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hand-counted election or voting machines - the controvers in shasta county rages on - lost coast populist covers the nuances

Hand-Count VS Voting Machines, Shasta County Controversy ’23

Hand Counted Elections or Voting Machines? AB-969 Says Shasta has no choice, but their Board of Supervisors say otherwise # Charter County

veterans house committee issues 34890 intent to collect lost coast populist

Veterans House manager Walked w $34k, Scandal on Horizon

Veterans House Committee is allegedly missing $34,839 of misappropriated funds, their new treasurer is holding the receipts, will the debtor pay up?


The Federal Reserve: A Titanic Series of Unfortunate Events

The Federal Reserve banking system, legalized counterfeiting by our own government. Printing and spending till the dollar is worthless. Do you know some of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the sinking of the Titanic and its creation?

fentanyl leading cause of death needle vending machine at va clinic

Fentanyl, Leading Cause of Death – VA Installs Syringe Vending Machine

Needle Vending Machines at the local VA Clinic dispense Fentanyl test kits, Safer Snorting Kits, Heroine Cooking Kits, clean Needle Kits, and more!


Times Standard Co-Writes Gilmore Article with Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Following Dodgers & Daily Wire

Times Standard Co-Writes Article with Sisters Last week, I finally had a conversation with Sage Alexander of Eureka's last standing, original-style newspaper, the Times-Standard. It's impressive how time flies. After waiting for almost a month for his response to my...

Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Apologize for Gilmore … A Month Later

Sisters Apologize In the realm of accountability and apologies, timing is crucial. On Wednesday, September 13, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Eureka issued a public apology for their former member, Clinton Ellis-Gilmore, who had been arrested for masturbating in...




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hollywood: predictive programing, propaganda & social engineering
Hollywood: Predictive Programing, Propaganda & Social Engineering

Predictive Programing, Propaganda & Social Engineering  Predictive and Other Programming Racism and Division RoboPocalypse Woke and Broke Profits vs Propaganda Predictive and Other Programming  The concept of Predictive Programming revolves around the notion...





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