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  • 07/29/2023

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World Government Few People will call what our Government is doing TREASON but it is! This treason we’re speaking about started in 1905 when the America Fabians formed the Rand School of Social Science in New York City and incorporated the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. The purpose of this incorporation was to falsely spread the lie […]

World Government

one world government

Few People will call what our Government is doing TREASON but it is! This treason we’re speaking about started in 1905 when the America Fabians formed the Rand School of Social Science in New York City and incorporated the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. The purpose of this incorporation was to falsely spread the lie that our form of government is a democracy ruled by majority. The Fabian Socialist uses the title Fabian after the Roman Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus whose method of warfare was to delay and to avoid direct engagement.

Today America is filled with Fabian Socialist from both major parties: Hillary Clinton a democrat and Dick Cheney a republican are Fabian Socialist. The greatest threat to our freedom comes from within our own government. Make no mistake there is, in fact, a conspiracy at work destroying America and forming a world government. Our government is spraying the sky with chemicals every day for two main reasons: to stop so-called global warming and poison the soil so that only corporate seeds can grow. These chemicals can easily be seen as long chemical trails across the sky.

If these trials were condensation they would evaporate in mere minutes not linger for hours. There is little-to-nothing we the people can do about the conspiracy to destroy America or stop the chemical spraying; however, there are many things we can do when tyranny gets right in our face as long as we have the rule of law in play. We teach People to be Statesmen and Attorney’s in Fact at our meetings.

The dictionary defines a politician as:

“One who is cunning and deceitful.”

The dictionary defines a statesman as:

“One who is well informed on their form of government.

It is easy to be cunning and deceitful in a democracy where people believe their rights can be voted away; however, our form of government has never been a democracy with rule by majority. Our form of government is, and it always has been, a Republic with a written rule of law-the United States Constitution. This written rule of law-the United States Constitution-is a work Manuel for Publi- Servants and in reality has little to do with we’the people.

The Rights of the People are pre-existing Rights “endowed by their Creator.” All Public Servants must take an Oath of Office or sign an Affirmation to “support and defend the Constitution; yet, year after year they all violate their Oath. Yesthey all violate their Oath. They all falsely claim our form of government is a democracy and the few that do not claim we’re a democracy fail to file Perjury of Oath charges against those that do. Failing to file charges is a crime known as

Misprision of Treason under Title 18 United States Code §2382 that is punishable by fine and up to seven years in prison.

Since the founding of our nation there has always been a battle over who shall rule: the People or the Government? Too much rule by the People is anarchy. Too much rule by the Government is tyranny. Our Founders sought to solve this problem with a written rule of law and having our Public Servants take an Oath to “support and defend” the rule of law.

Over many decades our Government has lied to the people about their form of government and many other things in an effort to rule the people. Government lies are causing great division and unrest among the people. Millions of people are crying for “social justice.” Social justice is found only in due process of law by treating everyone equal under the law; not by forcing people to have equal things, which is a Communist idea.

Corporate Government

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In America no one is above the law. The things we teach would not be necessary if our public schools taught true American Civics. Our so-called representatives have become compromised. Many of them start out wanting to obey the written rule of law but soon discover they must go alone with compromised criminals or be tossed out of office. Our so-called representatives soon become cunning and deceitful promoters of democracy.

They promote democracy because rule by majority actually gives government more power. They promise to give people other people’s money to get elected. They promise social welfare programs instead of teaching people how to take care of their selves. Government forms alliances with corporations and pass laws to make huge profits. Mussolini defined Fascism as corporate government cooperation and that is what is going on in America.

Recently the Supreme Court has made decisions the people do not understand because the people are not properly educated. When the Supreme Court was formed it had a jury. It was up to a jury to decide issues not majority votes. John Jay, who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, told the Supreme Court Jury in 1789: “The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy.” Today judges routinely inform juries: “I shall judge the law you shall judge the facts.”

This type of jury is known as an advisory jury; because this type of jury is taking advice from a judge. This type of jury instruction is known as jury tampering. For more information on the role of the jury see the Fully Informed Jury Association.

Our Government is attempting to take an entire branch of government away from the people; that is the Article III Judicial Branch by claiming: “You cannot practice law without a license.”

“The practice of law is an occupation of common right.

Sims v. Aherns, 271 S.W. 720 (1925)

“No State can convert a right into a privilege, issue a license and charge a fee.

Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. Reports 105 (1943)

“The practice of law cannot be licensed by any state/State.

Schivare v. Board of Examiners, 353 U.S. 238, 239

“The claim and exercise of a Constitutional right cannot be converted into a


Miller v. U.S., 230 F. 486, 489 (1943)


The State does not issue licenses to practice law to attorneys; their license comes from the B.A.R. Association. B.A.R. means British Accredited Regency and it is a branch of the National Lawyers Guild Communist Party; which can be proven

with the hard copy of Title 28 USC §3002. Under Title 28 USC §1654:

“In all courts of the United States the parties may plead and conduct their own cases personally or by council as, by the rules of

each courts, respectively, are permitted to manage and conduct causes therein.”

A party can represent another party when that party has given them their Power of Attorney. Supreme Court Justices are called justices because their lawful duty is to give justice; judges are called judges because they judge a case. At our meetings we use the California Constitution as our text book.

The California Constitution booklet contains: the 1215 Magna Carta which is where due process of law and jury of your peers comes from; Mayflower Compact a single paragraph that is the first Constitution of North America; the Declaration of Rights of 1765 a weak plead to the King for justice; the Declaration of Rights of 1774 a stronger plead to the King for justice; the 1776 Declaration of Independence; Articles of Confederation of 1778; the 1787 United States Constitution and the 1879 California Constitution.

California Republic

california republic %2828028110989%29 | patriot 4 the republic volume 8 | lost coast populist

On September 9, 1850 when California asked for admission into the Union the United States Government replied: “Whereas, the people of California have presented a constitution and asked admission into the Union, which constitution was submitted to Congress by the President of the United States, by message dated February thirteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty, and which, on due examination, is found to be republican in its form of government.

Here is clear and unquestionable proof that California is a republic and not a democracy; yet, our representatives continue to claim our form of government is a democracy. Claiming our form of government is a democracy is treason and yes it is that important. By claiming our form of government is a democracy the government is actually taking rights away from the people.

It would seem simple to prove we are a republic by pointing to our flag which and to reads CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC. Or by the pledge of allegiance: the republic for which it (the American flag) stands.

” Article IV §4 in the U.S. Constitution guarantees every state shall be a republic.

In 1787 Benjamin Franklin stated:

“We have given you a republic if you can keep it.” He was talking to You and Me; can we keep it?

Most Americans do not realize how important the difference actually is. Either we are to be ruled by law or we are to be ruled by mans opinion. Think about a game of poker. Before the game begins everyone agrees upon the rules. Three aces beats three kings or three of any other kind. You have three aces and someone gets three twos and claim they won and they can prove it by majority vote; what would you do? Common sense should tell you to get out of that game. Our Founders actually instituted a mixed-form of Constitution.

This mixed-form of Constitution has three different types of governments: it has a monarchy, rule by one, expressed by presidential veto and pardon; it has oligarchy, rule by few, expressed by Congress making laws; and democracy, rule by majority, expressed by the people voting for their representative. Democracy is the method we use to elect our representatives but it is not our form of government.

All three of these different forms of government must stay within the pale and ken of Constitutional Law under our republic or their actions are null and void.

“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”

Marbury v.Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176 (1803)

This case has been challenged over two hundred times and it has never been defeated. Here’s an example of how the rule of

Constitutional Law can protect your freedoms.

Article VI §1 of the California Constitution:

“The judicial power of this State is vested in the Supreme Court, courts of appeal, and superior courts, all of

which are courts of record< All courts must be “courts of record;”

This does not mean much unless you are one who understands what a court of record is. Some judges falsely claim: “We are keeping a record therefore we are a court of record.” However the definition of a court of record is much more than this. In Jones v. Jones the court defined a court of record as one with or without a seal; can fine or imprison for contempt; keeps a record; proceeds to the common law and the tribunal is independent of the judge.

In a true and lawful Court of Record the tribunal is independent of the judge; this means the judge is not the tribunal; the judge is only a referee who must ensure due process of law is followed. Here is another interesting point under Article VI §9 the judge cannot be a member of the B.A.R. Association: “while holding office as a judge of a court of record!!!”

Suggested Reading: Secrets of America by Judge Dale

One Dare Call It Treason by John A. Stormer

Want more: attend People for the Republic meetings every second Tuesday 7pm

Fortuna River Lodge.



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