Ash Teeter

Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.

Donnie Creekmore

Donnie is a father of three amazing boys, Azure, Ezra, and Bear, and a proud husband to his wife Nicole Creekmore. Donnie is a proud American Patriot, website designer and admin, successful businessman, and all around great guy!

Liberty Lady

Patriot. Mom. Lover of Liberty. For more Pro-Liberty content, follow me on Twitter @_LibertyLady | Alt Social Medial: Gab, GETTR, & Truth Social @LL4DJT

Patriot 4 Republic

A constitutional mined sovern citizen

Uri Driscoll

Uri Driscoll wears a lot of hats. His favorite is a well-fitting Stetson but when need be he’ll put on the horse archer fedora when a target comes into focus. His favorite sayings are; ”Show me your horse and I’ll tell you who you are”. “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway” and “Be thankful for unknown blessings already on their way” Uri had been a longtime member of the Democrat party when it was inclusive and employed some common sense. Today he’s among the many walking away.