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Lost Coast Populist is the local platform to break stories others are to afraid to touch.

Got News Tips? We are seeking local Authors and Content Creators to add to our team!

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News Tips and Stories

Every News Agency thrives when the community they serve bring forward breaking News Tips and Stories. Lost Coast Populist is just breaking ground so we need your help!


Before you second guess yourself on whether or not we will publish your story please give us a chance to hear it and have a conversation with you. We are open to sharing just about anything that is protected as free speech by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.


As said before, we are chomping at the bit to hear your juicy details in whatever you might have to share. A lot of good stories get swept under the rug and memory-holed into oblivion typically because the content is to controversial.


Lost Coast Populist will never shy away from good News Tips and Stories because they are controversial or politically incorrect. In fact, we’d be keen to publish precisely these types of News Tips!

  • Are you a Whistleblower who’s uncovered local corruption?
    • Send us your News Tips
  • Are you a local reporter working for the historical local news outfits and who wont publish a story you’ve broke?
    • Send us your News Tips
  • Censored by Social Media, Local News Websites, but have a story to share?
    • Send us your News Tips



If you you like to write, you are brave, and you have an opinion to share, consider becoming an Official Lost Coast Populist Opinion Author!


Say you have some news tips and stories that come to you often and you’d like to just log in, type up an article, and submit it to the editors for review – We got you! Our opinions section is a Free Speech Safe Space for Humboldt County, CA.

We seek to allow The People of Humboldt County a space they can freely express their opinions online without fear of censorship. The only rules, your article falls within the bounds of defined Free Speech.


Often News Tips and Stories will be associated with Humboldt County Events. Like our other Free Speech Safe Spaces, Humboldt County Events of Lost Coast Populist will be a Community Sourced as well as Loco Populist authored Events.

If your News Tips are related to an event, We’d suggest sending us the  News Tips so we can author a post about it, then create an event and link back to that article in the content section. This would provide the readers an ability to understand the context of the event in relation to the News Tips you shared.

Visit Loco Populist’s Humboldt County Events Page

Become an Official Humboldt County Event Promoter with Lost Coast Populist and have access to Author Events 24 / 7 – 365 days a year!



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