Kati Moulton -1 Asshole, Indians & Bongio BAD Ethics
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  • 06/27/2023

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Are ethics applied equally in Humboldt County or do folks on the political aisle shared by Kati Moulton get a pass? is Asshole worse than Indian?

Should Kati Moulton get a PASS for her Ethics Violation simply because she is a Liberal?

The recent incident involving Councilmember Kati Moulton’s comment towards Ash Teeter during the Eureka City Council meeting raises an essential question about equal treatment and accountability. While, on the one hand, Alan Bongio faced severe consequences for his remark about native tribes when he referred to the collection of local tribes as “Indians,” it is puzzling why on the other hand, Moulton’s calculatedly worse remark has not resulted in a similar outcome or even stricter repercussions.

When Bongio used the term “Indians” to refer collectively to the local tribes, as viewed at the end of the featured clip on this article, he did so as a way to use fewer words having just previously proclaimed his support for the tribes. Instead of covering this nuanced, or simply linking directly to the comment in question as we’ve provided here, the local media saw the opportunity to collect a scalp and boy did they go for it. Many local tribes joined the “Kill Bongio’s Career” party writing lengthy response documents lamenting their shock and horror that someone would use, what they portrayed, as the equivalent of the N-word during a proceeding. 

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Moulton gets the Pass but No Bones for Bongio

Instead of challenging this allegation or even offering Bongio the benefit of the doubt, the local press immediately vilified him, accusing him of racism, bigotry, and being unfit for his position. The press ran hit articles for months, and he was eventually censured by and/or removed from the government bodies on which he served, leading to the upheaval of his life.

This man, innocent of the non-crimes they accused him of, had his entire life turned upside down based on a single word choice, which was deemed offensive despite having no history of the word being popularly deemed as such.

Now, let’s compare the Saga of Alan Bongio to Moulton’s remark. She directly called Teeter an “asshole” during the city council meeting, displaying a deliberate act of disrespect. This comment was not a momentary lapse in judgment but a calculated choice to insult an individual expressing their concerns about the city’s ethics policy.

One can merely observe the video, her facial expression before, during, and after remarking, and her history of being notably arrogant begs the question: why is Moulton not facing the same level of condemnation and consequences as Bongio?

Rules for The, Not for We

In the case of Bongio, the local press and government bodies acted swiftly, branding him as a racist and unfit for his position. Yet, Moulton’s comment, which was arguably more offensive and intentionally derogatory, has not received the same level of scrutiny or repercussions. This discrepancy in the press’s response raises concerns about fairness and equality. It calls into question the ethics of the entire body of Eureka City Council for not acting accordingly toward Moulton following the previously played Bongio road map to character assassination and career elimination. 

Furthermore, the press’s role in perpetuating the narrative against Bongio and its lack of objectivity deserves to be examined. They ran hit pieces, demanding the bodies on which he served to censure and/or remove him, depicting him as a bigot solely based on his use of the word “Indian.” In Moulton’s case, the media coverage has been milder, failing to highlight the severity of her deliberate insult towards a public member. 

The Moulton Double Standard

The disparity in the coverage clearly illustrates the double standard in how these situations are handled and reported. When the perceived enemy of the local media is said to be racist, however loosely and without merit that is applied, the media pounces on this fresh blood like a predator, fanning the flames of false perception, division, and hate in our once-upon-a-time tolerant community.

Moreover, the city council’s code of conduct, which prohibits obscene, defamatory, and threatening statements, seems to have been selectively enforced. While Bongio faced the consequences for his allegedly offensive remark, Moulton’s calculated insult appears to be overlooked or downplayed. This inconsistency raises questions about the application and enforcement of the code, as well as the council’s commitment to accountability and fair treatment. If not one of them calls for her censoring and removal from the council, it seems they all should be replaced for themselves, deviating from their own ethics standard.


Let us not forget the trials and tribulations of Rex Bohn. This man of many scars is still – despite his willingness to lick the heels of and his consistent inability to fight back against his detractors – is still, drawn and quartered to this day. For decades he has weathered the storm of media propaganda that would result from the slightest exposure of his humanity. For what reason did they make Bohn their bone of contention? 

One can only speculate here, but just like Alan Bongio, the over the top rhetoric and cut throat criticism played out and continues to play out with the same tired lyrics over the same tired backdrop of noise some, for more reasons we can all speculate, call music.

Meanwhile this song seems as if it isn’t even in the jukebox when a treasured political bedfellow of the local media violates the code of ethics -on video- in no undeniable set of terms. Welcome to Humboldt County Politics, my friends … where things can get as filthy as the streets in Eureka.

Give us Some Hope, Donnie!

In conclusion, the discrepancy between the outcomes of the Alan Bongio case and the recent incident involving Councilmember Moulton’s remark highlights the need for equal treatment and accountability.

Given that Moulton’s comment was intentional, measuredly worse, and aimed at an individual expressing their concerns, it is crucial to question why she is not facing the same condemnation and repercussions.

Donnie Creekmore, yeah I quoted myself so what? It’s a question which deserves to be asked.

Fairness, consistency, and equal application of standards are essential in maintaining trust and credibility within the community and the governing bodies. 

It seems that Eureka City Council et al., despite their outward portrayals of themselves, are indeed the political hacks their opponents claim them to be. What’s more, the local media appears to just be a tool these political hacks use to prop up their careers, defend their friends, defeat their opponents, and rule the county all at the sacrifice of ethics and the good of our community.

And what’s worse, it appears the local media, instead of upholding a shred of journalistic integrity, would rather sacrifice that, and whatever credibility they have, to save their political bedfellows from a moment of due scrutiny. They rush to protect their political kin while viciously attacking anyone who dares raise a breath of criticism and dare point out, even in a satirical way, that the Emperors of Eureka City Council wear no clothes.

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