Reverend Bramwell Would LOVE to Be Your Broken Clock
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  • 04/08/2023

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Hate 4 Humboldt Community? The True Rev. Bramwell Exposed Note to the Reader: This author is a fan of good camp such as Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Bird Cage, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I even danced with a drag queen at AsiaSF for my bachelorette party in 2007. I consider myself […]

Hate 4 Humboldt Community? The True Rev. Bramwell Exposed

Note to the Reader: This author is a fan of good camp such as Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Bird Cage, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I even danced with a drag queen at AsiaSF for my bachelorette party in 2007. I consider myself a fan of and enjoy traditional drag, but I am not impressed with what has been passing recently as drag and child entertainment. Call me old fashioned, but drag is supposed to be campy – not explicitly sexual in nature; innuendo is the nature of the art form.

It is inherently not for children as the medium is well over a child’s understanding.


The joke is that a man is acting like a woman and is self-aware. It wouldn’t be funny if the man actually thought he was a woman. Ask me about when Eddie Izzard came to my boutique hotel in Mill Valley to meet Matt LeBlac before heading to the 2001 Mill Valley Film Festival for their excellent and unknown movie: All The Queens Men. I’m going to link Dress to Kill here (Eddie Izzard – Dress To Kill Show in1999. – YouTube), though, because it is a phenomenal stand-up from the man who used to identify as a male lesbian, as in his words, “… most transvestites fancy women.” But I digress.

With all the kerfuffle going on around Ferndale and Humboldt drag shows for children (*please note, to date and our knowledge, no one has gone to protest an adult drag show because Humboldt, at its core, is a place which embraces LIBERTY and we don’t generally care what adults do on their own time – Full Stop), Lost Coast Populist thought we’d delve a little bit into the man who has galvanized all sides of the Humboldt community. Happy Easter, Humboldt!

community hate humboldt bramwell exposed

Punks, Lesbians, Haters, and True Love: It’s Complicated

So, who is Reverend Tyrel Bramwell? I decided to find out. I betcha didn’t know he was part of the Wyoming punk scene. What exists? Yes, and he’d love to tell you about it and his time working the oil fields there. He loves having lesbians at the church. Say, what?!? Yes, of course, and there’s a story about one in particular. Wait, there’s more than one!?! Guess what? He’d love to tell you all about it!  He loves his community and is invested in its success.

He has written two children’s books about Fern & Dale and their adventures in the fictional Cream City, and he has created a well-received pamphlet series he distributes in town called Ferndale Fortitude. He loves his wife. He loves his children. Rev Ty loves to talk with people about his faith and how he can help them know and love Jesus, too. Even if you only agree that he’s proverbially right twice a day, that’s good enough for him to start.

I used the word ‘love’ up there a lot, didn’t I?

Who decided how I was going to use it?

I did.

Did you take offense to any of the usages? Maybe attributed the incorrect, typical definition to any of those sentences and didn’t comprehend them the way I intended. I cannot help the way you construe my words.

Simplistically, there are four types of love:

  • Eros: erotic, passionate love
  • Philia: love of friends and equals
  • Storge: love of parents for children
  • Agape: love of mankind

I don’t know if my opening paragraph triggered you; it depends on if you hate Rev Bramwell. Are you a Bonafide Bramwell Hater? There are plenty of them if you take a gander at the comments on consternating posts like this:

How sad those in the peanut gallery are so close-minded; the man is only espousing his definition of love.  Has Bramwell defaced the Queer community’s property as they have done to St. Mark’s? Why so much hate toward someone who only has a different opinion? And not only that, it happens to be his job.

Being a bully toward those you disagree with isn’t a good look on anyone, regardless of their avowal. Someone being triggered is not hateful on his part, and Rev Ty cannot control how they feel; only the individual can do that. Anticipating him not to express his opinion, as it might upset someone, is thoroughly un-American.

People will say they are justified to hate him as his signs are hateful, and he’s a bully … odd thought process there, but okay, let’s unpack it.

Signage Does Work: Foggy Bottom Boys and The Humboldt Hate Community, aka The Woke Mob

In June 2021, a sign made of 52 little characters was put up in front St. Mark’s church in Ferndale, California. It asked the reader if they had been “Hurt by LGBTQ Culture,” followed by invitation to find healing there at St Mark’s. Unbeknownst to the woke mob (herein we’ll call them the Humboldt Hate Cacophony due to their screechy discordance) having a field day attacking a church in someone else’s town, is that the sign didn’t pop up out of nowhere; it was in the middle of a series (Hurt by: Divorce,  Break-up,  Drug, etc. Culture).

Each week he rotated the message from Monday morning to Monday morning. Not only that, but the Monday it dropped, Thomas Stratton, Ferndale’s Favorite Gay Guy (, saw it and wasn’t worried about it in the least.

The anecdote told to me, and I was unable to corroborate with Mr. Statton by press time, is such: Stratton drove by the church once or twice that day, saw Rev Ty at Renner while they were both getting gas later that night and still exchanged hugs and neighborly philia niceties with him, never once mentioning the sign.

Rev Ty didn’t even learn about the Humboldt Hate Cacophony’s Facebook outrage until the following day. If Mr. Stratton, a respected member of Ferndale’s Queer community, wasn’t offended – why in the world were the members of the Humboldt Hate Cacophony upset by it? That’s a rhetorical question to most of us who have been following this most recent story in a long, national saga. Maybe Mr. Stratton knows how to parse what the sign was trying to convey – an invitation for healing should the reader feel they needed it, not an act of hate. To believe so is to already have a warped sense of what love and hate are at their core. 

Drag as Art: Eye of the Beholder or Horrific Bastardization – Children BEWARE

In January 2023, another sign went up, bringing ire to the Humboldt Hate Cacophony and Queer community. 

“Beware: Drag show for kids coming to The Old Steeple.”

St. Mark’s Marquee

Honestly, I believe a vast marketing opportunity was squandered here by event coordinator, Lost Coast Pride, and others related to the event. That’s some awesome free advertising.  They should have pridefully turned it on its head and used it to say something cheeky like:

“See, even Lost Coast Pride’s favorite hater is wanting everyone to ‘be aware’ of this event; he just forgot the ‘A’ – so don’t you forget, too!”

I don’t know, but that offense was taken – instead of opportunity – is possibly because deep down in their hearts, they know the idea of drag for children is not okay.  Children being exposed to the idea that they can dress up and dance around for people in exchange for money is a wretched concept to seed in their impressionable minds. A lot of what the Queer community is calling “drag” isn’t even true to form and in some cases it’s just grown women doing shock burlesque or dressing up as animals or cartoon caricatures in order for children to give them cash tips —>

How pathetic is that? And I say this as a proponent of drag when it’s in the proper context, but the shock/horror/macabre/debased “drag” stage shows being highlighted right now are just flat-out bad and not worth the time. Me thinks some people will eventually grow out of this phase in their life; Lord knows I’ve grown out of some raunchy habits. But honestly, give me some Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie any day! Or maybe Dame Edna is more your speed? If it is to be referred to as such, those performances are art … and this is not: 𝗞𝗮𝗶 𝗙𝗹𝗼𝗿𝗲𝘀 || KRAVE.

There are those in the Queer community who agree it is not child-friendly fare, and they are being vilified.  Why? If even detractors within the Queer community are not allowed to have a differing opinion, of course, there will be misdirected hate cast at a lone, loud Christian leader who disagrees with what is happening here. And I’m sure to get a hateful reaction from some of the navel-gazers in the Humboldt Hate Cacophony, too … how utterly hypocritical – free speech for thee but not for me.

I bet if any of his detractors actually had a friendly conversation with Rev Ty, they might come to the understanding that he is not the embodiment of hate the local media has spun him to be. He’s just another person with convictions as strong as theirs, and they both have the right in this country to have them.

1200x0 1 | reverend bramwell would love to be your broken clock | lost coast populist
Spectators at the Hunky Jesus and Foxy Mary contest in Dolores Park in San Francisco, Calif. on Sunday, April 9, 2023. By: Christopher Partin

The sheer idea of the Queer community having an openly notorious beef with the Christian community isn’t even possible in parts of the world where both groups are persecuted. Shouldn’t we all agree that we’re fortunate to live in such a glorious place? Liberty lives here, and we are all blessed by it; lucky us.

Speaking of glory, his version of glory may be different than yours (and I’m all for Kinetic Glory, too, myself ✨️), but I would say all this extra energy the Humboldt Hate Cacophony has spent on him has actually been beneficial to his mission. The sign did its job, congratulations. It has received far more attention than it would have if the Humboldt Hate Cacophony had ignored it as another person’s differing opinion.

It’s A Thin Line

Who decides the meaning of love? Who decides the meaning of hate? Who marks where that thin line is drawn?

Ferndale is a nice little town. Most of its denizens really don’t care what people do in the sanctity of their own home – as we can see, Stratton is a favorite son and everyone is acutely aware of his pride, it even adorns grocery shelves throughout the whole county. What the citizens of Ferndale, Humboldt, California, and the Nation at large do care about is overtly exposing young minds to perverted culture where children learn to be eagerly recognized if they “shake it” for the audience.

This doesn’t even touch on the horrors being done to children’s bodies, whereby they are grossly disfigured from a young age so that #BigPharma and #BigMedical can squeeze a few more dollars from a small subset of people. I will contend, I personally believe there are people who are true TwoSpirit, but they are very few and far between, and certainly not every tenth child in the community as the current cycle would have people believe. (Scott Newgent / Twitter)

community hate humboldt bramwell exposed
community hate humboldt bramwell exposed

To say the Queer community is in any way currently marginalized is a complete fallacy.

Millions of dollars are being spent in their name right now. Every corporation that can is signing up the next RuPaul and/or Dylan Mulvany wannabe for their next commercial spot, all while spending those millions to backdoor virtue signal to the largest block of prospective shoppers. #BigMedia is covering for the Queer community and portraying them as victims when they are the aggressors (Riley Gaines on Twitter: “… I was ambushed and physically hit twice …” / Twitter).

Meanwhile, politicians are continuing to use the Queer community (Humboldt’s Resolution on Anti-Hate Community Events) to pander to the actual demographic which continues to feel the false shame that encourages and compels them to keep voting for this insanity … but that’s a topic for another day. All the while, those same politicians tip-toe around the fact that St. Mark’s has actually been physically vandalized by the Humboldt Cacophony of Hate. Myriad layers, Dear Reader, many, myriad layers.

Even KINS radio felt compelled to drop him from a once-a-month spot on their Community Comment segment. Just one man from the community has a different opinion than the Humboldt Hate Cacophony (read: community), and the radio station is inundated with phone calls … I bet the main reason they dropped him was to save the superfluous phone reception time.

The Greatest Hypocrisy:  My Pride Is the Only Pride, Yours Doesn’t Count … The Sun Rises In The East

We are Americans. At the root of it all, we are #freetobeyouandme. Love is love, am I right? Rev Ty is just as proud to be himself as you are to be yourself – why won’t the Queer community and their raucous supporters either leave him alone and agree to disagree or actually have a nuanced discussion with him whereby both sides will each try to proselytize the other – same as it ever was. I understand Kaelan Rivera has been on media stretching things (

Remember this: The truth is a lion; set it free … it will defend itself.

I propose a summit.

  • Lost Coast Populist will host.
  • Rev Ty says he’s happy to attend.

What say you, Lost Coast Pride, Queer Humboldt, et al.? 

And Sets In The West

To conclude, I asked Rev Ty what he would like to send out as an Easter message. He responded with this for the greater community of Humboldt County on Easter:

“Do you know about Jesus and do you know why there is a reason to believe?”

Rev. Tyrel Bramwell

Go ahead, contact Rev Bramwell yourself; he’d love to chat with you about your beliefs and his. My takeaway from him is – and I am by no means a conventional believer to his standards – he truly wants to reach people and implore them to embrace his theory of what may happen in the future if they don’t embrace Christ, but that it is ultimately between each of us and the Almighty, whatever/whomever/wherever that may be.

And that story about lesbians being welcome in his church, it has to do with broken clocks …


Ferndale Fortitude Samples:

community hate humboldt bramwell exposed
community hate humboldt bramwell exposed
community hate humboldt bramwell exposed
community hate humboldt bramwell exposed
community hate humboldt bramwell exposed
image 4 | reverend bramwell would love to be your broken clock | lost coast populist

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  1. Liberty Lady

    It’s time we all learned how to agree to disagree again. Hate has no place in the heart of any good person.


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