Mask Mandates -Biden Brings Covid Back Better 2023
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  • 09/08/2023

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A New Booster, A new variant, and Mask Mandates return as talking points in National and Local Media, are you ready to mask up again?

From National to Local News, Everyone is Raving about a Return to Mask Mandates!

If you are like me and pay attention to trends in national news, you may have noticed a sharp increase in articles calling for folks to wear masks again in reflection of an alleged uptick in nationwide Covid-19 hospitalizations. Recently we’ve seen Vance and Markey clashing in the Senate over his anti-mask mandate bill which seeks to ban any future federal mask mandates. We’ve also heard that California City is voting to BAN masks and COVID vaccine mandates

Even our esteemed Lost Coast Outpost recently covered the idiotic return of Mask Mandates and the Covid-19 Vaccine and Booster Religion in the wake of nothingburger data points these people are calling a “wave.” It’s incredible. Just like that, going into Eureka, I saw folks wearing masks alone in their cars, and numerous others wearing masks as if they ever helped at all. But since USA Today is bringing up the election in the same headline as mask mandates, Biden, and COVID, I feel inclined to touch on some nuances in this article of which you may not be aware. 

Stick around to the end and you will likely stand beside us here at Lost Coast Populist in our unwavering denial of any local Mask Mandates or Covid-19 related mandates, whatever they may be.


Jill Biden has Covid-19, Biden isn’t taking chances!

With the First Lady, Jill Biden, now confirmed to have tested positive for Covid-19, Joe Biden showed up last Tuesday at the White House Medal of Honor ceremony for a Vietnam War Army helicopter pilot wearing a black face mask. In a recent article published by USA Today titled “Biden, COVID and mask mandates are a timely test for the 2024 election: What’s at stake,” we already see the mainstream media trying to prepare the masses for a sequel to the failed Covid-19 policies of the past. 

Fortunately for Americans, the overwhelming majority of us have not forgotten the way folks were treated when they chose to take an alternative path from what the Biden Administration wanted. From the federal level to the local level, good people were vilified, their livelihoods ruined, and many were forced to take an experimental medical product they had every reason to not trust, and now they live with that regret … if they haven’t died suddenly. 

In the USA Today article we even see them acknowledge that:

“The resurgence of face masks as a political issue comes at an inconvenient time for Biden, who is focused on rebuilding the country in the post-pandemic era. At the same time, Biden is preparing for next year’s reelection campaign. As local governments reinstate masking policies, Biden’s approach to the question will be watched closely as voters still suffering from pandemic fatigue decide whether to grant him another four years in office.

If voters who actually voted for Biden haven’t learned they’ve made a mistake by now, we are not sure they ever will. However, despite this looming cloud of Covid-19 nonsense on the horizon, there is a glimmer of hope to still smile about: from August 25-31, 2023, CNN conducted a poll with 1503 adults and a +/1 3.5 point margin of error. Their poll found that Biden has a 39% Approval and a 61% Disapproval rating.  

Meanwhile, from CNN as well, we find “Trump leading the way with 52% of Republican primary voters and GOP-leaning independents, ahead of DeSantis with 18%. No other candidate is in double figures.” Keep in mind this is not a Fox, or Alex Jones poll – this is CNN, the bastion of the Democrat Media. 

So what does all this mean? 

Well, for one it means Humboldt County should probably begin to brace itself for Mask Mandates. Yes, I know what you are thinking – Madrone and Wilson and the rest would never make such a stupid mistake in the middle of an election season. I am sure they are hoping Humboldt County libs caught the following from the Outpost article cited above:

There’s no reason to panic, ” State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan said, “with population immunity at high levels.”

“Over the course of the last three-and-a-half years, we’re fairly sure everybody’s been exposed or vaccinated at least once, or exposed and infected whether they knew it or not,” Pan said. “There’s thankfully a lot more immunity overall.” – Outpost

But wait a minute. I am old enough to remember when it was considered a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” when merely speaking about the science of natural immunity would result in full blown ridicule and condemnation by business owners and our local government officials. I clearly remember the Lost Coast Outpost parroting anything Ian Hoffman, Health Officer during Covid-19 years, and never challenging anything he claimed while attacking any dissenting voice within the community. 

This is the same Lost Coast Outpost who calls me “anti-vaxx” even though they have now published a written statement taking the position I’ve always taken: The vaccines are untested and I would rather take my chances with nature. I now have natural immunity and I am very happy with my choice. When the Covid situation broke out here in Humboldt and Mask Mandates were put into effect, I was a very loud critic and literally never complied. I am looking forward to non-compliance the second time around if our “leaders” are foolish enough to think Humboldt will take it lying down the second round.

Wait, is there really a Mask Mandate trend right now? 

At first I ignored this trend thinking it likely just a momentary distraction from something else. Now with Lost Coast Outpost aggregating a article making the same claims, I feel it’s time to respond with some logic, reason, and recent history.  For the skeptical among us who might have missed this trend, I’ve created the following list so you can see for yourself.


So what is all the new Mask Mandate / Covid drama about? 


This variant, which technically doesn’t have an official name yet, is causing concern among some due to the number of mutations on its spike protein, the element of the virus that vaccines were designed to target. These folks assume the variant may make shots less effective if it has evolved to look different enough from its ancestral strain, Omicron. 

Despite this knee-jerk reaction from the press, the overwhelming majority of experts say no new strain will completely escape immunity provided by vaccines and/or prior infection. A phrase that would have cost them their careers amid the previous Covid hysteria, when the mere mention of natural immunity was like saying the N-word in public. 


Curious about the statistics which would bring about this new trend? So were we, which is why we did a deep dive to bring these stats up now so you are not led to believe there is a threat looming when, in reality, there simply isn’t.

| mask mandates -biden brings covid back better 2023 | lost coast populist

In the graph above, we are told to worry about the increase in hospitalizations because they are higher than the previous week and are up 60 percent from the record low during July. This is the predicate the mainstream media and the handful of hack “experts” are relying on to prop up their call for wearing masks again. 

However, with a simple look at the graph, one can see that the real-world danger level is not near the levels during November 2021 when masking was mandated nationwide. 

How can these folks look at the data above and see a threat?


The recent interview with prior business associate of Joe and Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, has many doubting Joe, who has consistently claimed to not have knowledge of his son’s business. However, this claim is becoming harder and harder to believe. Live on CNN Jake Tapper has even said “Trump was right about Hunter Biden” when it comes to accepting money from Ukraine and China.

The following list are examples to secure your doubt:

With poll numbers in the dumps and all of the above keeping the horizon of Biden’s election potential looking grim, especially in the face of rivaling and rising star Robert F. Kennedy, maybe all of this new media whirl about wearing masks again is simply a distraction from the flames billowing from the Biden dumpster fire. 

mask mandates -biden brings covid back better 2023

Another potential angle is the fact that Pfizer’s stock price has consistently dropped since January and is currently 28.48% lower than it was when interest in Covid-19 Vaccines was higher. Clearly that interest has fallen off in leu of life returning to normal when compared to the failed lockdown and masking policies of 2021 and 2022. Could this new media push be getting out in front of similar measures to come given the fact that “New Covid vaccines are on the way as ‘Eris’ variant rises.”(Reuters) My gut feeling is that all of this is just advertising for the new Booster shots available this fall!

mask mandates -biden brings covid back better 2023

It is no mystery to anyone that the lockdowns and the vaccine passports put in effect across the Nation did little more than cause friction where it need not be and effectively tear at the fabric of our society. But beyond the many harms we can all list which still flow from that dark period in time, one thing that no one doubts is how much Pfizer and the rest of Big Pharma profited from our government forcing their products upon us.

Now that the flow is slowing down on Vaccine sales, it might be that the media, who’s major purchaser of advertising is Big Pharma, is now whipping up fear about another Covid Variant on behalf of their biggest clients. 

In a problem, reaction, solution format each article listed at the beginning of this post explains how this new variant has a different makeup of spike proteins and that a new vaccine is on the way to save us. The only problem is that all they have is weak propaganda that lacks even a tenth of the statistical data we all saw on the onset of the pandemic. Each article says there isn’t much to fear while in the following breath sourcing some “expert” who is taking a more warningly tone and essentially saying, “Get ready to wear masks again.”

Mask Mandates? NO

Whatever the reason may be, as for myself, my family, and my friends, fool us once and shame on us. Try to fool us a second time, shame on you. That being said, I have a really difficult time believing the Democrats and the swamp rats in the GOP are dumb enough to think America will accept lockdowns, masking, and vaccine mandates ever again. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize those who participated in those terrible policies are now haunted by them. Bringing them back without bodies piling up in the streets is a bridge too far for the people. They had a full belly and they are not talking anymore.



  1. ScooterB

    I think masks work if they are worn properly, shaven face, and some kind of petroleum jelly applied as a seal to prevent koodies from escaping and entering in the gaps between the face and the mask. But forcing folks to wear them is not cool

    • Rio loner

      I’m forever thankful of the mask mandate! I have a customer who wears his faithfully! I mean he hasn’t taken off the very first blue paper mask he was given in 2020! We must give this man a medal for not only thinking of others, but for thinking of the planet! He didn’t waste a bunch of mask for the sea turtles or whatever to eat, he reuses his 3 year old mask! I don’t have to use Lysol or hand sanitizer after his transactions at all…He’s the poster of health! Thanks Big Gov, for keeping me safe at work from germs!

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