Reading Between The Headlines #7: About Bad People

About Bad People: Reading Between The Headlines is a news podcast produced by Lost Coast Populist, Episode #7 is a recap of select news bits reported during the last week of February 2023 and the First Week of March 2023.


Mother Nature Local 

We have had a week of unprecedented bad weather here in Humboldt county – snow at sea level is not a normal February occurrence. Drivers in Humboldt county are simply not used to the snow, sure a little rain here and there … okay, a lot of rain sometimes. But when the snow comes out I hesitate even driving around, for the very fact that other people are not used to the snow. Making it a real safety hazard to get from point A to point B, kudos to those who go out and drive amongst the chaos. 

The snow was great for the kids though, both my kid and her cousins had a blast laying in it over the past week. At first, we had enough to just lay around in our front yard, but with the cousins we had to drive a little past Blue Lake to find some still existing snow. I’d have to say that the most substantial story in this segment has to be the woman who was stranded on 101 during a Thursday night snowstorm. Hats off to her and the estimated 75 to 300 other vehicles that were stranded between Richardson Grove and Redwood Valley north of Ukiah. 


This is a relatively short segment, the most important piece being the vaccine awareness for preteens. The Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services bases its recommendation off the CDC which recommends that young people ages 11 and 12 receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  

An article reveals that the New Zealand government admits that the COVID vaccines dramatically increase risk of death. The summary of the studies that the article is based on reveals that the more vaccines you take for COVID the more likely you come to be infected with COVID and the more likely you are to die from COVID. It also states that the COVID vaccines are a disaster and should be immediately halted for all age groups, also that the COVID vaccines increase all causes of mortality and morbidity. Meaning that you are more likely to die from any number of causes after taking them. 

Fact is, the odds of people under 50 contracting COVID with a fatal a result is pretty much zero unless the person had serious underlying health conditions. These studies show taking the COVID vaccine would more than likely agitate any serious underlying health conditions increasing overall chances of death. 

Instead of looking for advice from the compromised three letter agencies like the CDC, local counties such as our own should do their own research. It was alarming hearing that here in Humboldt County we don’t even go off our own numbers, our department of health looks at what the CDC reports back about our county … I mean the numbers come from here why can’t we count them and draw conclusions from our own figures without someone else tallying them and doing who knows what to the statistics before telling our health officials what’s happening in their county. Doesn’t get much dumber than that. 


In this segment, the first article talks about what is painfully obvious, the fact that legal cannabis sales in California have taken a nosedive. It was a flourishing industry on the black market that did not make the transition to mainstream, a reality that is true for multiple reasons. It was said at the beginning, that local growers would have the market for five years until bigger enterprises were let in, this was not the case though as selling multiple licenses to large cultivations were a norm right out of the gate. 

To top it off, farmers in Humboldt county were taxed on anticipated income, not actual income. A pre-tax, a post-tax, and attacks at every step of cultivation processing distribution and sale effectively put a stranglehold on the farmers and has led us to where we are. High taxes made it to where in the dispensaries outdoor flower sells at the same price the indoor flower used to sell to consumers, making it unappealing for many to spend the money. 

Altogether, overregulation and over taxation has become the norm in California, just as it’s killing off many other business sectors, the greed and lack of planning is now killing off the cannabis industry. And just like other industries that have died off before it, the result will be more people leaving the state when they can no longer afford to live and provide for their families.  

Local Infrastructure

In this segment Lost Coast Outpost’s Eco News Report attempted to support the national narrative preaching the dangers of propane stoves. Encouraging people to move to all electric appliances. That is a bad idea when you live in a state trying to push electric cars on everybody before they’ve even fortified the electric grid to handle the burden. That’s the good thing about a gas stove if the power goes out, just get a match or lighter and you can still cook stuff. 

The last story in this segment talks about another train derailment closer to home than the one where I’m hearing about in Ohio. The Portland, OR train derailment described in the video claims to have left three dead and five people hospitalized along with 2000 gallons of diesel spilled. This story is suspicious just because along with the Ohio derailment there are a total of 12 or so derailments around the country so far this year, a number and frequency that is far outside normal.  

Police and Law Enforcement 

This section features recent drug busts involving fentanyl, a man texting on his phone in Willits with child **** found on his electronic devices, and an Arcata man arrested for an alleged assault on a roommate, as well as a former Fort Bragg cop who lost his certification. More disturbing is the pack of wild dogs attacking a local resident, leaving what looks like some extremely painful injuries from all of the bites.

As bad as that is, it’s still not as bad as the fatal hit and run in Eureka where a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle near 5th and K with the driver not even stopping to help, just driving off into the distance. Hopefully, the suspect who drives a white Lincoln MKX midsize SUV estimated 2011 through 2015 model with the moon roof that makes it appear the vehicle has a black roof and the front end damage, was apprehended.

Fentanyl, especially, is a result of failures and both state and federal policy. Open borders, sanctuary cities, defunding law enforcement and emptying our prisons of dangerous criminals are the result of a coordinated effort between the Biden regime and the totalitarian governor of California Gavin Newsom. 

Home and Houses 

This last segment focuses on local housing issues, the item that we just watched the video for at the Eureka City Council. Also covered is the story of a southern Humboldt man who had his tiny home confiscated and not returned. Also featured here is the story of the man who was found dead at the Eureka Old Town bus stop. This event tied into the Eureka City Council meeting with a relative of the deceased, his aunt,  showing up in person and to a weekend mental health meeting hosted by the city of Eureka, where she restated her concerns and questions about what happened to her nephew as well as telling an eye opening story of a female social case living with mental illness. 

One speaker at the Eureka City Council meeting on homelessness who made some good points is also a pilot, through his travels he noted that homelessness is predominantly a major issue in blue states like California, Oregon, and Washington. Another example of the failure in policy shapes our society, you can throw as much money as you want at it but if you don’t fix the underlying issues that money just gets absorbed into the bloated bureaucracy doing very little to help the problems it is intended for. 



Laurie Metcalf from The Conner’s can’t find work anymore – she says Roseanne did it to her. Ben Stiller defends Robert Downey Jr blackface in Tropic Thunder. Audience gasps after The View’s Joy Behar implies Trump voting Ohioans are to blame for toxic train spill. 

The most significant headline out of this section is Ben Stiller stepping up and defending Robert Downey Jr’s blackface role in Tropic Thunder. It falls in line with the notion of not judging the past through the lens of the present. What was socially acceptable at one point in time, is almost definitely not going to be socially acceptable or considered normal for another period of time. 

It is plainly idiotic to walk around examining the past and judging people’s actions, or more importantly people’s words, through a filter based on future perspectives. It seems that everything is racist through this future lens looking back at the past, if not racist then it’s definitely sexist. If it’s not racist or sexist it’s definitely close minded or uninformed, how dare they not be psychic and clairvoyant channeling an unknown woke future! The only solution is to destroy any record of such offensive actions ever occurring, or wait, maybe we shouldn’t do that because that’s how we learn and evolve as a society, yeah maybe that. 

National happenings 

Nine tornadoes reported February 28th; massive Google layoffs even some robots; DeSantis strips Disney control of Reedy Creek; nurse says being White doesn’t make you racist and gets suspended; inflation and taxes are an assault on the American people; John Elway says you’re fired if you kneel on his field; electric cars cost more to insure; liberal Princeton campus pushing freethinkers to the right; Daily Caller’s Damaged: The Transing of American Kids documentary. 

The most significant tidbit in this section is the documentary by the Daily Caller about the damage American kids going through for the whole trans agenda. It’s one thing to support and embrace changes in youth that occur naturally, it’s an entirely different circumstance to create an environment that might confuse or manipulate an impressionable young human into embarking on a path that impacts future possibilities in their life. 

The hormone therapy alone can have a serious impact on development and ability to procreate. But, this gets taken a step further when kids are manipulated into going under the knife, assured that it will make them feel normal if they are insecure. No one can know that feeling insecure as a teenager is natural, a fundamental part of life growing up or it used to be. This is not to say that we can’t be sensitive to people who are or feel different, just that perhaps there are other ways to be supportive or inclusive which would allow them to make life altering decisions with the clarity found in maturity. 

National infrastructure 

Offshore winds blamed for whale deaths; more than half a dozen trains have derailed in the US this year; rail boss tells train crew to skip inspections leaked audio; Biden has given us cancer; Ohio residents report deadly health issues after chemical attack. 

This section is a little different: most of it falls in a stream of the same category, so we’ll just call it the railroad stream because it seems dominant. I was watching a podcaster who was talking about the ridiculous statistics behind how many trains have been derailed in our country so far this year, I forget the exact numbers but it was basically a snowball’s chance in hell of it being a natural occurrence or just something that was bound to happen something that happens in a normal similar frequency.

Twelve derailments in just two months does seem excessive, is it a coincidence? Is there anything to the leaked audio reporting that safety inspections of the bearings were purposely skipped? In another podcast, I heard mentioned that the chemicals spilled in Ohio are also used in creating munitions, aside from being an incident that provokes fear could it be part of an anti ammo or gun agenda as well? Things to think about with the news overload we all experience in today’s climate. 

National Crime 

Six year old abused on school bus; Maryland mayor resigns day before being arrested on 56 child **** charges; cartel gunmen kidnap and kill a prominent Mexican border state rancher. 

These are the kind of stories that make most of us feel uncomfortable, I know I do, I feel reluctant to even talk about them. But stuff like this happens and if we don’t have the courage to at least acknowledge existence and shine a light on it, then that perpetuates this kind of behavior. There’s only a few stories so it’s worth discussing them all, they all deserve recognition. One thing mentioned in the cartel border article is that brave journalists cover the activities of the cartels at serious risk of personal peril, hats off to these brave individuals. The state of our border is allowing the cartels to move into our country. Will our journalists have to fear for their life by covering the resulting horror and terror of this occupation, or is this something they are already experiencing? 

It turns out that the Maryland mayor arrested on the 56 counts of child **** is also close friends with Pete Buttigieg. Imagine that, what a coincidence, the moral fiber of this crowd is just astounding. I guess they buddied up when they were both mayors back when he was just pothole Pete before ascending to the transportation secretary position. 

The Aldine school bus abuse story has to be the saddest of the bunch though, the whole time the six year old kid was being abused in the back of the bus the bus driver thought they were just fighting. As we saw in the video the mother claimed that the kid wasn’t even old enough to really process what had happened to him. Makes you wonder what the other kids in adjacent seats were doing, how come none of them condoned the action, reported it or got loud and made a scene. I guess it falls in line with some of the other horrible examples found in social psychology where having a crowd of people can make individuals less likely to step forward and say something if no one else does. 

National Politics 

Lori Lightfoot suffers landslide reelection loss because America is racist; senator Dianne Feinstein hospitalized with shingles will not run for reelection; Fetterman health cover up Chief of staff can’t answer how Fetterman sponsors bills while in psych ward; John Fetterman’s chief of staff Adam Jentleson made comments about president trump’s mental fitness; Ted Cruz grills on Merrick Garland on Hunter Biden’s laptop, lawyer resigns; president Biden has skin cancer removed from chest; and representative Ronnie Jackson says that Biden is the cancer and he needs to be removed. 

I noticed in this section, there is a trend of un-wellness in the Democratic Party – it seems like a lot of these people just are not physically fit to serve. And like Ronnie Jackson said, Biden and his ilk do seem to be the growths we as a nation need to look into getting removed, before the case becomes terminal. You could call it a false bill of sale, each one of these individuals during the election cycle was given a cash bath and media treatment to make them seem viable, capable and in some cases even desirable. Albeit takes a certain kind of taste to produce that breed of desire.  

I actually appreciate all of them, Brandon especially. If not for their blatant corruption, dripping with ineptitude and false pride, and riddled arrogance, the pulse of the nation would not be where it is today. Trust in media is at record lows, as is trust in government, as is trust in just about every three letter agency you might be able to name off the top of your head. I think this degradation of public trust is necessary as a painful bout of collective understanding will inevitably manifest as a result. Maybe the only way to fix stupid is: put it on a pedestal and focus every camera and every microphone on every stupid thing it does and says. 



Jump crypto and Oasis app counter exploit wormhole hacker for 225 million; former FTX engineering director Nishad Singh pleads guilty to criminal charges; sam Bankman Fried on house arrest at Stanford, students are obsessed; ex-Biden advisor says administration was pushing for digital dollar; Gensler desperate to distance himself from SBF. 

As seen in the video clip from Bitboy, it appears the banksters and U.S. government are trying to reduce interest in cryptocurrency through various means, trying to corner the market so they can introduce their own digital dollar. Though they took advantage of the anonymity factor of multiple cryptos to fund various nefarious actions, as demonstrated with FTX in Ukraine being used to cycle money back to corrupt political campaigns, it seems that those who think they are in charge do not want the same amount of freedoms to continue for the general public. Anything that’s off the books and difficult to track is not good for the plan of total control and domination. Do they still have the resources to pull this off, to completely squash all crypto competition? Will the public at large be interested in crypto to buy into their digital dollar? Will other members of the public, used to cash transactions, be willing to make this swap if theirs something so new and tightly controlled? 

Mother Nature worldwide 

Earthquake of 6.1 magnitude hits northern Japan with no tsunami warning; a global network of mayors taking urgent action to confront the climate crisis; powerful earthquakes. 

It’s no secret there are weather modification tools being used on this planet, China was very open about it when talking about controlling the weather around the Olympic Games. So that means we need to honestly ask ourselves how much of the weather is natural and how much of it is manipulated. How much do we trust our government and related three letter agencies? Is it really a coincidence that Turkey was looking to leave NATO just before the series of violent earthquakes hit? 

Horrifying Health Facts 

Scientists who gene edited human babies say mistakes were made; COVID flu Rx combo diagnostic tests; China reports two human cases of bird flu; NYC sells $225 million worth of COVID supplies for $500,000; German ice cream parlor introduces flavored with scoops; Moderna backpedals promise of free COVID shots after demand for mRNA vaccines plummets; Florida doctors to warn patients could suffer heart attacks after COVID jab; Hunter Biden Ukraine bio lab partner was linked to Gizlain Maxwell; Gates Foundation insider admits COVID vaccines are abortion drugs to depopulate the world; Bill Gates arrest warrant issued in Philippines for premeditated murder linked to vaccine rollout. 

Yeah, it seems that the truth is finally seeping into the mainstream news feed or at least in the peripherals right now, the ******** corporate news still fails to acknowledge the bitter truths of what was pushed during the COVID joke pandemic. People like Bill Gates should be held accountable, but I think we all have a sneaking suspicion that people like him are just the public face put forward for this agenda. Will we ever have any more details about the group pulling his strings and the strings of others? It’s sad to hear about the rushed genetic editing of babies as well who knows what the outcomes will be, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when the human genome was allegedly completely mapped. Do we really know all the intricacies necessary to successfully manipulate the most complicated machine on the planet? 

International Crime-watch 

Pope Frances declares pedophiles have a special place in heaven? Epstein linked Clinton aide found shot and hanging from tree said to have died by suicide; French woman bites off tongue of legal alien ****** during morning walk; Australian police seize record drug haul; Justin Trudeau issues license to company to produce and sell cocaine. 

I remember it was only five or so years ago when Europe was experiencing its influx of immigrants, maybe longer. I remember the initial videos of the issues they were facing with the primarily Muslim groups coming in, of which many had little or no regard for local law or social standards. There was even talk at the time of groups being able to set up their own Sharia courts to judge incidents outside of local laws. The story of the French woman biting off the ear of the illegal immigrant sex offender on her walk reminds us of the ongoing issues the United States will face due to its border catastrophe. 

I do find it funny that at the same time Australia police intercept two metric tons of cocaine worth 670 million, Justin Trudeau is licensing a company to sell and produce cocaine in Canada. Perhaps that’s a little bit of the Castro genetics rising to the surface. 

International Sci-Fi 

The Mukaab in Saudi Arabia: MBS announced his plans for the world’s largest inner city by building a giant cube structure; Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos back mind control research company; invisible asteroid could strike earth at anytime advises a time traveler from the year 2671 and aliens will kidnap 8000 people and bring them to another planet in weeks. 

Seems like Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates mind control adventure. There’s kind of an interesting knock off of Elon Musk’s Neuralink, maybe they can pull off their research with killing less monkeys? My guess is that they will fail hard, it appears with both of them teaming up it’s like a sign of weakness. Maybe they should get Mark Zuckerberg on their squad as well, maybe what’s his face from virgin records also. 

The invisible asteroid and the time traveler article fall in the realm of science fear propaganda, I guess there are some factions of society that take that stuff seriously but not most of us. Saudi Arabia’s Mukaab cube city does seem somewhat interesting. I guess it’s going to have a bunch of VR and other technological aspects to make it stand out as a unique experience. In efforts to boost tourism, they have built strange designed cities previously according to the article, I guess one of them was shaped just like a straight line. 

International Politics 

Stacey Abrams goes to Nigeria to serve as an election observer; President Trump vows to crush the new world order; CIA and NATO are waging sabotage attacks inside Russia; the CIA is using European NATO allies spy service to conduct a covert sabotage campaign inside Russia; railway sabotage in Crimea; Hungary demands UN investigation into scandalous attack on Nordstrom pipelines. Is Putin’s Ukraine invasion about fossil fuels? Putin pulls back from last remaining nuclear arms control pact with USA; mass protests in Europe against the Ukraine war 

Yes, I would say that Putin’s actions in Ukraine are partially about oil, if we look back it was all about the Nord stream one and two going through Ukraine to get to the rest of Europe and UN and NATO and the US under Biden **** blocking the whole operation. It might also have something to do with the 40 some odd known biolabs in Ukraine, as well as it being a deep state money laundering human trafficking hub right on Russia’s doorstep. The ancestral home of the Khazarian mafia. There are reports that Russia and Germany are not really on opposing sides as far as energy is concerned right now, that they are just waiting till Biden exits the room so they can conduct business in peace. It seems that no one wants to wait for this global green new deal to be planned after it is implemented. People have immediate needs for solid trusted solutions, none of this destroys the cart and then we’ll get a book on how to build a new one. 

about bad people

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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