Reading Between the Headlines #9 – Global

 They Control People

Hello, this is Ash Teeter with Lost Coast Populist News hosting the Reading Between the Headlines Podcast. The sheer amount of news thrown at us these days can be overwhelming, this show is a news review looking at select global headlines from the past couple weeks. LCP News, Awake Not Woke, opinions are not facts, make up your own mind. Source Links for all the headlines covered in this episode can be found in the credits at the end of the video presentation of this section. 

Crypto chronicles 

U.S. Treasury warns DeFi is used by North Korea, Bitcoin Corp expects to settle with city to resume Bitcoin mining in Niagara Falls, New York, Pfizer backed video votes on creating for profit company to fund longevity research, the near blockchain operating system is coming to consensus,  Dodge Coin soars after Elon Musk changes Twitter logo, Citi analysts CBDC’s will be a Trojan horse for blockchain adoption, European president admits CBDC will be used to control humanity.

The Treasury Department said thieves, scammers, ransomware cyber criminals and actors for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) are using DeFi (decentralized finance) to launder proceeds from crime. Which is not so different from what we saw with FTX laundering money in the Ukraine and sending it back to mostly Democrat and some RINO republican political campaign funds. 

The 50-megawatt (MW) Niagara Falls facility has been shutdown due to noise complaints from residents. Seems like they reached a deal though and it will go back online with some regulations on noise output. That is the big cost of mining Bitcoin is all that power so having a setup inside a hydroelectric dam is about as good you can get.  

Pfizer is the first pharmaceutical company to weigh in on decentralized autonomous organization proposals and participate in the Vita DAO project’s incubation and commercialization. Vita DAO is a community-owned collective dedicated to funding and advancing longevity science, claiming to turn the tide on age related disease.

But what is the real aim here, when you get a big pharma company stepping into the crypto world it makes me think of the WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari character and what he said about the Internet of Things. If crypto or a CBDC account info is hardwired into some of the medical treatments being planned, control by financial manipulation we’ll be all too easy for the globalist bankers. 

The near blockchain operating system sounds interesting, almost like a new Internet supposedly decentralized with blockchain technology. Will this mean less censorship? Will it become a haven for crypto art, or will people be building something like a metaverse on it? How would a new decentralized Internet interact with legacy corporate characters such as Google? It will be interesting to see how it develops. 

Using his celebrity powers once more by merely changing the Twitter emblem to that of Dodge Coin, Elon Musk has driven the price of the crypto coin up again. Not quite sure what to make of that, I guess it’s no different than some high-profile people making actions to prop up stock or company. It doesn’t really seem to be a legitimate change of value though. Definitely seems volatile. 

Ronit Ghosh claims that the CBDC’s will be a Trojan horse of sorts entering the global consciousness, where within the next decade the use of CBCS will get the public at large used to using digital wallets, that will likely translate to holding a variety of different coins besides just the CBDC. If this is the case, it could be possible that CBCS do not stay in public favor and kind of die out leaving a slightly more educated public as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned. Or there is the other Trojan horse where they get the CBD seeds in there and they just take over and shut down all the other coins … globalist bankers hate competition. 

We’re just pretty much repeating what the European president admitted stating that CBCS will be used to control humanity, you can’t have control if you’ve got all these other rogue coins floating around out there for people to bypass the centralized system. But is this something that the globalist bankers can achieve working within the existing blockchain? Or will they have to build a centralized, blockchain-styled exchange in parallel and then attempt to shut down the existing decentralized blockchain? 

Global politics 

Leonardo DiCaprio testifies in trial of The Fugees’ Pras Michel, former U.S. President Obama to relocate to Kenya in June, Pentagon leaks reveal Biden’s Ukraine war lies and what may happen next, how we would know when China is preparing to invade Taiwan, African leader gives scathing criticism of Kamala Harris, and China hosts a democracy forum.

Leonardo DiCaprio testifying in the trial of Pras Michel, of The Fugees fame, is an interesting story. The case revolves around Michel allegedly receiving $100 million from Malaysian billionaire, Low Taek Jho (aka Jho Low), who is alleged to have stolen billions from Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund in the 1MDB scheme, the largest embezzlement case in history. This case is significant because Mr. Michel was being paid to bring secret illegal foreign influence to bear on US politics, using an illegal network of third parties paid with foreign funds contributing to Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential run. 

It is also interesting that Obama is set to return to Kenya for a year. Could this be a result of the inevitable die down of the conflict in Ukraine? The recently leaked Pentagon documents paint a much different picture than the media has portrayed, with Ukraine not quite on the victorious side as so many have been claiming. With Russian control of Ukraine looking like a very possible future, is Obama now on the hunt in Africa for another country to operate out of to sell weapons and launder money for the Democratic Party? 

Some of the reports I remember coming out suggested that around 70 to 90% of the munitions and armaments being sent to Ukraine were merely sold onto the black market and laundered back to various nefarious parties in the US. Laundered back through sketchy setups like we saw with FTX. But if this comes to an end where will the various parties conduct business and launder money?

As China is on board with the new BRICS gold backed currency with Russia, India, and other countries, what would a China invasion of Taiwan result in? Would China find similar things in Taiwan that Russia had found in Ukraine, such as multiple biolabs or other covert operations orchestrated by similar nefarious Us and globalist interests? Would this be another reason for such parties to try and set up some kind of new operation in Africa? 

In the video we just watched, the leader of Zambia suggests exactly these kinds of nefarious activities, instituted under the guise of spreading “democracy.” The much-hailed death of Gaddafi coincidentally occurred after Gaddafi had announced transitioning to a gold backed currency, an act that is apparently a direct threat to globalist-corporate-mafia control.

But how much control do they have right now if Russia, China, India, and other countries are all moving to do just that, create a new gold back currency apart from the fiat petrodollar from which these nefarious entities have conducted for so long their unchecked quest for power and control. Is the death of the US Fiat currency money printing machine the death of globalist control? 

Global technocracy 

Japanese railway company to use giant humanoid robot to fix power lines, AI image generators are advancing so rapidly that detectors can’t keep up, big tech insider says humans will be uploading consciousness to computers within a year – the case for how and why AI might kill us all, demon possessed AI learning how to construct its own superhuman biological body … oh goody, Open AI is working on a humanoid robot. 

You put all this together and it’s going to get real pretty quick here, Japan has giant robots fixing power lines, it’s that giant robots for a while just for a long time they didn’t have the power sources to really run them or the computing power to make them agile. Just like the manga comics Japan has literal Gundam suits, now with more powerful batteries and more powerful AI and computing to assist such suits in being functional … who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes over there. 

Elsewhere around the world it doesn’t look a whole lot better, with AI being able to fake pictures and videos, the lines of real and fake and true and false are rapidly dissipating before our eyes. With people uploading their consciousness to be merged with the AI in hopes of immortality, will humanity remain human? Is there a part of the soul or spirit that just doesn’t translate to ones and zeros – will that be the equalizer?

Digital human consciousness copies walking around side by side with AI in new superhuman biological bodies and humanoid robots? And then separate casts of people who took the Elon Musk neural link to achieve a similar effect, coupled with whatever chunk of humanity doesn’t go along with the agenda and does their best to keep their distance and maintain their humanity, what will become of them? 

Global Pulse 

Police attacked with petrol bombs in Northern Ireland, psychologist loses his license after speaking out against World Economic Forum, police fired tear gas as French protesters storm the Black Rock office in Paris, volcano erupts in Russia Far East followed by an earthquake, New Zealand ‘s Prime Minister not sure what a woman is.

Walker professor claims there’s no difference between male and female skeletons, bearded Hulk quickly changes identity enters women’s competition to demolish trans lifters record, naked adults promote transgender lifestyles as euphoria on kids TV show. 

While the corporate media painted a pretty picture of Biden’s visit to Ireland, there wasn’t much of a focus on the dissident Republican march/protest hurling petrol bombs at the police. I guess Brandon’s not that popular over there either. The Belgian psychologist Steve van Herwig received a two-year suspension for online statements about the great reset and the WEF.

I can personally relate to this while at HSU before it was Cal Poly Humboldt, I was labeled an anti-Semitic racist nearly having disciplinary charges taken against me for merely mentioning the term globalist bankers. The infiltration is real, it is pervasive, it is everywhere, and the cancel culture is a direct result of it. 

The French protesters are on a roll, motivated by their own monetary situation with pensions and whatnot. I guess they stormed a Black Rock office. Which is really a direct attack against globalism, as companies like Black Rock and Vanguard have established ridiculous amounts of control through monopolization of global business and services. 

The volcano erruption and earthquake in Russia are interesting because of its close proximity to Japan, which we all know is no stranger to large earthquakes such as we witnessed with Fukushima. Hopefully the people in the region are able to recover in a timely manner. 

Surprise surprise, New Zealand’s new Prime Minister is not sure what a woman is. But I guess that kind of confusion is just all the rave these days, even here in the US of a with the woke University of Pittsburgh anthropology professor denying any difference between male and female skeletons.

Like all those police investigative experts have been able to do for years, it’s all a farce I guess there’s just no difference at all. Or is there and people are just cornered into lying to fulfill political acceptance and what has become a cult, a religion of sorts, which demands belief in a story, not necessarily a true story but a story, nonetheless. 

When people go around telling lies to facilitate this story, this alternate reality, it is hilarious to see their reaction when those around them retaliate in similar form. Much like the Canadian bodybuilder did and slapping on some pronouns for a day to compete in a supposed women’s competition that had a recent record held by a trans athlete. The bulky weightlifter made quick work of beating the record, an act which really offended the trans community. 

The new educational TV show from Holland with nude adults prancing around in front of kids talking about how transgenderism and sex change surgeries are like the “bees’ knees,” is another instance of this story being told. A story of lies and falsehoods which in many cases change and destroy the lives of naïve young people looking for acceptance. This is not the way we should be treating our children and the children of those around us. Only time will tell of the cumulative damage and subsequent impact on future generations. 

Those dirty bastards 

Justin Trudeau to legalize hard drugs for children, Bill Gates is creating a version of the monkey pox only 1000 times more lethal, New Zealand ‘s Jacinda Arden takes on new role to tackle online extremism, JP Morgan says government must seize people’s private land to save the planet, Dalai Lama apologizes after being caught kissing a boy and telling him to suck his tongue, the UN and WEF order governments to begin rationing water supplies into people’s homes, top Google executive subpoenaed an Epstein elite pedophile ring case, Macron wants to legalize euthanasia in France. 

This section is about those grotesque disgusting topics that no one wants to talk about: I don’t want to talk about it, you don’t want to talk about it, but it’s happening and will keep happening if the discussion isn’t had and action is not taken. The main action that needs to be taken is just to alert people around you, ask simple questions and help them out if they have suspicions or questions of their own about what the hell is going on. 

I mean who really thinks it’s a good idea that Trudeau is legalizing hard drugs for kids, or that Bill Gates is making a super monkey pox. Who think it’s a great idea that New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern is trying to pull a massive censorship operation on alleged online extremism? As we see here in the good ol’ US of A, extremism is literally any kind of speech in opposition to the nefarious story being told by the globalists. 

The same story the globalist bankersters at JP Morgan Chade are spouting off about, saying that governments must seize people’s private property to save the planet. Save the planet from what? Waking up and living free, less the shackles of an elite class that wishes us only subservience pain and submission? Much like the story that the UN and the WEF are relaying to governments around the world, requesting that water supplies be rationed to individual households … just another mechanism of control to keep people in line. To keep people from engaging in conversation contrary to the narrative, or as they would call it online extremism. 

And the story just gets sicker and more grotesque with the Dalai Lama being caught revealing a little bit more about himself by asking a young boy to suck on his tongue, or the top Google executive being dragged out into the light of legal involvement in the Epstein pedophile crime ring case.

These are sick people telling a sick and diluted story. With the French rising up as they are right now it’s no surprise that Macron is suggesting that legalization of euthanasia in France, kind of like what Trudeau did after the massive trucker protest that occurred in Canada a year or so ago. Comply or die seems to be the story and the narrative. But it all reeks of desperation when you really look at it, I don’t think people are buying what they’re selling anymore. 

We close this episode with part of a local interview we did with St Mark’s Pastor Tyrel Bramwell, discussing the multifaceted war on globalist Marxism that we all face. This is important because the war is cleverly veiled in many instances, hiding behind various mask of virtue signaling and social justice propaganda. Whether or not you or your neighbors are aware of this battle it is happening all the same, we must come together to spread awareness and stop the madness.

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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