4 More Months! is The Covid Emergency Over?

Early this week (10-17-22) Governor Gavin Newsome announced that he would be ending the covid emergency early next year, setting the covid state of emergency end date for 2-28-23.  Newsom stated, “With hospitalizations and deaths dramatically reduced due to the state’s vaccination and public health efforts, California has the tools needed to continue fighting COVID-19 when the State of Emergency terminates at the end of February, including vaccines and boosters, testing, treatments and other mitigation measures like masking and indoor ventilation.”  Just like Joe Biden taking credit for lowering gas prices while depleting our strategic oil reserve, Newsome is taking credit for the minimal impact of Omicron while touting his failed covid vaccine agenda.

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While the idea of ending the covid emergency might bring hope to some covid fatigued Californians, others may look at the 4-month time gap as a bridge too far, leaving ample room to manufacture another crisis after the midterms. A crisis that seems all too possible with a Boston University developing a new more lethal covid strain, the practice of kicking the ball downfield is still fresh in our minds through Joe Biden extending the national covid emergency until (1-11-23). With how many extensions this state of the covid emergency has gone through, it is doubtful that anybody really believes the fabled expiration date from the whimsical land of next year.

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California’s residents have been through a constant bombardment of fear propaganda for years now, there is always some emergency or imminent doom if the state doesn’t take “extreme measures” at the price of bending or completely sidestepping the State’s constitution.  Prior to the covid emergency, the wildfires and water situations were treated separately or together as the climate emergency. The covid emergency has been no exception to this, leaving permanent impacts on our children’s education and getting adults hooked on working at home via ZOOM.

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Covid Emergency Extended, the Motivations

Newsom’s motivations are apparent, for instance, the deteriorating conditions within the state of California are driving Newsom to leverage potential future freedoms for votes in the midterm election.  With people fleeing the state, the sacrifice of the covid emergency powers he holds so dear is rapidly becoming necessary to fortify his position in the midterms. A sign of Newsom’s desperation can be seen when California was actually working towards legalizing voting for non-citizens as seen in San Francisco, fortunately, last august California Superior Court Judge Richard B. Ulmer Jr. ruled that only U.S. citizens have the right to vote.

Yet another sign of desperation is the recent gas tax rebates, sending about $1,000 to California residents as a pre-midterm bribe. Additionally, the legal backlash for abuses to small businesses and California churches have begun to come to a head, with multiple rulings in favor of California businesses coming forward in cases throughout the state.

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People gather outside Tinhorn FLats Bar and Restaurant to rally in support of its opening and to protest city mandates for it to close in Burbank on Friday, April 9th, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA -Source: Dania Maxwell | Los Angeles Times

“It will be a chilling effect for the tyrants of the future,” civil rights attorney “These [court rulings] are needed to rein in the abuse of emergency powers by tyrant Newsom.”

Mark Meuser SOurce: Washington Examiner.

“Gavin Newsom picked and chose who was allowed to open and who was closed. When he ordered certain businesses to shut down, he was commandeering those businesses for the betterment of everybody.”

“Five different times, the U.S. Supreme Court shut him down over what he was doing to churches, and after the fifth one, he basically raised the white flag,”

“I think he will find a new target.”

Mark Meuser – Washington Examiner.

Newsome Made CA Mail-in Ballots Permanent

What started as a temporary measure with Newsom’s original flex of covid emergency power has been recently made permanent, making it so all registered California voters automatically receive mail-in ballots. This is one example of Newsome attempting to preserve some of the executive orders he made using his emergency covid powers. While many media sources claim Universal Mail-In voting to be completely safe, many people from all walks of life are rightfully skeptical of the new system.

Though dubbed the safest and most secure election of all time, 2020 has left American citizens with abundant issues to monitor during our elections.  At the forefront of those issues are mail-in ballots with the documentary 2000 Mules giving a frightening look inside the world of ballot harvesting, another issue inherent to mail-in voting lies with states failing to clean their voter roles allowing for use of dead people’s identities in current elections.

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It is questionable how long Newsom’s “permanent” mail-in voting will hold up if challenged in court, with multiple states’ supreme courts finding constitutional issues with universal mail-in voting.  Some other states Supreme Courts are ruling against this practice, for instance, “the Delaware Supreme Court ruled on Friday  (10-07-22) to overturn the vote-by-mail and same-day voter registration legislation”, also the Texas Supreme court had made a similar decision with new vote by mail regulations.

Uncertain Times – acknowledged extensions

It is unclear if many of Newsom’s outlandish policies will stand the test of time, for example, will the sale of new gas-powered vehicles really be banned in 2035? The discernment of practical-minded Californians, who stand against Newsom’s agenda, may deliver the necessary numbers of those in leadership positions to return California to a state of prosperity. No matter who is seated as California’s Governor in 2023, hopefully, the projected end date of the covid emergency comes to pass without incident.

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public health emergency covid is over, sometime in the distant future – don’t think to much about that