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patriot 4 the republic volume 11- states united


States United- PATRIOT 4 THE REPUBLIC VOLUME 11 This is the single most important lesson that you MUST learn. If you spend an hour to learn his material, you will be...



Lost Coast Populist is your ultimate source for news and information in Humboldt County, California.

Our mission is to ignite a patriotic renaissance within our community and break free from the shackles of woke leftism, cancel culture, and divisive ideologies like critical race theory, all of which have plagued the Lost Coast for far too long.

Our Values


Patriotism is the driving force behind everything we do.

We firmly believe in the greatness of America and its principles.


We aim to support the United States, its people, and businesses,

fostering prosperity and unity throughout the nation.


Truth is the cornerstone of a just society.


We uphold honesty and integrity, ensuring that our news remains accurate

and unbiased, no matter how inconvenient.

Our Commitment


As the leading news source in Humboldt County, Lost Coast Populist is committed to delivering accurate, unbiased reporting. Fearlessly, we stand against biased narratives, ensuring that our platform champions the values that make America, and Humboldt County by extension, great.


Our Team

At Lost Coast Populist, we boast a team of over 20 passionate citizen journalists, each dedicated to shaping the future of Humboldt County. Our commitment to accuracy and impartiality drives every news story we bring to our readers.

Our Content


Lost Coast Populist covers an extensive array of topics:


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