Marijuana Users 2 Dangerous 2 Own Guns, says Biden DOJ
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  • 10/24/2022

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Are marijuana users inherently dangerous? In the year 2022, is it even possible to make such a claim? Well, the United States Department of Justice has taken this exact position. Our government posed 2nd Amendment restrictions on similarly flawed reasoning like this against individual groups like Catholics and Indians sometime in the shadowy past of […]

Are marijuana users inherently dangerous? In the year 2022, is it even possible to make such a claim? Well, the United States Department of Justice has taken this exact position. Our government posed 2nd Amendment restrictions on similarly flawed reasoning like this against individual groups like Catholics and Indians sometime in the shadowy past of American history. Should Americans have been treated this way? Should they be treated this way now? 

Beyond the scope of those questions, does even evidence exist regarding Cannabis use and its side effects that change a person’s behavior, (long-term side effects of marijuana mayo clinic) changing them into a danger to society? If this data did exist, would there be enough verifiable correlation to justify the denial of 2nd Amendment protections to the entire nation’s lawful Cannabis users? Lost Coast Populist has discovered a remarkable story developing in the State of Florida. The situation in Florida resonates harmoniously with recent local stories, California law, and the sad state of Cannabis Freedom in Humboldt County. 

The story revolves around a lawsuit, Fried v Garland, filed in the Northern District of Florida by agricultural commissioner Nikki Freed, in her official capacity as the commissioner of Agriculture, against the Department of Justice. This case explicitly targets the United States Department of Justice’s denial of ATF 4473 forms submitted by persons who are medical marijuana patients and recreational users who answer the form honestly about their lawful activities. 

Biden Admin’s DOJ is opposed to Gun Ownership for Marijuana Users

The following changes to question 21e on the ATF 4473 form occurred under the Biden Administration’s direction. The difference is specifically the added warning.

“Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? WARNING: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medical or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”

–ATF 4473 Form, Question 21e

The question has been updated to include this language broadening the scope of the restriction to affect lawful medical and recreational cannabis users throughout America. This change directly affects folks who are lawfully purchasing, growing, and consuming Cannabis while following state and local ordinances as voted into law by ballot measure and legislative action. 
These folks are now in a position to have their 2nd Amendment rights denied if they answer honestly.

Alternatively, they can lie on the form, thereby committing a crime and retaining their 2nd Amendment right to purchase a firearm. Some states, like Colorado, have even gone as far as to amend the State Constitution to include provisions for Cannabis freedom. It seems as though the Biden Administration is comfortable ignoring the popular will of State voters regardless of that position is a complete divorce from our long history of Federalism.

marijuana users to dangerous for gun ownership says joe biden unites staes department of justice humboldt gop anti-cannabis freedom

SCOTUS Landmark 2nd Amendment Ruling Changes the Game

The recent SCOTUS landmark 2nd Amendment decision creates an interesting new legal hurdle for thirsty gun control advocates.

In June of this year, a landmark 2nd Amendment ruling by the US Supreme Court broadened legal precedent regarding 2nd amendment protections. Going forward, the only way for Gun Control to pass the Constitution firewall the authors of the bill must come up with historical examples that fit the language and spirit of the bill and what changes it would create. In the Florida case, the United States Department of Justice wishes to deny 2nd Amendment Rights to a class of Americans claiming them much too dangerous and untrustworthy to possess farms. 

What is medical marijuana, and why is it so dangerous?

When the Plaintiffs in the Florida case requested historical precedence for 2nd Amendment restrictions on individual groups similar to medical and recreational marijuana users the Joe Biden Department of Justice had some incredible word selections to predicate their motion to dismiss. 

Biden Admin says Marijuana users like Catholics & Indians, to Dangerous to Own Guns

The verbiage used by the federal government defending their motion was “we’ve historically taken guns away from dangerous people like Catholics and Indians.” Yes, the federal government used those specific words to make that point, in a list of several other historical references, all of which fail to justify their claims. See the screenshot below from the United States Department of Justice’s motion to dismiss this landmark Second Amendment case. Click on the image to load the court documents

marijuana users to gangers for gun ownership says joe biden unites staes department of justice regarding cannabis and 2nd amendment rights | marijuana users 2 dangerous 2 own guns, says biden doj | lost coast populist

Having recently authored an article about the embarrassing failure of North Coast Journal to smear an innocent man without reason or cause with the word “Indian” as a hallmark feature of their case, this choice selection of words by the Federal Government rang a bell that had yet to finish reverberating in my prefrontal cortex.

Coincidence, Divine Intervention, or Indian VooDoo Magic?

As shocking as this story is on its face, the fascinating coincidence is how this entire story resonates with recent events in Humboldt County as if it were the product of divine intervention. Indeed, the recent vilification of Alan Bongio by the Planning Commission in teamwork with the Lost Cost Outpost, Redheaded Blackbelt, Mad River Union, North Coast Journal, and the Times-Standard who all make up the local woke media, orbited around his use of the word “Indians,” stands out like a sore thumb. 

Alan Bongio Did Nothing Wrong

Take an in-depth look into the story behind the rumor mill propaganda published by Lost Coast Outpost, North Coast Journal, Mad River Union, Times-Standard, and Redheaded Blackbelt in regard to Alan Bongio

The local woke media and the woke mob they’ve cultivated over the years went into full hysteria mode pretending as if Alan Bongio saying the word Indians was “racist, insensitive, and biased.” I just so happened to be collecting high-value examples showing the word Indian as lacking the racial heat our local woke media is working overtime to prop up when I discovered this multifaceted ever resonating story by happen chance. However, this author is under no illusion facts like these will have any effect on the local media; they’ve demonstrated their unwavering commitment to their woke crusade

Local Woke Media Triples Down on False Racism Allegations

Don’t think too much about the fact that has a fantastic documentary series titled, “The Great Indian Wars,” for your edutainment purposes. The fact California Proposition 27 which aims to broaden the ability of tribes in regard to online gambling, in the first sentence of the description submitted to The State of California by the Tribes reads, “Allows Indian tribes” which is nothing to remark about. Located in the liberal epicenter of Humboldt County, Arcata City, where if you are a tribal member and can prove your ancestry a variety of medical and dental care awaits you that is mostly free. 

The center is called United Indian Health Services of Potawot Health Village but has not received any coverage by the local press for its hate-speech-filled title. An article published by Native News Online titled, “Wahlberg Brothers Are a Big Hit at Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention in Las Vegas,” covers how the two brothers have been working with the National Indian and Gaming Association whose website uses the word Indian 11 times on just the homepage! The two brothers and this organization are clearly a new branch of the KKK. 

You get the point. The word Indian is not racist, in contrast, the N-word, as the local woke mob would happily force you into believing. If it was racist then all of these Indian-based organizations would have never utilized the word in their official publications, to begin with, or would have already changed them with the utmost haste. 

–Donnie Creekmore, Lost Coast Populist

Just substitute out the word Indian for the N-word and you tell me in the comments section below how long those organizations would have lasted in Arcata, CA of all places if their titles included that historically confirmed racial slur. This is a clear case of fundamental unfairness as well as hypocritical bloodsport politics used against an individual and any others who stand up for him for the sole purpose of canceling them all. Truth, facts, data, goodness, fairness, the founding documents, and historical precedent be damned. 

Humboldt Democrats and CA Liberal Elites Failed the Cannabis Industry

Florida, probably the most popular red state in the Union led by the great Ron Desantis has been the consistent target of Gavin Newsom in numerous underhanded stabs at the sunshine state and its leadership. We do not fault Gavin Newsom for having his opinions and sharing them proudly with the public. However, what we’d like to point out is how this red state of all red states is now leading the Cannabis Freedom Movement

California in Crisis! Will voters overcome political identities to save themselves?

California faces a political identity crisis. Will voters choose what’s in their best interest, Brian Dahle has covered California with his msg of hope!

Indeed, the final conclusion for Floridians may very well be a day in the future where Marijuana users, medical and recreational alike, can honestly answer question 21e on the ATF 4473 form about their use of Marijuana without the heavy hand of Joe Biden’s thirst United States Department of Justice coming down on you like something out of V of Vendetta for enjoying a spliff on occasion. 

Obviously for this future to come about it would be one of many potential conclusions of this ongoing lawsuit. However, it is hard to imagine a judge in the year 2022 who would look at this case and decide it in the favor of the United States Department of Justice and not lawful citizens across the nation acting well within the boundaries of state law. 

Humboldt Leadership Focused on Wokeness

Having been the capital of cannabis in America for decades, one would expect Humboldt County’s political leadership, historically and presently represented by liberals and progressive democrats, to be the torchbearers in this crusade for Cannabis Freedom. Unfortunately, this group of people is more interested in acting out the bad scenes of Portlandia here in Humboldt County toward anyone that doesn’t pledge unwavering allegiance to their Church of Wokeness. Even worse, they are willing to wholesale sacrifice folks who’ve historically been on their side for simply asking hard questions when topics arise to which they have legitimate curiosity and passion. ( future story foreshadowing )

Observing this historical trend by the local progressive democrats and liberals who have been cheerleaders of the Cannabis Industry who subsequently sold the industry out to Sacramento’s deep-pocket interests compels me to include this here. Even those who were against the over-taxation and unfair treatment of Cannabis farmers and dispensary businesses, in the beginning, seem to have either moved on to other things or have otherwise completely turned their backs on the industry and County that fostered their industry for so long.

California Legal Marijuana Industry Built to Fail

Fast forward to 2022 it is no surprise to see the California Cannabis Industry having all but crashed to its death now seeing Commercial farms resulting in out-the-back-door sales to the private market. Humboldt County growers are definitely feeling it, as detailed in a local piece by Lost Coast Outpost. Obviously, Cannabis hasn’t always been legal. California Government was leveraged by its citizens to accept a historically illegal underground industry and transition it into a lawful mainstream industry over time.

The Sacramento Elite engineered the regulations so the State and Counties ended up extracting exorbitant amounts of taxation. In late October 2022, that industry has been brought to its knees. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, or so we are told. Is it no surprise to see folks who went along with this transition go back to their tried and true methods of providing an income?

So Much for Dank Brandon, Dank Newsom, & their Followers

Well, Gavin Newsom, and Joe Biden, A.K.A “Dank Brandon,” think it’s ripe time to crack down on illegal marijuana grows in California. They engineered a situation that literally made criminals out of legitimate businesses and now they are coming after them with the full force of the Federal Government. A rational person with a heart might think this would be the end of adding insult to this injury, bud sadly we would both be mistaken. 

These same folks who are paying more for gasoline than they ever before, and are facing inflation-created price hikes on everything they rely on to survive, while not seeing a significant rise in wages or opportunity, those who purchased their Cannabis clandestinely on the private market for decades prior to legalization, now going back to that same marketplace to save some cash by escaping the insane taxation. By following the path the Government forced them to take, they are now back under the original spirit of question 22e on the 4473 ATF form, an unlawful user of Marijuana. 

–donnie creekmore, Lost Coast Populist

The short truth of the situation we find ourselves facing today is that American cannabis growers and their customers can either answer question 22e on the 4473 ATF Form while purchasing a firearm truthfully, and be denied their 2nd amendment right to self-defense, or chose to lie on the form and thereby commit a crime with serious consequences. Dank Brandon and the team seem to have lumped the majority of Californians into the category of being too dangerous to own a gun. 

Newsom Teases Ending Covid Emergency Ahead of Midterms

What compelled Gavin Newsom to announce Ending Covid Emergency powers AHEAD of the Midterms? covid state of emergency has been over

Consumption of Marijuana Makes People Dangerous to Society, like Catholics and Indians

Some might claim medicinal marijuana is a misnomer because marijuana has no medicinal effects or benefits to an individual, and I’d expect the United States Department of Justice un Joe Biden to take this yesteryear position in their defense. However, as much as I can appreciate the pleading of the federal government’s lawyers as well as Congressional Congress’s inability to change Cannabis Law over the past 50 years as society has evolved, Id rather trust in the recommendations provided by licensed professionals who probably know more about the science at hand than Dank Brandon and Co. #trustthescience

Observing this situation as a Patriotic Populist, I also wonder where the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee [ Humboldt GOP ] is on this matter. Frankly, where is the California GOP on this matter? Am I the only Republican who thinks it odd Florida, one of the last States to change its laws regarding Cannabis, would become the de facto leader of the Cannabis Freedom Movement?

CAGOP Heavy Weights Mark Muesuer, Jason Beck, and Matt Heath Cannabis Freedom

Luckily big names in the California GOP have recently come out of the Cannabis Closet to exclaim their support for Cannabis Freedom. One, in particular, is Mark Muesuer who recently spoke with Jason Beck on the phone and pledged to support descheduling cannabis.

Additionally, the Chair of Mendocino County Republican Central Committee, Matt Heath, is a proud supporter of Cannabis Freedom, it has been a prominent feature of his campaign platform in the past. Heath even self-identifies as The Hippie Conservative, an obvious nod of approval to the Cannabis Industry which has historically flourished in Mendocino County. These are just a few of the prominent state legislators to support Cannabis Freedom recently. If you live in a State that has yet to pass legislation regarding Marijuana in any capacity urge your state legislators to begin drafting legislation before 2024!

I just got off the phone with #CA US Senate candidate @MarkMeuser he has pleaded to be a #Champion on #DeScheduling #Cannabis if elected to the US Senate in November!!! 🌱🇺🇸Your #Vote Matters!!!— Jason Beck (@JasonBeck420) October 20, 2022

–Jason Beck (@jasonbeck420)

Humboldt GOP a Feckless Group of Cowards, Exclusively Anti-Cannabis

Unfortunately, the Humboldt GOP is a feckless group of religious bigots who are exclusively anti-cannabis. Indeed this author was recently kicked off of the committee due to my being openly Pro-Cannabis Freedom and unapologetic about it. I authored the article which can now be found here titled, “Cannabis, a Defamed National Treasure,” which was intended to be published on – the committee’s now repurposed website. 

Cannabis, a Defamed National Treasure

I bet you didn’t know this once National Treasure was “legal tender in most of the early settler days of 1631 into the early 1800s. Taxes were paid with Cannabis for over two hundred years, and between the 17th and 18th centuries it was illegal to NOT grow hemp in some areas

Sadly for Humboldt County, it seems even the local Republicans are A-Okay with Cannabis users and growers having their 2nd Amendment rights denied them. Even more, they’d rather continue to lose elections while collecting donations every year even if it means kicking off volunteers who are walking their districts and knocking on doors to get the vote out.

Sadly none of this matters to these feckless cowards who are entirely comfortable going forward into the sunset collecting thousands in donations every year only to turn around and squander it away on exclusive cocktail parties for their hand-picked guests where pro-cannabis patriotic populists, even if registered republicans, are turned away at the door.  

Humboldt Democrat & Republican Party Pro-Opioid and Anti-Cannabis Freedom. 

Opium-based painkillers can destroy an individual. We all know what it’s done to our society and everybody has a friend who started taking pharmaceutical-grade opioid painkillers after back surgery or another situation who ultimately ended up getting hooked. Some even descend into full-blown black market heroin, oxycontin, and fentanyl abuse and lifetime addiction. This has resulted directly in a lot of physicians recommending medical marijuana or cannabis as a pain management tool. 

Humboldt Republican Party Feckless Cowards, ANTI-CANNABIS

The Humboldt GOP is not interested in protecting free speech, expanding the local party, or allowing local republicans a place to speak at their table. Even more so if you are pro-cannabis, or have libertarian social leanings, you need not apply. Maga Patriots are not welcome, period.

We can all agree that the long-term health effects of opium-based painkillers compared to the long-term effects of exposure to cannabis are significantly different. We can also agree that Fentynal has been remarkably destructive to Humboldt County, especially city centers like Eureka and Arcata with their ever-prevalent homelessness. To add insult to injury the local left changed the laws so our sheriffs and officers can not lock up individuals for possession of heroin, Fentanyl, Meth, you name it. 

Humbolt State of Mind covers Needle Litter and Public Comments @ Eureka City Council in Video Below

So let me get this straight, California political leadership, led by Gavin Newsom who has been fast to sling underhanded comments targeting Ron Desantis and Florida in general, together with the Democrats and Progressive Woke Left of Humboldt County would rather see opioid use continue to rise. They’d rather see folks selling and using these substances left alone, meanwhile, they’d like

Cannabis users, medical or recreational, are to be denied their 2nd Amendment rights regardless of the fact they may or may not have been recommended this as a tool to alleviate pain by a licensed physician. Furthermore, they are now coming down on any citizen who has chosen to go back to the way things were before Cannabis legalization even though it is entirely the elite Democrat Progressive Left who are to blame for leading them in this direction.

Talk about an absolute travesty in County, State, and Federal Leadership



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Author: <a href="" target="_self">Donnie Creekmore</a>

Author: Donnie Creekmore


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