Reading Between the Headlines #10 National

The Woke Virus

Hello, this is Ash Teeter with Lost Coast Populist News hosting the Reading Between the Headlines Podcast. The sheer amount of news thrown at us these days can be overwhelming, this show is a news review looking at select national headlines from the past couple weeks. Awake not woke, opinions are not facts, make up your own mind. Source Links for all the headlines covered in this episode can be found in the credits at the end of the video presentation of this section. 

Holly weird 

Elon Musk sues The View and Whoopi Goldberg for $60 million, ABC declines to renew Whoopi Goldberg’s contract, Yellow Jacket star retracts her own Emmy nomination over mistake and use of gender pronouns, Richard Dreyfus says new Oscars inclusivity rules make him vomit, Hollywood A-list talent lawyer says the longer the writers’ strike the more scripts written by AI, SNL abruptly cancels all remaining shows for season 48, Fox’s Greg Gutfeld brags he’s the only Late Show during WHA strike, echoed the aftermath 2023. 

It seems like The View is in trouble, from constantly losing ratings, to getting sued by Elon Musk, and now by declining to renew Whoopie’s contract. And most recently, I’m pretty sure their time slot got replaced by Shark Tank … it was woke, it went broke, and they fixed it. The they-them Yellow Jacket star rejecting her own Emmy nomination over being mispronounced might be the start of a new trend, self-cancel culture. Perhaps if people continue to ignore the alternate realities that some of these Hollywood whack jobs live in, maybe they will just go on strike or refused to perform and the problem will solve itself. 

Richard Dreyfus is on to it, describing how the new inclusivity makes him want to vomit. It is sickening and will be even more so if the woke trained AI takes over writing all the scripts amidst the WGA writers’ strike. Pretty much all the Woke Late night Hosts have cancelled their shows in solidarity. Maybe this little break in the nightly brainwashing will do people some good. I bet it’s helping Gutfeld ratings. Speaking of woke brainwashing, let’s check out this trailer from Waco: The Aftermath. This show clearly demonstrates the Woke Propaganda pushing the far-right extremism narrative. 

National MSM 

NYT demands government start euthanizing mentally ill citizens. It’s our moral duty. Elon Musk surprising bid to own Newsmax dares DIRECTV to stand in his way. Elon Musk appoints WEF executive who believes in depopulation as Twitter CEO. NBC host melts down over news of Tucker Carlson not being policed on new Twitter show, IRS agents asked point blank about visiting Matt Taibbi ‘s home. 

Yeah, so just like the mother wafers and the Biden crime syndicate and Canada and Ireland that I’ve heard of are pushing the criminalization of people listening to non MSM media, the New York Times demands that governments start euthanizing mentally ill citizens who don’t listen to mainstream media. Though it might seem strange that Elon Musk chose an agent of globalism to take over as CEO, many people have remained suspicious as thousands of previously banned Twitter accounts have yet to be reinstated. 

We will see how Tucker Carlson’s new show is received and managed on Twitter, how will this new globalist CEO deal with Tucker’s show, we will just have to wait and see how it all goes down. Does Elon have a reason for doing some of these suspicious things, time will tell. 

COVID Cover Up 

600,000 Americans per year are dying from COVID shots say top insurance analyst. UK government declares population emergency as thousands of vaccinated Brits are inexplicably dying. Study reveals most people’s lungs are now riddled with microplastics found in disposable masks, bombshell new study finds face masks cause brain damage. Fully vaccinated Jamie Foxx lucky to be alive after a stroke on set.

Oscar winner’s family breaks silence on his health crisis with new major update, BBC Radio broadcast interrupted as presenter suffers heart problems live on air, Olympic gold medal winner track star Tory Bowie dead at 32, Justin Trudeau now claims he never forced anyone to get the COVID vaccine.  

Just like Trudeau is now denying that he forced anyone to get the COVID jab, the same thing is happening around our country and other parts of the world. People just sauntering back to the middle trying to pretend that they weren’t listening to the jackass and the white coats behind them trying to crank the shock dial up to maximum. Yeah, it really does remind me of the Milgram experiment: give all these little local officials a little increased power and the excuse that they themselves are not responsible for the actions and lordy-lordy did we see some fascist Nazi stuff go down. 

And still now none of it will be acknowledged as long as the sold-out corporate media doesn’t report on 600,000 Americans dying per year from COVID shots as reported by insurance analysts. Or any credible study report or article from another country experiencing similar incidents, like the thousands of vaccinated Brits inexplicably dying. They want to just forget and move on not realizing that what was done was so horrible that it needs to be discussed, people need to be held accountable for their actions even if they did have someone in a white jacket at their local health department giving them extremely bad advice. 

National Crime 

McDonald’s employee goes on rampage killing manager and two others, hospital shooting suspect apprehended near Atlanta Braves baseball park, United passenger banned after a flight attendant assault at SFO, three shot and killed in New Mexico despite red flag law and universal background checks, FedEx driver shot and robbed returns fire with weapon suspect dead. 

Yeah, it’s pretty sad that the FedEx driver was assaulted and shot and the attempted robbery, good to hear that he was able to defend himself. The McDonald’s employee killing rampage in Georgia is just horrible, Kentavious White killed his mother, grandmother, then manager at work before killing himself. Reports are unclear on whether or not the gun used was legally obtained. 

It’s good to see that the hospital shooting suspect in Atlanta was apprehended after killing one person and injuring four others. 

The United passenger who is banned from future flights after assaulting a flight attendant is reported to live in Texas, unacceptable behavior without a doubt. But it’s not the first time or the last time, I remember multiple crazed people on flights than the past few years some having to be duct taped to their seats to contain them. At least this incident occurred before the plane took off. It could have been a really long flight for those people around him. 

National Pulse 

Drum Roll …

They’d tell students to use the word wimmin, Kiss frontman blasts sickening push to normalize child sex change surgeries instead of woman, Burger King is set to close hundreds of stores, McDonald’s franchises in Kentucky forced 10 year olds to work without pay, Navy SEAL who killed bin laden angry over Pentagon using drag Queens for recruitment program, authors say transgenderism confuses people about nature of reality and victimizes children, Oregon activists sounds alarm on bill that gives homeless rights to public spaces, republican identifies as woman of color sparking leftist fury proving they are hypocrites, Elon Musk speaks to Bill Maher about the woke mind virus. 

It is true that we are living through a worldwide wokedemick, as Elon Musk put it, a virus of the mind that puts the very future of mankind in jeopardy. This virus of the mind takes many forms and has many nuances to how it affects people, the primary feature though is people living in an alternate reality. A reality sometimes induced by woke media, while at other times induced by woke indoctrination at elementary or college campuses. The woke virus can also be spread amongst friends with similar unrealistic interpretations of reality, reinforcing each other’s fantasy worlds the woke virus takes many forms. 

The woke virus will invent new names for things, the woke virus is alive and well in the corporate world causing many businesses to fail and go broke as a result of their wokeness. But for those who know what it looks like it’s easy to spot, it shows right up on your bullshit radar as soon as it’s peaking its little head out and the fact that it’s so obvious compels you to call bullshit, they pointed out for those around you to take notice.

It’s kind of like the tale of the emperor who wears no clothes, with a population of subjects so concerned with the collective views of their fellow subjects that they are either genuinely frightened of being cancelled for saying, “hey, that dude’s naked,” or just reluctant to break from the herd and be the first to speak up?

Run for the border 

El Paso shelter director declares humanitarian crisis, illegal migrants are now being housed in Chicago police stations, White House press secretary says Biden has taken challenges at the border very seriously, Texas manhunt exposes murderers hidden in populations of illegal migrants, Title 42 countdown migrants fly from around the world to rush the US border, NYC Democrat mayor begs judge to revoke disastrous sanctuary city status, Joe Biden is bringing back Donald Trump’s asylum ban at the border, Texas sends another busload of migrants to Kamela Harris’s residence, GOP senators hold press conference on Biden’s border catastrophe. 

Yeah so, the media has been pretty silent about Biden’s border disaster, pretty damnquiet about Kamala Harris’ duties at the borders, as well. She was on a mission to root out the base causes of illegal migration from countries in South America, Merrick Garland recently revealed that this is a very long process and that she has made merely planted the seeds a discovery on this venture.

The seed she’s planted has been in the form of cash payments to these abusive governments from which the people are actually fleeing, something to the tune of $300 million, if I remember correctly, from what I heard on the radio. Seems like a strange tactic to me anyway, giving abusive power-hungry tyrants millions of dollars to aid and research of why people are fleeing their countries. 

Maybe this long game of discovering the root cause of migration to the US is responsible for Biden suddenly reverting to the Trump era asylum policy which requires immigrants to first request asylum in another country before requesting it in the US. A policy that Biden had previously denounced while debating Trump calling it inhumane and probably other silly things being that he’s now adopting the policy himself. 

National Scandals 

Bombshell evidence reveals Deep State fabricated Hispanic Nazi mass shooter conspiracy, RFK junior says CIA was definitely involved in the murder of JFK, Florida State University criminology professor leaves after being accused of falsifying data, Comer subpoenas FBI whistleblower detailing allegations of Biden bribery scheme come O’Keefe Media Group uncovers potential massive money laundering into political campaigns. 

It’s not really surprising that details of the recent Texas mass shooting are being manipulated to fit the usual political narrative trying to frame the Hispanic shooter as a white supremacist with neo-Nazi ties. It is even less surprising that RFK junior has stated that the CIA was involved in the murder of JFK, the bankers really didn’t like it that he wanted to bring back a gold back currency, I guess.

With what we’ve seen recently from other three letter agencies like the CDC’s blatant lying during the pandemic, the FBI’s manipulation of the Hunter Biden laptop story along with the FBI’s involvement with the Russia gate hoax and the January 6th Fabrication many people around the country are losing trust in these three letter agencies. 

People can smell the bullshit, that’s why many people follow James O’Keefe formerly of project Veritas. When his board of directors tried to cancel him for digging a little too deep into Pfizer, it was all too clear that someone had their hand around the coin purse. Just like what happened with Tucker at FOX, the people can tell, the people will follow the truth. These three letter agencies and their goombah media and paid off politicians are becoming more and more obvious to even the less discerning members of society. 

Dirty bastards national 

Outrage erupts over a shocking incident as first graders allegedly force girl to perform sex act, Democrat mega donor found guilty of sickening child porn charges sentenced to only nine months, billionaire behind E Jean Carroll’s lawsuit outed as pedophile who raped children on Epstein’s island, trans woman who abused her own daughter of seven years old move to New Jersey woman’s prison, Epstein documents Part 2 movie screenings with Woody Allen and dinners with Larry Summers, Barack Obama’s connection to Pizza Gate exposed. 

Once again, we’re not surprised to find out that even Fox News was covering for Obama. New documents reveal that President Obama lied to the American people about his relationship with Epstein. In 2014, documents reveal that CIA director William Burns had three meetings with Epstein and Obama’s personal White House attorney Catherine Ruemler had dozens of secret meetings with Epstein none of it which were disclosed or explained by the Obama White House. 

The impact the Obama administration had goes even deeper, having corrupted the curriculum being taught to children possibly leading to tragic incidents, like that of the first grader in the Texas school being recorded doing sex acts with the teacher in the classroom. Does teaching children about sex at young ages lead to them attempting to carry such acts out? Or, does the access to digital devices while at school have an impact on situations like this, another thing pushed by the Obama administration. 

National Politics 

DHS producing videos teaching citizens how to report domestic terrorists who read fake news, us Councilwoman wants to tax white businesses extra to pay reparations to black businesses come representative George Santos pleads not guilty to federal indictment and says he won’t resign, commerce subpoenas FBI records alleging criminal scheme involving Biden. 

So yes, it appears the George Santos case was merely a smokescreen to distract from the Biden crime syndicate case moving forward. This is a pretty typical tactic of the media arm of our infiltrated government, have a nice juicy big story on hold and release it to flood the news cycle to combat other news coming forward. Much like with the numerous trump cases coming forward right now, like the civil case claiming that he is not actually found liable four committing the act but instead for stating that he did not commit the act. 

It seems that the Biden crime family story is not going away, how much fake news ammunition does the deep state really have to keep shooting at down with other sensational stories every time something new comes out. But it also raises the deeper question: is our legal system so entrenched with sold out Soros judges and other pre purchased patsies, that true justice and a legitimate verdict for Biden and his family is in fact impossible in the current system? 

The Denver City Council member running for reelection says that white-owned businesses should be taxed extra and redistributed to black-owned businesses, this is just as ridiculous as all of the reparation task force nonsense going on in California. If stuff like this does pass people will just leave the state, we’ve seen it before with the whole text the rich to fix the problem strategy, the rich just get out of dodge. 

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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