Hate Group Attacks Loco Fish Co. and its Owner
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  • 09/02/2023

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A hard core leftist hate group has been attacking anyone the local media targets and this time they have their crosshairs on Loco Fish Co's J. Knight
Hate Group Attacks Loco Fish Co. and its Owner
  • Check out Donnie Creekmore's Profile Page !!
  • There are 4 comment(s) get in there and SPEAK !!
  • 09/02/2023

Read: 16 min

A hard core leftist hate group has been attacking anyone the local media targets and this time they have their crosshairs on Loco Fish Co's J. Knight


Hate Group Attacks Loco Fish Co. and its owner Jayme Knight, Arrested for DUI at the County Fair

If you’ve been paying attention more to your budget and less to the local drama, you may not have heard about Jayme Knight, owner of Loco Fish Co., who was arrested for DUI during the 2023 Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale, CA. In whole truth, this is the crime he committed, and you may be wondering how at all this is newsworthy, and you’d be justified in your confusion. 

Unfortunately, the local left media seems more interested in publishing hit pieces on guys like Knight because of some words they’ve allegedly said than they are about sounding the alarm on, for instance, a local pervert caught masturbating while nude in public. Instead of ignoring petty bigotry and denying it any limelight, Lost Coast Outpost and the rest seem eager to amplify it. Indeed, anywhere the slightest rumor of petty bigotry is whispered to have occurred, these folks go out of their way to ensure the entire world knows all about these otherwise nothing-burger events.

What’s worse is that their amplification seems to be a dog whistle, activating a sleeping hate group that otherwise remains dormant. Unfortunately, their dog whistle has once again been heard loud and clear, and a mysterious local hate group which terrorizes whoever the left media targets is at it again. Like a cascading avalanche of overdramatic reactions, now even local government officials have gone to their social media accounts to characterize what happened at the fair as an “anti-LGBQTIA+ event.” Leaders of local nonprofits are saying enough is enough and demanding all businesses fly the gay flag.

What is this all about? 

While in his inebriated state, Knight is said to have gotten into a conflict with another attendee and made multiple controversial remarks such as, “That’s gay; you should be hanging out with the Faggy Bottom Boys,” referring to a local Farm business named Foggy Bottom Boys. While we do not condone nor support the words he has allegedly said, we also understand that it was his right to say these things as enshrined in the First Amendment. 

However, his freedom of speech to say even repugnant things not being respected here is not what caused our alarm. The delicate sensibilities of Humboldt County liberals are widely known here at Lost Coast Populist. What is sounding our alarms is the fact Knight has apologized multiple times and is reportedly checking into rehab; nevertheless, his business is still receiving death threats and salacious reviews that have nothing to do with the food or service. 

Even the Foggy Bottom Boys agree with us that cancel culture is not the answer, in a recent Facebook post:

We have always supported voting with your dollars, however we never support “cancelling” a business or individual. Cancel culture all too often has unintended consequences impacting those down stream (employees, families and affiliated small businesses).

Foggy Bottom Boys Facebook Page

In this article, you will discover the above to be accurate and realize a real and very present, yet mysterious, hate group and how this hate group is consistently being triggered into action by the media. You will see how officials in our local government use the reporting of such things to stoke the flames of hatred and gaslight their supporters into a hate-filled rage pointed at whatever villain their media friends have manufactured. 

The unfortunate result is a community forced to walk on eggshells for fear of crossing lines in the sand that are only apparent in hindsight. It’s like living in a prison yard, but you don’t know the rules, and those change every day, and the guards only show up to beat you down after you’ve made a mistake. Good luck to anyone who accidentally finds themselves a target of this hate group. 

Newsworthy or Hate Group Dog Whistle?

What follows is the total list of local and national media coverage of Jayme Knight and the nothing burger “event” at the Humboldt County Fair. Does this seem odd to you?

LoCo Fish Co. Owner Jayme Knight Apologizes for ‘Hurtful’ Language, Says He’s Stepping Away for Rehab
Lost Coast Outpost
‘I deeply regret my actions’: Loco Fish Co. owner apologizes after homophobic incident
Times Standard
‘I deeply regret my actions’: Northern California business owner apologizes after homophobic incident during chili cook-offEast Bay Times
Homophobic Slurs Mar Fair’s Chili Cook-offNorth Coast Journal
‘I deeply regret my actions’: Northern California business owner apologizes after homophobic incident during chili cook-offSiliconValley.com
Ferndale’s Foggy Bottoms Boys Say Local Business Owner Lobbed Anti-Gay Slurs at Their Employees, Destroyed Property During Chili Cook-Off at Humboldt County FairLost Coast Outpost
Quake Recovery, Chili Mess, Fermentation and Greek SassNorth Coast Journal YouTube
Alleged County Fair Hate Crime Called OutKMUD
Boycott LoCo Fish CoSpinningBetweenStars on Reddit
Silly Homophobic RepublicansAnonymous CL Ad
Hateful Cancel Culture Review left on Loco Fish Co YelpYelp

Hate Group That Cannot Be Appeased

Jayme Knight knows this too well. This is because there is nothing he can say or do to appease this bloodthirsty local hate group leftist mob, war-drunk for his scalp. To date, death threats flow his way, nasty reviews are filming his business’s online profiles, and there seems to be minimal promise for his business to recover from this public relations nightmare. Meanwhile, the directly affected folks have taken the high road and are telling those who are likely canceling Knight in a backward way of showing their support for FBB.

All of this for what? Some offensive words Jayme Knight said while he was drunk. I remember when I was a child being taught that sticks and stones could only break my bones and that words could never hurt me … but it seems this is not the case in Humboldt, where words are treated like crimes and where serious crimes are treated like nothing.

Again and again, in Humboldt, we see this anonymous hate group of online bullies buzz into a fury. Spending effort and time ensuring whoever the new target is has slim chances of surviving their wrath. They are willing to lie, cheat, manufacture, gaslight, and use essentially anything to leverage their will into the status quo. How this hate group can continue its devastation without Steve Madrone authoring a resolution about them is left for you to consider. 

At any rate, this hate group is a well-oiled machine. They are dedicated, they are committed, they are vicious, and they are willing to invest incredible amounts of time and energy to see their targets destroyed. Unfortunately, as much as we completely support the sentiment in the FBB Facebook post above, it is likely too late, as the damage has already been done.

Lost Coast Populist is calling on Foggy Bottom Boys and Jayme Knight to sit with us for a group sunmit so we can bring much-needed healing to this community and show that good people can make bad mistakes and that their community is willing to exercise forgiveness when an effort is made to make amends.

Hate Group Victim List

For context, what follows is a running list of scalps the local left hate group extracted from would-be local villains created in the mind’s eye of the local left by their parrot media. The folks below have all been the target of this mob; though some survived and managed to keep their businesses and lives intact, others were not so lucky.

Victim’s NameDescription
Alan Bongio, Planning Commission, HCCSDVilified as a “racist” for using the word “Indians” to collectively refer to all local tribes during a planning commission meeting – LINK
Rex Bohn, BOSVilified for simply breathing, being happy, thinking thoughts, and saying words. – LINK
Tres Chiles PicososFor serving food to Mike Lindel and posting about it on Facebook
Mike Lindel, My PillowFor being hungry and eating in Humboldt County – LINK
Cornelius RavenstienVilified For being PRO Freedom and Liberty – LINK
Concerned Parent ProtestorsFor pushing back against Drag Events for Kids in Humboldt – LINK
Savannah McCarty, Wild Souls RanchFor admitting that she has friends who are Trump supporters and that she supports their right to their opinions – LINK
Sobhan Darwish, Grow SistersFor her noncompliance with local groupthink – LINK
Brett Watson, Arcata City CouncilVilified for being a habitual hugger, framed as a sexual predator for election interference purposes – LINK
Rev. Tyrel BramwellFor literally doing the job he swore his life toward with unwavering commitment – LINK
Rob ArkleyFor being old, white, successful, and for spending his time fishing with other peers. – LINK
Donnie CreekmoreFor running this website, for speaking against child grooming within the LGBTQ community, for being pro-vaccine-choice – LINK

And I’m sure this list goes on and on; this is just what I found in my research.

episode 12 with mike glover and siobhan darwish

As you can see, the left’s hate group has been busy, and their commitment to attack good people – and our community’s apparent willingness to accept this – has resulted in Humboldt County being an incredibly hostile environment for those who cherish liberty. 

Leftist Mob and Their Media Allies 

Every instance listed above started with the local left media vilifying these folks in an article or series of articles, stoking the flames of hate with emotion-filled rhetoric while gaslighting the very people they are animating into a rage. They label their targets with common political buzzwords to conjure their audience’s emotional, knee-jerk reaction. The net result is a hate group, concentrated and targeted on good people, their livelihoods, and businesses ruined for no crimes committed.  

From our perspective, it seems a consistent recurrence that the local media chose to start a fire where one isn’t burning in order to attack a perceived enemy. When there is nothing there, they make mountains out of molehills, and when anything legitimately happens that threatens one of their own, they attack the messenger who dares speak about it.  #johnchiv

In every instance listed above, we see the local media directly responsible for fanning the flames of hatred with their coverage and the rhetoric they chose to employ. 

Today, we can add Jayme Knight, Owner of Loco Fish Co., to this list as follows:

  • Jayme Knight, Loco Fish Co.
    • He was vilified for getting drunk and saying words that other people hate, apologizing for his actions, and seeking help.

To be clear, in no way am I or the tram at Lost Coast Populist supporting or condoning the specific words he allegedly spoke; we are vocally condemning the local media for making a man’s mistake while intoxicated into a political fire of hate they are intentionally stoking. Like every other instance listed above, we see a mysterious, hate group of cancel-culture-pushing crazies triggered into action. These self-proclaimed “social justice” warriors demand a scalp whenever anyone steps out of line, and they are currently in the process of extracting Knights. The media shines the bat signal into the clouds overhead, and this clandestine hate group of hardened leftists activates their burner phones and wages war.  Sounds kind of like this.

And when the smell of blood is in the air, no opportunity like this is left untaken by Lark Doolin of Queer Humbolt, who used this noncrime to leverage local businesses to fly the gay flag. Listen to his rhetoric and ask yourself if he is seeking common ground. Listen to how he claims some publications support Knight’s behavior. While he stokes hate toward Loco Fish Co he says the people who uplift Jayme Knight and folks like him “need to be held accountable.” We are curious exactly what he means and how he envisions the government would accomplish such a task with our constitutional rights still intact. He goes on to say,

“When intolerance is tolerated, it inevitably escalates to violence”

Lark Doolan, Queer Humboldt

What an absolute hypocrite. While expressing his intolerance for critics of the LGBTQIA+ community, who’ve only spoken out against drag events hosted and promoted for children, Doolan pretends as if it is the local concerned parents and our publication that somehow led to Jayme, a man who has yet to return our attempts to contact him for comment, saying the words he said while inebriated at the fair.

Somehow, because a monster murdered an innocent victim down in SoCal, a 16-hour drive south of Humboldt County, that terrible horror is spoken in the same breath as Doolan’s quote above. This is clear propaganda crafted to spark the very hatred and intolerance Doolan is speaking about, but targeted at Doolan’s political enemies.

alleged hate crime at county fair called out by lark doolan of queer humboldt - originally by kmud

Emotional Damage Turns Into Physical Damage

The result of this is actual, real-world damage done to people who provide(d) jobs, goods, and services to the community, for stepping over a line that, in many cases, they did not even know was there until after they crossed it. The net effect is concentrated power in the hands of a minority of local extremists. They use social media to extract the scalps of their perceived political enemies and effectively leverage measured control over local politics despite not being elected by the people themselves.

Clearly, this hate group does not serve the greater good in any form and has only driven tourism and business as far away from Humboldt County as possible. Meanwhile, the good people of Humboldt County are the ones who suffer in the end, having their political power stolen from them and their ability to speak their minds openly rigged against them in a way that muzzles them and shackles them to the floor. 

Hypocritical One-Sided Outrage

For contrast, let’s examine the recent arrest of Ellis Gilmore, an esteemed member of Humboldt County’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence chapter, who promotes and attends drag events for kids with other local LGBTQ activists. Ellis Gilmore was arrested for indecent exposure after being witnessed masturbating in his truck with the door open. His legs were described to have been spread eagle, one on the dash and the other on the driver door window, as he played with himself, in full view, in the nude. You can watch James Graham’s interview with the eyewitness below. 

sisters of perpetual indulgence caught masturbating in public - eye witness interview

It is a mystery how the local media is effectively silent about this. By proxy, the hate group they stimulate never seemed to materialize to target Gilmore like they have the rest.  Why is this hate group absolutely silent when someone is caught, red-handed, doing such lude acts in public? For some reason, this mob only surfaces when it benefits the Progressive Democrat Left, who enjoy unchallenged power and a cucked local Republican Central Committee that does absolutely nothing to fight back. 

When Ellis Gilmore was arrested, it was John Chiv who broke it, and even he thought it wise to add a disclaimer to the article to get out in front of the local leftist hate group before they set their targets on him. 

Rules for Thee, not for We

Needless to say, the same media which seemed to intentionally and consistently trigger the leftist hate group on the folks listed above – instead of covering the ongoing case of a man known for promoting and attending drag events for kids, who HCSO arrested for flagrantly masturbating in public, who is also a sister of perpetual indulgence member – here we see the media now writing multiple articles about a man saying things that are neither an indication of his fear nor an indication of hate, all while he was drunk—the former, an actual crime, and the latter a thought crime. One has actual victims, and the other can, at worst, only create momentary heated emotions. 

Arroyo Adds Insult to Injury

Somehow, the arrest of Ellis Gilmore has gone entirely unnoticed by Supervisor Natalie Arroyo. With her years in the Coast Guard, we are sure she would stand firmly against the repugnant acts Gilmore was caught doing in public. We felt compelled to respond to her Instagram post below asking about how Gilmore was not also on her radar.

“The unacceptable anti-LGBTQIA+ event at the fair’s chili cook-off is on my radar, and it’s important to speak up for the value of respect, safety for all, and inclusion.” 

-Natalie Arroyo, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors

How the nothing burger of a drunk man saying regretful things turns into an “unacceptable anti-LGBTQIA+ event” is beyond my imagination. What exactly does Natalie Arroyo mean when she says this “event” is “on [her] radar”? Is she now working with Steve Madrone to draft a third resolution, resolving that no one shall say regretful things while drunk, or else the local left hate group will wage war on their lives? 

image 6 | hate group attacks loco fish co. and its owner | lost coast populist

Arroyo is acting as if, the moment after Jayme Knight said whatever he said, a mob of KKK members appeared out of the woods from all sides with lit torches, yelling anti-LGBTQIA+ slurs at everyone in attendance. She is doing this on purpose. This is to prop up the bullshit propaganda she and her political bedfellows have been promoting for decades in Humboldt County: that a mysterious hate group hides in the shadows terrorizing the local queer community. 

When nothing ever materializes that fits an actual crime, a “hate incident” or event is the vernacular applied. How hypocritical it is to claim a hate group exists that absolutely doesn’t while, on the other hand, being instrumental in inflaming one that does and has a list of victims. This is the effect of her Instagram post, and it’s working. 

We have an interview with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department regarding this matter and will have a follow-up article shortly. Until then, please leave your opinion in the comments section below so we can consider them in our next installment. 

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Donnie Creekmore is a father of three amazing boys, and a proud husband to his wife. Donnie is a proud American Patriot, website designer and admin, successful businessman, and an all-around great guy!
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