Gays Against Groomers – Jen Martinez: I Joined Gays Against Groomers Because I Don’t Recognize My Community Anymore

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My name is Jen Martinez. I am the co-chapter leader of Gays Against Groomers Long Beach, and this is my Gays Against Groomers origin story:

In June of 2022, I stumbled across Jaimee Michell’s first tweet about the organization she was creating, called Gays Against Groomers. As I read through her tweet, I thought “This is me, too!” I felt a sense of relief. It was a shock knowing I wasn’t the only lesbian who felt like the mainstream alphabet soup had gone way too far.

Over the previous few years, I had watched in anger as “the community” began to devolve into nearly every regressive stereotype that I and the gay elders before me had fought so hard against. For many of us, including myself, once marriage equality was achieved, we were content to just blend into the background and live our lives. Yet, Rainbow, Inc. had other plans for our “community.” Those organizations could no longer use the gay community, so they created a new victim class: Transgenderism.

While there have always been transsexuals in the world, nobody was actively pushing transgenderism, especially not to children. As of today, you would be lucky to go to any major online platform and not see a story on “Drag Queen Story Time,” an all ages drag show, or teachers pushing more pronouns than we can keep up with.

I began to see how drastically this was affecting teenage girls and young women, especially. I could no longer stand by and not try to do something. This is why aligned with Gays Against Groomers. Rainbow, Inc. is deliberately indoctrinating children younger and younger into gender ideology, using the our community as a shield to do it. This is not progressive, and it is hurting us more than anyone can imagine.

If any of this has struck a chord with you, please consider joining us in this movement.

Our silence is what got us here and only our voices can end it.

Create change with us. Visit to volunteer.



​Gays Against Groomers

Gays Against Groomers is a coalition of gay people who oppose the recent trend of indoctrinating, sexualizing and medicalizing children under the guise of “LGBTQIA+”

Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activists who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society, specifically targeting children in recent years.

The overwhelming majority of gay people are against what the community has transformed into, and we do not accept the political movement pushing their agenda in our name.

Gays Against Groomers directly opposes the sexualization and indoctrination of children. This includes drag queen story hours, drag shows involving children, the transitioning and medicalization of minors, and gender theory being taught in the classroom.

The activists, backed by school boards, government, woke media, and corporations, have been speaking on our behalf for too long. When fighting for equality, our goal was to successfully integrate ourselves into society, but now these radicals aim to restructure it entirely in order to accommodate a fringe minority, as well as seek to indoctrinate children into their ideology. 

We’re saying NO.  

There are millions of gays within the community that want nothing to do with this Alphabet religion and join the fight with parents and concerned people everywhere to protect children. We also aim to return sanity and reclaim the community we once called our own. 

The gay community is not a monolith. Those pushing this agenda do not represent or speak for us all, nor do we want to be associated with them in any way. What we are witnessing is mass scale child abuse being perpetrated on an entire generation, and we will no longer sit by and watch it happen.


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