Perception, Division, and Hate (Part 1)

Feb 11, 2023 | 1 comment

No matter what side of the political spectrum you sit on, I believe that you perceive yourself as a genuinely good person. You probably believe that what you stand for, what you believe in, and what drives you is righteous and justifiable. It’s time we all understood that our perception is what makes or breaks our ability to have unity. We are surrounded by the people that we choose to be around. Whether those people are perceived as right or wrong is of our own perception.

Disagreement Does Not Equal Hate

Just because people disagree on something political does not mean they hate each other. It’s sad that this has to be said. The perception that one side always hates the other is just false. I don’t hate people I disagree with and neither do you. However our perception is geared towards “hate” because that’s what the media touts every time two groups disagree. One group is victimized while the other is labeled a “hate group.”

This hate narrative is driven by the people in power and media to encourage more division amongst the people. If they can manipulate our perception of each other, they can influence us to “hate” each other. The politicians and media are lobbied by wealthy special interests groups to push this “hate” narrative so they can divide and conquer our minds, hearts, and wallets

Division and Hate be Damned

Naturally, most people want to live peacefully, so they simply decide that if someone doesn’t hold their same moral values, they don’t embrace a friendship with that person. Not a difficult concept to grasp. A true sign of emotional maturity.

However, for those who want to influence people in a respectful and productive way, they need to be willing to have conversations with people they disagree with, but also be willing to listen. A person can’t just talk and expect everyone to hear what they have to say without being open minded enough to except that other people have different views. The only way we bridge the divide that we have in this country right now is to start having more conversations. 

The Hate Perspective is a Lie

Quit believing the narrative put out by the media. No one fears or hates any group the media is portraying as “victim.” For example, no one in Humboldt fears or hates the gay community. Christians are taught to love, but also minister. So to say that someone like Pastor Bramwell has any ill will toward or hate for any of the LGBTQ+ community is completely untrue. On the other hand, just because someone identifies as LGBTQ, does not mean that they are perverts or that they even support drag shows for all ages.

Personally, I look forward to a time when we can stop focusing on our differences and start focusing on what we have in common. When was the last time an event was held in Humboldt County to encourage unity and patriotism? The social justice activist organizations need to go. My perception: they mean well and their mission is in their view is righteous and justifiable, but they continue to divide us: LGBTQ+, black, white, brown, rich, poor, right, left … How is this productive? How is this helping?

We are all Americans. As such we should celebrate our differences and learn from each other by having conversations. Not by throwing public all age drag shows, holding protests, or by demeaning each other online in the comments section of some divisive article published by some bias media group. We should actually talk to each other. 

Perception Shapes the Outcome: Choose Peace

Invitation to Share Your Perspective

I think drag shows are inappropriate for children. That doesn’t make me a homophobe. Also, I don’t think people who attend or support these events are all pedophiles and perverts. General sweeping statements like that only weaken arguments and divide us further. 

I invite you to join me in a nuanced conversation about your and my perception of this divided world we live in today. I welcome anyone willing to challenge my views in a respectful way. We have an opportunity to bridge the divide by having a conversation and respecting each other’s differences. 

Peace cannot be achieved when we are all pitted against each other. Let’s give peace a chance. Let’s talk.

Liberty Lady

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