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Welcome to the Lost Coast populist Linktree

“WHITE PRIVILEGE” is just LIBERAL BIGOTRY and HATE that Pits Neighbor VS Neighbor

Peggy's Problematization of White Skin is Tricky Bigotry The concept of "white privilege" has permeated mainstream discourse, often wielded as a...

Unity: Perception Division and Hate (Part 3)

Do you want unity? There’s an awful lot of talk about unity but we rarely see efforts to bring us together. The media is always demonizing one side...

California Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Hypocrisy ’23

What created California's hunger and homelessness problem? let us raise awareness! On November 7th, 2023 at min 14.34 of the televised Humboldt...

San Francisco Solves Homelessness Overnight

San Francisco Rejoice, citizens of California! The Golden State has once again demonstrated its unparalleled prowess in problem-solving. Move over...

Meditations on Morality in Conflict – Israel / Palestine ’23

Morality in Conflict Belief drives behavior. Behavior produces consequences. Therefore, belief systems-especially those that define right and...


States United- PATRIOT 4 THE REPUBLIC VOLUME 11 This is the single most important lesson that you MUST learn. If you spend an hour to learn his...

Hand-Count VS Voting Machines, Shasta County Controversy ’23

Hand Counted Elections or Voting Machines? That is the Question It appears as though the Democratic Majority which runs California are insecure...

Debunking Jon Knight Controversy in Shasta: 2023

Is Jon Knight an existential threat to Shasta County, and California by extension? You'd think so from recent articles by The Guardian and LATimes...

Freedom of Conscience: The Ol’ Cotton Bale Award

Freedom of Conscience: The Ol’ Cotton Bale Award In the heart of Humboldt County, a region known for its stunning landscapes and fiercely...

Bramwell’s 2023 Freedom Event a HIT Despite Intolerance

What does it mean to have a Freedom of Conscience Event?  This was the focus of the Freedom of Conscience and Religion Conference held at St. Mark's...


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patriot 4 the republic volume 11- states united


States United- PATRIOT 4 THE REPUBLIC VOLUME 11 This is the single most important lesson that you MUST learn. If you spend an hour to learn his material, you will be rewarded for the rest of your life. On February 21, 1871, the Forty-First Congress unconstitutionally...

public masturbation decriminalized in humboldt county

Public Masturbation Decriminalized in Humboldt County

If you are one of our supporters you are likely aware of the Ellis-Gilmore case which was brought to our attention via a blog post by John Chiv who frequently covers local arrest reports on his blog site. Clinton Ellis-Gilmore was arrested for indecent exposure as he...

the federal reserve: a titanic series of unfortunate events

The Federal Reserve: A Titanic Series of Unfortunate Events

The Federal Reserve banking system, legalized counterfeiting by our own government. Printing and spending till the dollar is worthless. Do you know some of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the sinking of the Titanic and its creation?

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Typically, to use a Linktree account, first, create one on the Linktree website. Then, add links to your social media profiles and other websites on your Linktree account. When someone clicks on one of your links, they will be taken to a page with all your social media profiles and other website links.

Instead of making our Linktree on the official Linktree.com website, we created our own Linktree page we host ourselves. This allows us to control the look and feel of our Linktree while providing the same basic functionality of Linktree.com – However, by self hosting our Linktree we can rest assured they can never censor or cancel us for being Patriots!


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