Joe Biden Red Speech Resonates With Teen Death 2022

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At the beginning of September, President Joe Biden made a speech now referred to as the “Red Speech,” that claimed to focus on saving the soul of the country. Instead, the speech was a character assassination of all patriot citizens concerned with the path our country is on. In this speech, Biden stated that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” Much of this rhetoric comes from Biden’s continued focus on the so-called insurrection of January 6th, 2021.

joe biden red speech triggers far-left extremist violence in america
US President Joe Biden speaks at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022. Biden is arguing that Donald Trump’s supporters pose a threat to US democracy and the country’s elections during an address billed as the “battle for the soul of the nation.” Photographer: Hannah Beier/Bloomberg

Joe Biden’s Red Speech Doesn’t Respect the Constitution

Joe Biden also stated in the red speech that “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution,” yet the constitutional right to a speedy trial for J6 political prisoners is completely disregarded to date, without apology. The Unselect Committee with many US citizens being held as political prisoners could almost be called a show trial, except it even fails in that definition because to be a trial it would need to allow defendants to tell their side of the story. Without trial, these patriot citizens continue to rot in a Washington, DC Jail for a crime they have not been found guilty of.

Due to the psychological conditioning of the woke media, the January 6th political theater continues more than a year later, with limited national awareness of the frighting political agenda running in the background.

Joe Biden’s Progressive Extremist Programming

This progressive extremist programming ended with fatal consequences when an 18-year-old male victim was run down by an SUV in Foster County, North Dakota.  This incident occurred when Shannon Brandt, age 41, allegedly was engaged in a political argument with Cayler Ellington, attempting to justify his actions by claiming that Cayler was part of a “Republican extremist group.” These words bear striking resemblance to the targeted language used by President Biden in his red speech. According to court documents, when talking to the 911 dispatcher, Brandt asked “I just wanna ask you a question, am I going to prison?”

17.10.2022 21.31.13 rec | joe biden red speech resonates with teen death 2022 | lost coast populist
Cayler Ellingson, Innocent victim of Far Left Extremism resulting from Joe Biden’s Red Speech

Political Extremist, or just Joe Biden’s Victim?

Pictured above, Cayler Ellingson, was not a “political extremist” and was merely a proud American Patriot Republican who was not apologetic about his beliefs. This 18-year-old boy was killed after being struck by an SUV in McHenry, North Dakota – Foster County. Shannon Brandt pictured below is accused of hitting Cayler Ellingson with his vehicle on September 18th following a street dance.

“none of the witnesses they have interviewed support the idea that there was a political argument beforehand. A family friend said the teen wasn’t active in politics.”

-Investigators on the case

Ask yourself, is there any political argument that justifies a 41-year-old adult mowing down an 18-year-old high school-aged teenager? If anyone is a political extremist it would be Shannon Brandt for allowing far-left propaganda spoken by our current president to compel his violent behavior. It is amazing Joe Biden has this effect in the first place, what is the Joe Biden approval rating right now? Would young Joe Biden in his 40s pal around with guys like Shannon Brandt mowing down MAGA Patriots like Grand Theft Auto?

Shannon Brandt, Far-Left, Hate-Filled Extremist

joe biden red speech compelled shannon brandt to murder an 18 year old in cold bloddo
Shannon Brandt, Far Left Extremist turned murderer compelled by Joe Biden’s Red Speech

Jail records from Stutsman County, where Brandt was being held, show he posted a $50,000 bond Tuesday and was released. After coming back to court, his bond was raised to  $1,000,000 and Brandt turned himself in to remain in jail for the duration of the trial.  

Pedestrians, Be Warned!

This is not the first time in recent history an SUV has been weaponized against patriots. Once upon a time, an “SUV driver plowed into a Christmas parade in suburban Waukesha Wisconsin, killing at least five people and injuring 48.”  

joe biden red speech compels far-left extremist violence

While Biden claims that “MAGA forces are determined to take the country backward,” people must ask themselves, backward to what? Backward to equality, backward to open discussions, backward to unbiased media, backward to honesty and accountability? How can it be possible that Joe Biden’s way is the way forward?  Look what his rhetoric is doing! Look what his policies are doing!

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