Reading Between the Headlines #9 – Local

Humboldt County California

The sheer amount of news thrown at us these days can be overwhelming, this show is a news review looking at select local headlines from the past couple weeks. LCP News, awake not woke, opinions are not facts, make up your own mind. Source Links for all the headlines covered in this episode can be found in the credits at the end of the imbedded video presentation.

Local Crime 

Loleta man accused of striking victims after doing doughnuts in vehicle, multi vehicle crash at 5th and R in Eureka, 27 year old flees officer through town at speeds of 70 mph Ukiah, three UC Davis students die in 6 car crash, runaway tire sends car flying into the air, woman arrested for assault with deadly weapon on a peace officer, McKinleyville man arrested on suspicion of murder after shooting, possible double suicide, Blue Lake fire connected to domestic violence, late night fire destroyed two-story farmhouse Arcata.

Bob Lee, San Francisco homicide: shadowy figure seen roaming around seeing as Bob Lee lay dying, everything we know about Bob Lee’s alleged killer. Eureka traffic stop yields quantities of fentanyl, drug task force arrests 1 uncovers 3 ounces of fentanyl, HC DTF locates over a pound of fentanyl while serving search warrant, man dies of likely fentanyl OD in Arcata house partnership annex entrance, San Jose police union executives charged with importing fentanyl. 

There is a lot going on in this section, so I will go with the San Jose police union executive importing fentanyl as the most important story of the segment. The fact that we have people in positions of power helping to bring this poison into our community is absolutely disgusting. This goes beyond the disturbing sanctuary state policies which allow the trafficking of fentanyl. 

I was listening to the radio today, and as many of you might know, Narcan has become an easily attainable over the counter drug, useful if you are overdosing on opiates. The commercial chastised the use of fentanyl, while promoting the use of Narcan as a failsafe. The whole commercial was laid out as something you should be talking about with your teenagers if you have children in that age range. 

What this feels like to me is normalizing a serious problem, something like sticking a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound. A Band-Aid that was reflected in a real world local incident in Arcata just recently where a man OD’d on fentanyl and died, after using Narcan to recover from an OD the previous day. Like, yeah, people just get used to it, your kids are probably going to do this stuff so they might as well have this Narcan on hand because it’s just normal now. There’s nothing we can do to fix it, hell even members of law enforcement are helping to import the stuff. But yeah enough on that depressing rabbit hole, onto local identity politics. 

Local Identity Politics  

San Francisco Whole Foods closing due to transgender crime, swimming star Riley Gains assaulted by trans mob at SFSU, Caitlyn Jenner says trans activists who attacked swimmer are domestic terrorists, SFSU praises LGBT extremists who mobbed and attacked Riley Gaines, the true reverend Bramwell exposed, Hmm 2 + 2 = 4 episode 2

So, who is Reverend Tyrel Bramwell? I decided to find out. I betcha didn’t know he was part of the Wyoming punk scene. That exists? Yes, and he’d love to tell you about it and his time working the oil fields there. He loves having lesbians at the church. Say, what?!? Yes, of course, and there’s a story about one in particular. Wait, there’s more than one!?! Guess what? He’d love to tell you all about it!  He loves his community and is invested in its success.  

He has written two children’s books about Fern & Dale and their adventures in the fictional Cream City, and he has created a well-received pamphlet series he distributes in town called Ferndale Fortitude. He loves his wife. He loves his children. Rev Ty loves to talk with people about his faith and how he can help them know and love Jesus, too. Even if you only agree that he’s proverbially right twice a day, that’s good enough for him to start. 

Local politics 

California Indian big time social gathering at Cal Poly Humboldt, a symbolic gesture: Arcata earth flag above US flag, California reparations task force could face uphill battle, activists tell California reparations committee that $5,000,000 per person is not enough.  

This is a rather short section; within it we have abundant hypocrisy though. To start out with we have the term Indian being openly used for an event at Cal Poly Humboldt, while the same word is selectively called racist locally and when politically convenient, as seen with Alan Bognio. 

Then we also see the city of Arcata violating the US constitution and placing the earth flag above The United States flag, an act that is not only sleazy but also illegal. 

And finally, we have the reparations task force in California, attempting to redistribute taxpayer money from people who never owned slaves to people who never were slaves. Luckily, the articles say that the task force faces an uphill battle to even get drafted into law, but that doesn’t stop the pipe dreams of would-be activists on the receiving end claiming that $5 million per person is insufficient. 

I think they may be on to something; you just can’t put a price tag on an injury that does not exist. 

Local Mother Nature 

Current snowpack nearly double of an average year, no one expected 31 atmospheric rivers to hit California, is spring about to be sprung – warmer temperatures around the corner, state parks warn of un-bear-able behavior, killer whales attacked two Gray whales, California interior used to be giant lake. 

Yeah, so no one expected 31 atmospheric rivers to hit California. What caused thus to transpire is the big question. Is it weather warfare? Many who have been paying attention are aware of HAARP and all of the aluminum and other stuff spread via chemtrails in the atmosphere. Techniques that are no big secret really, both China and India have been open about using them, even making articles in Forbes and other news outlets. 

In my mind, it could be a couple of different things, perhaps weather warfare has been taken to a new level, trying to inflict damage on local communities. Damage which would herd rural residents into more compressed and city living situations, the much heralded 15-minute City concept comes to mind. Also, there is talk of all the pollutants in the water due to the weather modification, being increased at great levels to poison the greater population. 

The second scenario that comes to mind is that maybe there has been pushback, just like we saw in the video about Mexico banning the weather manipulation. Maybe this is just what it would look like if they got their toys taken away in the US and Mother Nature is trying to autocorrect years of manipulation. A correction that may very well lead to another lake forming in central California if the crisis is improperly managed. We need new reservoirs in California, we can’t stick all our eggs in the offshore wind’s basket. It is untried and will likely leave us wanting for something viable. 

Local health 

Abandoned mine leaching arsenic into Rowdy Creek, a nurse writes The Pandemic Is Over and So Is This Column, the California mask mandate is gone, and some people fear for their health, looming DEA rule change brings concerns of limited RX access, what can California do about an abortion pill ruling, not much. 

This is another short section … to those who have suffered discrimination throughout the two plus years of the California plan-demic, the end to this nonsense is long overdue. Most of us had stopped paying attention to it and complying long ago, but to some, still clinging to their face diapers, change marks a new era of fear. A dark time where the New Normal, as it was called, has been forgotten and thrown to the wayside by anyone with a lick of common sense or a partially functional spine. Hopefully these lost souls we’ll come to terms with the end to this nonsense, y’all just look silly still wearing those things on your face. 

The end of the COVID pandemic means the end to a lot of silly things that were done because of this failed social experiment. Things like plexiglass barriers everywhere, 6-foot spacing markers on floors and all public spaces, and loosely regulated online or over the phone prescription filling. Which the article claimed to impact those with ADHD, gender affirmative hormone therapy, and opioid recovery medications most severely. Well, maybe it’s for the best and these are things you should be having an in-person conversation with your physician about in the first place, not just a revolving door prescription renewal. 

A development in the controversial battle on reproductive rights, involves mifepristone the first of A2 drug regimen that makes up most abortions in the US. After the recent Supreme Court decision tossed the allowance of abortions back to the states, the FDA stepped in and banned mifepristone throwing up a roadblock for those states like California who have next to no regulation regarding abortion. California makes it difficult to even have an honest conversation about abortion, considering that no details of any kind are recorded for abortions that take place within the state. Meaning that there is no record of what stage/term pregnancies are terminated, no way to track or count any of these related variables. 

Local Legal 

HCSO and DHS file notice to remove Alan Mccloskey’s lawsuit from Humboldt Superior Court, former Eureka high school employee pleads before preliminary hearing, super disappointed lawmakers want UC/CSU systems to enroll poor Californians sooner, Del Norte DA still hasn’t charged driver found with $375,000 in trunk of car. 

Former Eureka high school employee, and alleged statutory rapist, Thomas Gowing, was charged with fourteen counts of C 261.5 C, for which he resolved by pleading guilty to four misdemeanors with the rest of the charters dismissed. 

Simultaneously lawmakers are biting at their ears while frustrated with low CSU enrollment numbers, I guess they just can’t fathom why people can’t afford the ever-increasing prices or justify the increasingly pointless degrees that, in many cases, lead to working minimum wage jobs because many such degrees have no real-world applications. A true case of the woke pot and the woke kettle arguing about how best to make stone soup. 

And surprise, surprise Del Norte County is not sure whether they’re going to charge the person they found with $375,000 cash in their truck, the one thing they are sure of is that they are keeping the money from the trunk. 

Local Infrastructure 

Crescent City to contribute $77,000 for runway project at airport, Arcata protesters call out banking giants for their investments in big oil, California ushers in new era of clean trucks. 

It is kind of funny that Arcata protesters are finally calling out to the banksters on something, I didn’t know investments and big oil would be the biggest racket they’d shine a light on … Arcata was totally silent about #BigPharma profiteering off the pandemic, equally quiet about shipping endless amounts of money to Ukraine, and utterly silent about globalist hypocrites flying around the world on private jets trying to put a tax on every aspect of life as we know it … but yeah, it’s all about those greedy oil tycoons and the bankers propping them up. 

In the tradition of putting the cart before the horse, California is moving forward with placing bans on big-rig trucks, demanding that they are transitioned to lesser ranged, less dependable, more expensive electrified monstrosities. All while dismantling the failing electric infrastructure of the state and placing the unhatched eggs from a pipe dream in the hands of whatever multinational corporation is set to fleece the population in the offshore wind scam. 

Local Happenings 

Mckinleyville Jeff Woodke talks about six years held as a hostage, Fortify and Inspire a gala for reproductive freedom, historic Eureka treehouse falls during strong winds, save manufacturing technology at College of the Redwoods. 

“College of the Redwoods is canceling the manufacturing technology class, despite just spending a ton of money buying a bunch of lathes and a new 5 dimension CNC machine that cost $200k+ alone. They are canceling the program, which is a legitimate degree there. 

It’s actually a legacy program that has been there since they opened. It sucks, because it seems that someone has it out for the teacher, who is one of the best teachers on campus. He has known about it all year and still continued to come to class. They can’t fire him because of tenure, although they tried. 

They are even canceling other classes he teaches, like the metallurgy class for AWS, He has a ton of engineering experience and it’s a downright shame what they are doing. It’s real hush hush though, because they don’t want anyone stopping them.” 

-Concerned Student- 

Local Housing 

Revised plan for large housing development in Ukiah approved, Curry County residents petition land use board for appeals to reverse new vacation rental regulations, petition by Citizens for a Better Eureka filed against the City of Eureka, City of Eureka being sued over a parking lot housing project, Arcata  City Council will reconsider the deadline it gave to Planning Commission on the gateway area plan, Humboldt supervisors voiced support for new one stop shop center for homeless residents, California cities are cracking down on homeless camps will the state get tougher too?, Let’s Florida our California


When you visit states like Florida and Texas, people will ask you where you are from. If you say, “I’m visiting from California,” you commonly hear one response, “Well, if you decide to stay, please leave your voting habits behind!” I’m sure you’ve heard the sayings, “Don’t California my Texas,” “Don’t California my Idaho,” and “Don’t New York my Florida”! Funny enough, after taking a trip to Florida recently, I would like to see us in Florida our California! 


According to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, in January 2020, Florida had an estimated 27,487 people experiencing homelessness. Continuums of Care supplied the report to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Family households, 2,294; Veterans, 2,436; Young adults (ages 18-24), 1,331; individuals experiencing chronic homelessness, 5,182.  

California’s information is somehow unavailable using the same website as the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness. Of course, if you think you can trust the government when it comes to open data, with everything we’ve seen over the last few years, you don’t understand history. But we digress …  

Here’s what we did find … Homelessness continues to grow in California. Shocking, right? Nationally, California has had the largest homeless population for over a decade. In 2022, 30% of all people in the US experiencing homelessness lived in California, including 50% of all unsheltered people (115,491 documented in California; 233,832 documented in the US).   

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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