Strangeness Afoot at the old Church on H Street in Eureka

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If you’ve driven up H street in Eureka lately heading East you can not miss the fact Strangeness is Afoot at the old Church on H Street in Eureka. Indeed you may think Willy Wonka himself has taken control of this historic landmark and is in the process of making it into Eureka’s own Chocolate Factory!

Driving by, my neck bent so far as I passed, the child inside was wondering “however can I get my hands on the golden ticket to whatever is going down at the old Church on H Street in Eureka, CA?”

In all honesty, I went along my way to the appointment I had made prior to this incredible discovery, knowing I’d be traveling right back it afterward heading in the opposite direction. My entire appointment was overshadowed by this ever-present distraction lingering in the back of my mind.

What is going on with this Old Church on H Street in Eureka?

Photo Gallery of Old Church on H Street in Eureka

What is going on at the old Church on H Street in Eureka?

My feverish desire to know the low down on this incredible paint job, to my inner child’s complete satisfaction, was delivered to me in a spur-of-the-moment interview I was able to secure with the owner of this fine establishment to be, Zebadiah DeVane. Unfortunately, Zeb had been working all day inside and outside of this Old Church on H Street in Eureka and politely declined my request for a photo as he was not dressed for the occasion, my having shown up unannounced and completely out of the blue.

However, where Zeb could not deliver on a selfie, he did deliver on details and some amazing photos of the Old Church on H Street in Eureka, an incredibly unique project with a remarkable story the Lost Coast Populist is super stoked to share with the community.

One Ugly Old Rotting Church with Endless Possibilities to Give Back to the Kids of Humboldt

Zeb Wants To do something good for kids, or at the very least the community. When he enthusiastically agreed to an interview, smiling ear to ear behind a thick, overgrown mustache and beard, trucker hat on, with hair wet from sweat; having been interrupted mid-stream in some strenuous action, I had no idea the story I was about to behold regarding this Old Church on H Street in Eureka.

Lucky for us, and for Humboldt, Zeb was happy to take a break and rap with Loco Populist about his good work.

Loco: Who is Zebadiah DeVane? Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

“Yeah man, I’ve lived in Humboldt County since I was three years old. My mom moved here from Brooklyn. She was the first American in our family heritage having immigrated her from Napels, Italy. My Dad passed when I was 20, and my mom at 18, and I was an orphan essentially ever sense. My past is what compels my passion for helping children and giving back to my community.”

“Because a few have stopped in and asked, for the record, politically speaking I’m not right or left, I just want to help the community. I saw an opportunity to create something bigger than myself for this community that will be welcome to all.
I Want kids to have a safe space indoors to play during the rainy season in a rad building with history you can feel.”

Zebadiah DeVane, owner of Adventure Time Inc.
inside the old church on h street in eureka, you can feel the history!
Inside the Old Church on H Street in Eureka, you can feel the history!

Loco: Thank you for sharing that Zeb, what are your plans with this Old Church on H Street in Eureka?

The possibilities at the moment are pretty open as there is some initial interest in the property for a few remarkable purposes. Zeb continued to fill us in on the milestones of his project, clearly excited at the opportunity to have his story told, and the good work he is doing known by the community.

“The first potential is a Healing Center.
In fact a right now we are in ongoing discussions with project investors behind an idea to use it for a bohemian style holistic healing center. The center would offer triangle breathing, self awareness techniques, Yogi housing, Yoga, meditation, and other wellness services and products to Eureka, and the greater Humboldt community.”

“The other opportunity is a Child care center, which is where my passions really are for this place. I am talking with an organization that is looking to expand their current operation and are keenly interested in this space as well. “

Zebadiah DeVane, owner of Adventure Time Inc.

If no one else partners with him, Zeb said he would absolutely see the project through to the end and would open a business there himself with a very unique name to match the paint job!

Adventure Time Playful Learning Center. 

Loco: What inspired you to paint the building in this unique and eye-catching color pallet and design?

“I modeled the paint job of this building off of dick Van Dyke’s jacket in chitty chitty Bang Bang!”

strangeness afoot at the old church on h street in eureka - chitty chitty bang bang inspired paint job based on dick vandyke's jacket!

He is working on social media and a website for the center to raise awareness of this project and its vision. The Church itself can be found at 1039 H St. Eureka, California. You can reach Zeb via email here:

Zeb became the owner of the Church on April 24th, 2020. He discovered the building while working with POP Cops and Humboldt’s Drug Enforcement Taskforce to help shut down a meth house dealing in a nearby ally way behind the church to be a child center. 

He is passionate about helping the cops clean up the streets, and his opposition to drugs like meth, heroin, and the deadly fentanyl being dealt in residential neighborhoods near churches and parks where children often play compelled him to purchase the old Church and begin his renovation project that is making strides toward completion.

The Church itself is over 108 years old!

The Architect, Franklin T. Georgeson that built the old Church on H Street in Eureka also built other places like Minor Theater in Arcata, and Ritz Building in old Town eureka. This being one of his good works attracted Zeb to the project beyond his own passions. 

He was looking to purchase a home at the time but nothing he looked at filled his needs and typically the places he saw were highly overpriced when considering the homes’ condition. When he looked into the Church, “the bones were good so to speak,” and he felt like he could do his good work there and not worry about discovering money pit scenarios down the road. 

Loco: Who did you hire to paint this old Church?

“I hired Porter and Sons Painting and let me tell you they are doing an excellent job, especially considering they’ve had to deal with my keen attention to detail.”

Zeb started to laugh and then went on to tell me he had the crew redo a few spots to better match his Dick DanDyke Willy Wonka Vision for the place. The two of us were rolling at this point and had to regain our composure and get the details down!

The supervisor’s name is Steve. Zeb gave them a glowing review saying they were helpful, do tons of prep work to ensure their end product is top shelf, and again – they dealt with Zeb’s “picky nature” with gentle diplomacy.

The building itself is open for lease, even during it being in this state of flux. Square footage is 3634 but it seems larger with its vaulted ceilings, huge wood beams, and open floor plan. It is competitively priced at 1.25 x Sq ft. which equates to $4500 x month which Includes alarm and garbage. The space will have a commercial kitchen and will have enough bathrooms and sinks for 70 children, a specific based on local regulations for childcare facilities.

I wished Zeb well, he gave me a bear hug, thanking me for stopping by and for covering his project with the Church. We exchanged contact info and I agreed to return once all the plans had become realities to do a follow-up about this unique story and future location with a world of positive possibilities.

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