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The Lost Coast Outpost is Humboldt County, California’s historic home page online. For over a decade, Lost Coast Outpost has been Humboldt County’s corner of the Internet.  For many folks in Humboldt, the Outpost was where people would go online to get information about what was happening in Humboldt County.

Is it a news site? 

Maybe once upon a time in a Humboldt County far, far away. Most of the time, they pretend to be “very serious about correct and accurate,” about their reporting, and claim they “are shamefaced when [they] get something wrong.” –source

Politically Expedient Propaganda

Currently, only seem to cover politically expedient news for the woke left agenda while running full-blown cancel-culture / Nancy Pelosi-style wrap-up smears on everyday citizens. They pepper their otherwise harmless content with this political cancer regardless of the division this causes in the community.

Lost Coast Outpost, “objective facts.”

They claim they are “not satire, and we’re not out to fool people. We believe in objective facts. We try to find those facts.” However, they’ve been consistently turning a blind eye to tired COVID-19 Propaganda put out by the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services.

Lost Coast Outpost hooked on COVID-19

Apparently, they’ve both missed the memo the resort of the world received loud and clear; Covid-19 is OVER, masks never worked, lockdowns were more harmful than helpful, and the mRNA “Vaccines” that were forced on society exclusively by Democrats aren’t safe and doesn’t work.

Lost Coast Outpost says they “don’t pretend things are facts when we know they are not facts.” But a simple breeze through our rebuttal coverage of their woke left hypocrisy is enough for the strictest skeptic to lose faith in whatever credibility they still invested in Lost Coast Outpost.

Lost Coast Outpost has been owned and operated for much this time by none other than Patrick Cleary, who moved to Humboldt County from New York in 1997. In New York, Cleary enjoyed a long and successful career as an investment banker for JP Morgan Chase. It is ubiquitous for the 1% to move to the Northern California Coast to retire – but Patrick moved here to push a narrative. 

lost coast outpost patrick cleary is a 1% jp morgan chase investment capital banker turned propagandist

Patrick Cleary, credit Catherine Wilkes Photography

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