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No Party System

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We do not support the Republican Party or the Democrat Party; there is no party system in the Constitution.

In his Farewell Address President Washington warned of the many dangers to freedom caused by parties; he called parties factions who support their point of view no matter how unconstitutional or crazy it might be. We call ourselves People for the Republic; because as one of the people this is your highest status At Law and because our proper form of government is a Republic.

We use the U.S. and California Constitutions as our textbooks.

Our state flag reads CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC.

When we recite the pledge of allegiance we all say: “and to the Republic for which it stands.”

Article IV Section 4 in the U.S. Constitution guarantees every State shall be a Republic.

“We have given you a Republic if you can keep it.”

Benjamin Franklin, 1787

Mixed Constitution

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Our Founders created a mixed Constitution with elements of Monarchy, rule by one, expressed by presidential veto and pardon; Oligarchy, rule by few, expressed by Congress making laws; and Democracy, rule by majority, expressed by the people voting for their representatives.

All of these different forms of government must stay within the Rule of Law under our Republic or their actions are null and void. Democracy is the process we use to elect our public servants, but it is not our form of government.

Who would want to play any game by majority rule?

Self Rule

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The United States of America’s founding documents stop rule by King or dictator; these documents empower the People to be self ruled. We the People have a Common Law Duty to never harm another person, their property or violate a Contract with them. This is our only Lawful Duty as People in our Republic.

If you claim to be a United States Citizen you are claiming to be a corporation under the jurisdiction of the Federal government. When you read the Constitution you will learn that the government is vested with limited enumerated powers by the People. The government is not vested with any right whatsoever.

Our government has no power vested to violate a single right of the People. When you claim to be a citizen, a driver, a taxpayer, a resident, etc. you are making a contract with the government; then the government enforces these contracts against you.

Article I Section 8

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The powers of the Federal government are enumerated in Article I Section 8. If a power is not listed such as hate, marriage, abortion, religion, gun control, fiat money, national parks, National Guard and so on, the Federal government has no power to act. You see, even the congress wants to nationalize the National Guard because it thinks this is so very important!

There is no national guard; constitutionally we are to have State Parks and State Guards only controlled by the States. Our Federal system is outlined in the 10th Amendment:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

10th Amendment of the US Constitution

10th Amendment

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Notice the 10th Amendment says that powers are reserved to the People and not to the citizen.

The 10th Amendment names three sovereigns:

  • the United States which is sovereign in its external realm of protecting the States;
  • the States who are sovereign in their internal realm of protecting their people; and
  • the people who are sovereign in their personal realm of self-rule and protecting their own body.

To protect your freedom, it is important to learn the Rule of Law and enforce it. Social justice lies only in due process of law for everyone. When we say law, we mean the common law, not rules, regulations, codes, ordinances, or statutes.

People for the Republic meet every second Tuesday 7pm at the Fortuna River Lodge.

Thank you.

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