and glorify their compassion. 

“Given the anonymous format of the petition, the incendiary topic at hand, and the very nature of internet discourse, this thing has “troll” written all over it. Whether it was typed by an angry teenager in his basement or a “false flag” agitator aiming to discredit the Lost Coast Populist, the rhetoric amounts to the digital equivalent of a turd in a flaming paper bag. Unless that thing lands at your doorway, best just to ignore it.”

-Ryan Burns, Lost Coast Outpost Re: Fake Hateful Signature left on our End Drag Events for Kids Petition

While conflating the idea that an anonymous signature could somehow discredit LCP, he tells his readers it’s “best just to ignore it.” Don’t trust your lying eyes; Ryan Burns defines reality. Don’t look at Lost Coast Populist and our petition to End Drag Events for Kids in Humboldt County – or any of our other content, for that matter. Maybe you will find his description missing the target entirely about a petition specifically about protecting our children from the predatory nature of drag events for kids.

This is the topic Ryan Burns and company view as “incendiary,” the idea that it is wrong for adult males and females to adorn sexualized costumes and incorporate lude and sexually suggestive themes while dancing provocatively for cash tips in the presence of minors. How is being opposed to this and vocally critical of it in any way incendiary or hateful? Prove it.

ChatGPT Says The New Resolution is an 85% Reproduction of The Jan 24th Resolution

I was curious about what the new resolution said. Upon reading it, the deja vu bells rang so loudly that I felt compelled to look up the Anti-Hate Resolution Steve Madrone authored back for the January 24th BOS Agenda. Just as I suspected, it seemed pretty obvious, comparing the previous to the current, that a copy-paste had occurred. Being a tech nerd, I went to Chat.Openai.com to see what “DATA” (my nickname for ChatGPT) had to say about it. When I asked her to compare the two bodies of text, this was the reply:

The two bodies of text have significant overlap and similarities, with Body 2 appearing to be a slightly modified version of Body 1. The percentage of similarity between the two is approximately 83%.”

-ChatGPT when comparing Jan 24th Anti-Hate resolution V May 2nd Anti-Hate Resolution

fake hateful signature chat gpt says resolution is plagiarism at 83 percent similarity

Let’s Go Over Everything We Just Learned

  • A troll, using Open Door Community Center’s Internet, made threatening comments on our online petition in a lousy attempt to portray a “hard right violent white supremacist” that is out to get the LGBTQ community.
  • The Petition sends this comment to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.
  • Instead of contacting us about this, Steve Madrone goes into full-resolution mode.
  • The troll has a moment of clarity and leaves another signature explaining the previous to be a fake and apologizes to all affected. 
  • Ryan Burns sent us an email asking a single question and then went to print with a smear article four hours later.
  • I finally responded to Ryan’s email, learning about the hateful and threatening comments, and immediately removed them after collecting the data presented here.
  • Somehow, this makes Lost Coast Populist the bad guys.

It’s frustrating and disheartening when online trolls use fake hateful signatures to threaten and intimidate others. The comments were an apparent attempt to portray the writer as a “hard right violent white supremacist” who was out to get the LGBTQ and Black community. Instead of reporting the issue directly to us, Steve Madrone went into full-resolution mode, making matters worse. It wasn’t until the troll had a moment of clarity and left another signature explaining the previous to be a fake hateful signature and apologizing to all affected that the situation was diffused.

However, the damage was already done, and Lost Coast Outpost printed a smear article just four hours after Ryan Burns reached out to us, the petition organizers, with a single question about the fake hateful signature. Unfortunately, some people prioritize sensationalism over the truth, but we must remain vigilant and continue to stand up against hate and bigotry wherever we encounter it. Fake hateful Signatures are not anything we support or condone, and when they escalate to a threat, we will provide our data to law enforcement, fake or not.

Unanswered Email Correspondence with the Board of Supervisors

fake hateful petition signature threatens lgbtq and black community - triggers bos resolution, pelosi smear job 101

Hate Mail Sent via Contact Form on End Drag Events for Kids Petition Screen Sent to HCSO

fake hateful petition signature threatens lgbtq and black community - triggers bos resolution, pelosi smear job 101

LCP Sends Evidence Proving Fake Hateful Signature is FAKE Sent to HCSO

fake hateful petition signature threatens lgbtq and black community - triggers bos resolution, pelosi smear job 101

Ryan Burns Sends One Question, Never Responds to Reply or Request for Comment

Fake Hateful Petition Signature Threatens LGBTQ and Black Community – Triggers BOS Resolution, Pelosi Smear Job 101

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Donnie Creekmore is a father of three amazing boys, and a proud husband to his wife. Donnie is a proud American Patriot, website designer and admin, successful businessman, and an all-around great guy!
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