Humboldt for Palestine Does Not Exist, Guide to Identifying Fake Activism

  1. Selective Outrage and Activism in Humboldt County
    • The article questions the authenticity of groups like "Humboldt for Palestine," examining their sudden rise and selective outrage over the Israel-Palestine conflict. It explores the seeming genuine anti-war sentiments of local activists and contrasts them with their indifference or support for other conflicts, suggesting a potential media-driven narrative behind their actions.
  2. Peculiar Activism
    • The article delves into the peculiar aspects of activism in Humboldt County, particularly focusing on the simultaneous emergence of groups like Humboldt for Palestine with similar slogans and tactics. It contrasts these contemporary activists with historical anti-war protestors, noting their inconsistent approach to different conflicts and raising questions about the motivations behind their actions.
  3. Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste
    • The article examines the opportunistic nature of activism, drawing parallels with the concept of not letting a crisis go to waste. It questions the activists' selective focus on specific conflicts, such as the Israel-Palestine issue, while seemingly ignoring or supporting other crises. The article suggests a potential manipulation of tragedies for political or ideological recruitment purposes.
  4. Humboldt for Palestine Doesn’t Exist
    • The article criticizes the terminology used by groups like Humboldt for Palestine, highlighting the misrepresentation of the Israel-Palestine conflict through terms like "apartheid" and "occupation." It also points out the activists' silence on other global issues, like China's alleged Uyghur genocide, revealing a bias that raises concerns about the moral foundations of their activism. The conclusion emphasizes the need for genuine anti-war sentiments that prioritize local issues over distant conflicts.

Real Activism? Or Opportunistic Recruitment?

Amidst the protests in Humboldt County over the Israel-Palestine conflict, as a retired activist, I question the sudden rise of groups like “Humboldt for Palestine,” an Instagram page that sprung into existence in late October, as well as their selective outrage. In this article I invite you to consider if these protests are genuine expressions of anti-war sentiment or part of a larger, media-driven narrative. 

Inspired by Jean Baudrillard‘s 1992 book, titled after the idea it presents, “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place,” in this article I question whether the fervor surrounding Palestine conceals a deeper narrative with similar themes. Let’s navigate this labyrinth of activism together, challenging both the conflicts, the optics, and the motivations shaping our perception.

Selective Outrage and Activism in Humboldt County

What is Humboldt for Palestine, and who is behind this new anti-war effort in Humboldt County? Well the group has a mission statement that reads, 

“Community collective standing for the total liberation of Palestine and an end to Israel occupation & apartheid everywhere.” 

Humboldt for palestine

While it is their right to express their opinions freely, it is also our right and duty to examine their expression critically so a clearer understanding can be realized.

humboldt for palestine does not exist, guide to identifying fake activism

I find it fascinating to see local college students and others with anti-war sentiments spring into action with weekly protests over the conflict between Israel and Palestine. From calls for a cease fire all the way to calls for Israel to no longer “occupy” Palestine, these activists seem genuine in their passions. On one hand, I completely agree with them, who wants war? I know I don’t. 

War, unless as a defensive, or return strategy against a clear and mounting threat, is something I’ve never supported, regardless of the sides involved. As much as I detest War, when I see it taking place between two or more third parties on far distant continents I wish them all peace and would rather America not get involved. 

After All, what is War good for? Edwin Star says it’s good for absolutely nothing, but it seems war is good for stimulating activism efforts and galvanizing protestors. As postulated by Jean Baudrillard about the Gulf War, maybe what we are experiencing now is just a well orchestrated media narrative using well meaning protestors as “extras.”

Peculiar Activism

One peculiar factor in this situation is how, seemingly out of nowhere, Humboldt for Palestine and so many similar groups seem to simultaneously coalesce locally and nationally; all with similar slogans, signage, and tactics. It almost appears like a natural populist reaction to the tragedy of war unfolding in the Middle East. However, with a deeper analysis another narrative begins to develop that no one else seems to be acknowledging. 

humboldt for palestine does not exist, guide to identifying fake activism
humboldt for palestine does not exist, guide to identifying fake activism

Historically, anti-war protestors and those who take an extremely conservative approach toward the engagement of war are consistent with their principled approach to the matter. Some call it a Pacifist approach, whatever you call them, they are against War, and wish to see it only applied as a last resort, and even then taken with the utmost caution. True anti-war activists never went about leveraging local businesses and city councils to capitulate with their demands, they aimed their pressure squarely at those making the decisions.

As a contrast to their historical counterparts, curiously, these anti-war activists appear to be against specific acts of war and indifferent if not supportive of others. For reasons one can only speculate, these groups didn’t appear to protest against the billions of dollars being spent on the Ukraine / Russia conflict.

If anything, these groups appear to support Ukraine in their war efforts against Russia, ignoring the tragic outcomes for the humans involved, regardless of the labels. Furthermore, Humboldt for Palestine seems eager to create local conflict with businesses simply to bolster their own political efforts at the cost of fomenting division. Why pressure a business that exists primary on granola and patchouli oil?

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

China has been accused of human rights violations, genocide, and modern day slavery over their treatment of Uyghur Muslims, but there doesn’t seem to be a Humboldt for Uyghurs Instagram page? The more we examine the situation the more opportunistic it all appears to be. As explained by Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel in the video below, and Hillary Clinton in the video below that,

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Rahm Emanuel & Hillary Clinton
rahm emanuel on the opportunities of crisis
hillary clinton - never let a crisis go to waste

Inconsistent Consistency: Lights, Camera, Anti-Fascist Action

However you take the above, you surely agree that the selective outrage of activist organizations like Humboldt for Palestine is incredibly peculiar. They, like Antifa and similar activist groups before them, appear to position themselves around support of whatever the “next thing” is, as pushed by the mainstream media, and often with rigid exclusivity. Meanwhile, it’s often these same groups and their leadership who demand inclusivity on so many other fronts that appear to matter less than the tragedies of war they overlook. 

When it suits them, the nuances matter, and when it doesn’t fit their narrative, nuances be damned. Meanwhile, there are most likely well meaning Americans swept up in the commotion who have genuine passion to stop the current wars and prevent future wars for the betterment of humanity. 

Unfortunately, these well meaning people are like extras in a movie they don’t realize they’ve been casted and the director, who knows exactly what they are doing, would rather remain unseen. Meanwhile, the cameras are rolling and America watches the movie on the nightly news, or as they doom scroll YouTube. 

Where is Humboldt for Humboldt? Coordinated Protests, but not for Covid-19 Fascism

Are those beating the anti-war drum today potentially just habitual drum beaters who only exercise the power of their sticks when it can be used to bolster support for their big ideas and their precious revolution? 

Presumably these activists were too busy buying toilet paper and masks to beat drums and chant in a protest toward the roll out of fascist policies during the “Covid-19 Pandemic. They didn’t create an Instagram page and post calls-to-action about the government overreach or hold maskless potlucks and other gatherings. 

In all the protesting and public comment outcry which flowed from the near and present issue of forced masking and vaccination to participate in society Humboldt for Palestine and other local leftist activist organizations never showed to fight back against obvious government overreach and oppression.

humboldt for palestine does not exist, guide to identifying fake activism

Humboldt for Palestine Doesn’t Exist

Playing Fluid with Words:

As quoted above from the Humboldt for Palestine mission statement,  the term “Apartheid,” is rooted in racial or ethnic separation, and draws parallels to Jim Crow segregation. Applied to the Israel-Palestine conflict, it misrepresents the core issues by conflating racial vernacular with primarily religious and cultural differences.

Additionally, the use of “occupation” oversimplifies a complex situation, creating a false dichotomy and ignoring obvious nuances that intersect with generations of families who’d be forced into relocation. 

China’s Uyghur Genocide Doesn’t Exist:

China’s alleged Uyghur genocide, with documented human rights abuses, contrasts with the silence from groups like Humboldt for Palestine. Despite reports of forced re-education camps and a shoot-to-kill policy, these activists remain selective in their outrage.  

I question their motives, which appear to unveil a bias that prioritizes certain conflicts over others, exclusively for ideological purposes.

This obvious disparity in activism reveals what appears to be manipulation of tragedies to advance a Marxist agenda. The actions of Humboldt for Palestine and similar freshly baked organizations raise concerns about the morality of leveraging true compassion for global horrors into political or ideological recruitment platforms. While every activism organization needs a dragon to slay, whipping up division around a conflict with seemingly no good resolution only works to hurt the community in the wake of benefiting their organization’s numbers.


If Humboldt for Palestine were indeed against War and the tragedy that flows from wars they would have created their Instagram Account the moment the United States began funding the Ukrainian Army in their ongoing war with Russia. For years these same folks flew the Ukraine flag in a gesture of their support of one side of the conflict over the other. 

Instead of calling out the war for the tragedy it would create for humans involved, these charlatans picked a side and were completely fine with Russians receiving the kind of terror they are exploiting from the tragedy unfolding between Israel and Palestine.

What makes matters the most frustrating, beside their inconsistent outrage and seemingly random threshold for care about genocides, is that they protest about far distant conflicts between nations in far distant continents which have absolutely no way of effecting life in Humboldt County. Meanwhile, they turn a blind eye and a cold shoulder to pressing matters that directly affect the people of Humboldt. Issues like:

You know, the stuff that affects the everyday common Joe and Jane. 

In essence, Humboldt for Palestine’s selective activism raises profound questions about their commitment to genuine anti-war sentiments. By endorsing specific conflicts and conveniently ignoring others, especially those closer to home, they reveal a troubling inconsistency. Picking sides in distant conflicts while neglecting pressing issues like those presented above exposes a skewed sense of priorities. 

This brand of activism appears more concerned with ideological posturing than addressing tangible problems affecting the everyday lives of Humboldt County residents. As we navigate the labyrinth of their causes, it becomes evident that true change requires a focus on local issues, not just performative gestures about conflicts taking place on faraway stages. 

It’s time to redirect our energy toward meaningful solutions that resonate in our immediate community, steering away from the smoke and mirrors of a manipulative, media-driven narrative. Either stand against War on principle, regardless of the sides, or keep your manipulation games to yourself.

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Protest at Your Own Risk, Results May Vary
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