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About KINS RADIO 106.3 FM

KINS was purchased by Wendell Adams and a New York investment partner in 1957, changing the call letters from KHUM to KINS then.

A long-time CBS affiliate (65+ years), KINS has been the station for information, news, and entertainment for the north coast of California.

In 2011, KINS changed from an AM station to an FM station so it could improve coverage to southern Humboldt County as well as 24-hour programming to all of our listeners.

Eureka Radio now includes three stations in Eureka, CA, and is the only family-owned and operated broadcasting company in the area. 

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Eureka Broadcasting Co. Inc.

1101 Marsh Road
Eureka, Ca 95501

P: 707-442-5744

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german farmers protest against globalist policies

German Farmers Protest Against Globalist Policies

German Farmers Protest In a resounding show of dissent, German farmers have taken to the highways, staging protests against government policies that they fear will jeopardize their livelihoods and the nation's food supply. The crux of their agitation lies in policies...

hemp disconnected, a psychological war for american dependence

Hemp Disconnected, A Psychological War for American Dependence

Hemp Disconnected New Movie by Myles Moscato and John HardinHemp Disconnected, A Psychological War for American Dependence, Writer’s PerspectiveHemp Disconnected, A Psychological War for American Dependence - On the Ground in Southern Humboldt County New Movie by...

district 3 b.o.s. 2024 – blue lake forum

District 3 B.O.S. 2024 – Blue Lake Forum

District 3 B.O.S. 2024 District 3 Press Release District 3 Press Release The Citizens of Blue Lake would like to welcome all constituents of the 3rd District to the Presbyterian Church at 357 H St., Blue Lake, CA on Wednesday January 10th to a 'Meet and Greet' with...

rbh 14.7: #china #thc takeover

RBH 14.7: #China #THC Takeover

With the Fentanyl problem in the spotlight is another problem literally growing right under our nose? Are Chinese nationals taking over the U.S Cannabis black market? Why should that worry us? #China #THC

no more biden lies – a 2024 new years resolution 

No More Biden Lies – A 2024 New Years Resolution 

No Biden Lies In the realm of politics, absolute statements are commonplace. Leaders, regardless of their affiliation, often make bold claims about the state of the economy, unemployment rates, crime statistics, and border situations. Resident Biden made many such...

hollywood: predictive programing, propaganda & social engineering

Hollywood: Predictive Programing, Propaganda & Social Engineering

Predictive Programing, Propaganda & Social Engineering  Predictive and Other Programming Racism and Division RoboPocalypse Woke and Broke Profits vs Propaganda Predictive and Other Programming  The concept of Predictive Programming revolves around the notion...

protest at your own risk, results may vary

Protest at Your Own Risk, Results May Vary

Have you noticed how some Protests are treated poorly by the local media while others are supported, if not openly celebrated? For reasons we can only speculate, there appears to be a clear underlying bias that is at play in Humboldt County, California with a chilling...

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