Reading Between The Headlines 11 – June 2023
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  • 06/30/2023

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R Between The H (11) In the fast-paced world of news consumption, it can often be challenging to separate fact from fiction and delve deeper into the stories that shape our world. That’s where the podcast “Reading Between the Headlines” comes in. This news review podcast has gained quite a following for its unique approach […]

R Between The H (11)


In the fast-paced world of news consumption, it can often be challenging to separate fact from fiction and delve deeper into the stories that shape our world. That’s where the podcast “Reading Between the Headlines” comes in. This news review podcast has gained quite a following for its unique approach to examining the latest news stories with a critical eye. Unlike traditional news outlets that aim to cover everything, “Reading Between the Headlines” takes a more focused approach, handpicking stories that deserve closer examination.

What sets “Reading Between the Headlines” apart from other podcasts is its recent format change. After 10 iterations, the podcast has evolved to concentrate on individual subjects and explore them in-depth. This new format allows the hosts to take listeners on a journey, starting from the local level, then moving to the national level, and ultimately expanding to the global level. By doing so, the podcast provides a comprehensive understanding of how these subjects impact different communities, nations, and the world as a whole.

By narrowing its focus, “Reading Between the Headlines” ensures that each subject receives the attention it deserves. This approach allows the hosts to conduct thorough research, analyze multiple perspectives, and provide listeners with a more nuanced understanding of the issues at hand. The podcast strives to bridge the gap between headline news and the underlying complexities that often go unnoticed.

It’s refreshing to see a podcast that recognizes the impossibility of covering every story and chooses to be selective. By handpicking subjects, “Reading Between the Headlines” ensures that each episode is meticulously crafted, offering listeners a thought-provoking and insightful exploration of important topics. The hosts’ dedication to quality over quantity allows for a deeper dive into the issues that truly matter.

If you’re tired of shallow news coverage and seek a podcast that goes beyond the surface, “Reading Between the Headlines” is worth a listen. Its new format promises to deliver captivating episodes that shed light on key subjects, offering listeners a chance to engage with the news in a more meaningful way. So tune in, and let “Reading Between the Headlines” guide you through the complexities of today’s world, one subject at a time.

Crime & Justice 

Fentanyl is a very dangerous drug for people of all ages, when a juvenile high on fentanyl is charged attempted murder, many many might argue they should be charged as an adult. The age of innocence is getting younger and younger with the Kind of thing high school kids are getting into these days, Things that might HAVE lead up to the circumstance where a 4 year old girl was accidentally shot in the leg in Oakland recently.  

Luckily the girl is expected to recover from this horrible accident, but if help had arrived later that might not be the case, Delays like we saw with the reported autonomous electric vehicle blocking an officer from entering a crime scene. This is not the 1st time we’ve witnessed An autonomous self driving vehicle impeding law enforcement from doing their duty. This most recent Self driving car malfunction Interfered With an officer trying to get to the  Recent San Francisco mission district mass shooting. Is this all part of the new normal?  

It seems to be possible that this is the case as crime in New York subways is par for the course of normal as well. Luckily it seems that Alec Baldwin might yet see justice for the woman he killed on the set of rust. Stranger things have happened, though it seems that people blowing the whistle on government malfeasance usually receive the bulk of what we call justice that is doled out.  

It’s our turning as people begin to stand up though, some things are just too awful to look away from. Students who saw the NYC college professor attack the New York Post reporter with a machete probably got a little bit of a wake up call. Someone definitely wasn’t sleeping while they killed one of britain’s worst pedophiles in prison.  


So Marlon Wayne’s felt targeted 4 being expected to follow airline policy, he claims that he saw another passenger getting away with breaking airline policy by bringing three carry on bags on board. Just because you see someone else getting away with something that’s clearly defined in policy does not mean you are entitled to do so. I was recently on a plane and though it was delta instead of united everybody only had two carry-on items. 

I guess Tom Holland got stressed out producing and acting in his new apple series In which he plays a character with severe mental illness, that is understandable just like Brian Cranston deciding to take a break being that he’s like 75 now. 

Hollywood is a crazy place, inside a crazy state. This has led to former TV Superman actor Dean Cain pulling up roots to move elsewhere. Kaine cites the overall policy in California as his reason for leaving, referencing issues with crime, homelessness and general mismanagement. The craziness in Hollywood has come to be anticipated by those on the outside, in a recent New York Times article they claim that Disney’s remake of The Little Mermaid is lacking in kink? How much kink do you need to put in a children’s movie is the real question? 

Another Hollywood star Ricky Schroder there’s the latest to blow the whistle on pedophilia and the occult in the entertainment industry, Claiming an elaborate matrix of control is in place spanning between entertainment politics and financial sectors. He claims that the mechanism of control is blackmail Which is used even 2 stop investigations into the matter. 

There are also rumors of a four part documentary coming out that focuses on child sex trafficking, Mel Gibson is rumored to be involved by Tim Ballard who announced the documentary. Gibson or his agents have not acknowledged such involvement, it is possible that they are keeping it on the down low to avoid blowback from the Hollywood machine. 


So what does this new utopian paradise the left is building for us look like, where the rich and powerful have self driving autonomous vehicles malfunctioning and blocking services for the surf class riding their bikes around 15 minute cities. A place where laws only apply to you if you’re not part of some protected minority or a special interest group, where under the guise of political leveraging illegal immigrants and would be voters are shipped around the country even being applauded.  

Will this utopia even have shopping centers left that you can go to in person? with theft under 1000 already being decriminalized, employees being restricted from interfering with shoplifting and a push 4 disarming law abiding citizens is doing business in person even feasible in this new green inclusive society?   

I guess the better question is will the working class even have jobs to I these things? Well everybody just be on welfare slowly withering away in their apartment cell or in there government ran tent city, tiny home village, internment camp? how does the communist anarchist come to terms with this flawed system of global governance? Do they even know that’s what they’re working towards? 

After serving the community for an impressive 17 years, Plaza shoe shop in Arcada has made the difficult decision to close its doors. The news has left loyal customers disheartened, emphasizing the challenges faced by small businesses in the ever-evolving retail landscape. The closure highlights the struggle to adapt to changing consumer preferences, competition from online retailers, and the financial burdens faced by local entrepreneurs. 

Humboldt County’s Budget Deficit: 

While the closure of Plaza shoe shop represents a microcosm of economic challenges, the budget deficit of Humboldt County, California, is a macro-scale issue affecting the entire region. With a staggering $17 million deficit, the county is forced to make difficult decisions to bridge the financial gap. This deficit underscores the complexities of local governance, the impact of economic downturns, and the need for responsible fiscal planning. 

Downtown SF Whole Foods and AT&T Store Closures: 

The closure of Downtown SF Whole Foods, a prominent grocery chain, after just a year of operation raises concerns about the state of retail in San Francisco. The closure not only affects the employees and customers but also highlights the challenges faced by large corporations in maintaining profitability within high-cost urban environments. Similarly, the decision to close the flagship AT&T store in downtown SF indicates the difficulties faced by telecommunications companies in adapting to changing consumer behaviors and preferences. 

California’s Ongoing Budget Deficit: 

At a broader level, the ongoing budget deficit in California has become a pressing issue for the state. The challenges of managing a diverse and vast economy, coupled with social programs and infrastructure demands, have left California struggling to balance its books. The deficit highlights the need for responsible financial management, finding new sources of revenue, and making tough decisions regarding expenditure. 

IRS Scrutiny of Digital Transactions: 

In an effort to address revenue shortfalls, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has increased its focus on monitoring digital transactions. This heightened scrutiny aims to ensure compliance with tax regulations and capture previously unreported income. While the goal is to bolster revenue streams and narrow budget deficits, the move raises concerns about privacy, the burden on small businesses, and the potential unintended consequences of such measures. 

It Happened @ School 

Parents Attacked by Antifa: 

In Glendale, concerned parents took to the streets to protest the lack of transparency regarding curriculum in the school board. Unfortunately, the demonstration turned violent when members of Antifa attacked the parents, stifling their right to peacefully express their concerns. This incident not only highlights the need for open and honest dialogue between parents, school boards, and communities but also brings attention to the importance of protecting freedom of speech and assembly. 

Student Revolt against Pride Month Spirit Day: 

In Massachusetts, a spirited debate unfolded when some students revolted against a school’s decision to observe Pride Month with a spirit day. Students who held differing opinions glared at teachers and tore down signs, including those displaying red, white, and blue. This incident raises questions about the role of schools in promoting inclusivity while respecting individual beliefs and how best to facilitate constructive dialogue between students, teachers, and administrators. 

LGBTQ Flag Ban by a Muslim City Council: 

In a Michigan city, an all-Muslim city council made the decision to ban LGBTQ flags from being displayed on city property. This action, viewed by many as a direct clash between religious beliefs and LGBTQ rights, highlights the complexities surrounding cultural diversity, religious freedom, and the struggle for equality. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing tensions and debates surrounding the rights and acceptance of marginalized communities. 

Controversial Statement on Explicit Content: 

In Canada Justin Trudeau  created a stir when he purportedly supported the idea of teachers facing arrest and imprisonment for refusing to show explicit content to young children. This statement, the responsibility of schools is to balance educational goals with moral and ethical considerations, Not show a bunch of pervie movies to our kids. 

The Green Ordeal 

Climate Change and the California Wildfires: 

Gavin, Joe Biden, and Justin Trudeau have all claim climate change as a significant contributor to wildfires in their respective regions. Gavin’s assertion that California wildfires are a result of climate change without mentioning poor forest management or arson reflects a focus on his desired narrative. While hot summer temperatures intensify fire conditions, overlooking forest management practices and arson obscures public understanding of the issues at hand 

Forest Management and Donald Trump’s Perspective

During his visit to California, Donald Trump prominently highlighted poor forest management as a contributing factor to the wildfire problem. By emphasizing this aspect, he underscored the importance of effective land management practices to minimize fire risks. Trump’s assertion drew attention to a critical component, exacerbating fire conditions from poor forest management require competent leadership 2 tackle the issue effectively. 

Canadian Wildfires and Justin Trudeau’s Stance: 

With the Eastern seaboard of Canada shrouded in smoke from wildfires, Justin Trudeau attributed these incidents primarily to climate change while failing to mention arson and poor forest management. Similar to Gavin’s perspective, Trudeau’s emphasis on climate change highlights the need for broader environmental action. However, excluding arson and forest management neglects the potential impact of human activities and mismanagement, which could exacerbate the fire situation. A balanced approach that considers all contributing factors is crucial in understanding and addressing the Canadian wildfire crisis. failure to do this due to an unhealthy focus on pushing climate fear is a gross dereliction of duty and failure of the public trust. 

Wildfires in Spain: Unveiling Additional Factors: 

recently, Spain has faced devastating wildfires, leading to speculation within the media about the role of climate change. While climate change’s influence on fire conditions is being pushed bye power hungry narcissists around the world, it is essential to explore additional factors, such as arson and poor forest management. Acknowledging these elements would provide a more comprehensive understanding of the situation. By recognizing the complexities inherent to the reality of wildfires, Spain can develop strategies that encompass effective forest management practices alongside honest reporting of human made fires. 



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Author: <a href="" target="_self">Ash Teeter</a>

Author: Ash Teeter


Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.