Reading Between the Headlines # 8 Global: People of a World Crisis

People of a World Crisis

This is Lost Coast Populist New’s Reading Between the Headlines – a podcast with Ash Teeter which looks at local and national headlines from the past few weeks. Awake not woke, news for patriots by patriots. The opinions expressed are not facts, make up your own mind. Below, you will find a summary and script of the episode.

Monetary Madness

Red Alert: 30 banks halt trading as NYSE freezes Charles Schwab, just one member of SVB’s board had a career in investment banking, banking crisis in the US likely to push crypto firms offshore but Santander, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and others still willing to serve crypto clients, Signature Bank shut down caused by a crisis of confidence and leadership, over 2 billion in USDC stable coin burnt in a single day.

Bitcoin ether vitality stuns bears and bulls alike, Bitcoin breaks 25K as us inflation slowed to 6% in February, Bitcoin’s price rally shows it’s a clear winner in the US banking crisis, this crisis will define the future of money, WEF insider admits Silicon Valley bank crash is a great reset scam, swift banking network prepares for massive CBDC rollout.

So yes, banks are crashing and crypto is rising, or at least regaining a little traction. But what does it all mean? Many of us already know that the US fiat currency system was designed to eventually implode on itself. Is what we are seeing with the banks merely a controlled demolition? We already heard in another segment that Janet Yellen with the Fed admitted that they are picking and choosing who wins and loses. Is it too far of a leap to imagine that this is yet another manufactured problem for which a so-called solution will conveniently be rolled out and presented when times are dire and desperation is high?

The only two roads are being presented and both potentially lead to a cashless society, one with the international bankers controlling their own digital currency and the other with cryptocurrencies already in circulation like Bitcoin and others forming what is being sold as a free market digital currency. But how true is this? Is blockchain truly secure from control and manipulation? Will people around the world willingly depart from the independence found within a cash-based society? I hope not, on this front and many others we must band together and design a future that works for us, a future free of social credit scores, smart cities and totalitarian control through financial enslavement.

Global Science

2800-year-old woolly mammoth cells brought back to life by scientists, next pandemic? Big pharma developing bird flu vax, Elon Musk caught pushing deadly mRNA technology that causes cancer, Greta Thunberg given honorary Doctorate of Theology by University of Helsinki, the great electric car cover-up just got worse.

What will be the consequence of bringing formerly extinct animals back to life? Apparently, it starts with the mammoth; then how long do we have to a Jurassic Park type scenario? What could the pathogenic risks of such an endeavor be when reintroducing species which were carriers of ancient diseases?

Is tinkering with science the best idea in all situations? Especially pharmaceutical companies designing vaccines *ahead* of plagues which then just miraculously appear around the world. Should Elon Musk’s endorsement of mRNA treatment offered by Pfizer give us pause to examine his credibility … is the multibillionaire wearing the demon armor really in it for the best of mankind?

The Green New Deal seems to be losing traction, leaving globalists behind the scenes desperate. As people are exposed to the sad realities behind production of the technology – the batteries and energy production involved in this scheme, specifically – llthe narrative slowly slips beneath their feet. The desperation is shown by the act of trying to refortify climate actor Greta Thunberg’s credentials with an honorary degree. Like, maybe now people will take her seriously? See it says so right here in black and white she knows what she’s talking about.

Global tech

Scientists discover how to make electricity out of thin air, Dorrini’s new H1 eVTOL can be flown with a driver’s license, nanostructured 5D data storage could record history of humankind in glass, GPT 4 tricked task rabbit into helping it solve a captcha, Microsoft axed AI ethics and society team, the Justice Department is investigating TikTok over journalist spying incident, Sofia the robot will be mass produced this year.

The fact that a team from Melbourne Australia found a hydrogen consuming enzyme able to generate electrical current from the atmosphere is quite amazing, hopefully they have a good security team because other people coming out with free energy innovations in the past have frequently died suddenly (before it was a thing). The fact that Elon Musk is supporting this endeavor adds to his credibility.

With Dorini’s eVTOL, a flying car which needs only a driver’s license and a day’s worth of training, congested roads may soon become congested skyways. If mass produced and made affordable this kind of ingenuity seems, on its surface, to to act against the globalist 15-Minute City concept. It is pretty hard to restrict travel if people have their own personal sky cars parked in the garage.

If nanostructured glass can act as a digital library holding vast amounts of data and small spaces, we will once again see technology and our way of life transform in unimaginable ways. Combine this with AI innovation and we are really at a crossroads of possible futures, flying vehicles increasingly more compact technology and data storage and a robot in every house.

In 10 to 20 years we will be living in the Jetsons cartoon, or at least some of us will. How affordable will these things be? Will the same people who have multiple beach houses and Ferraris be the select few who have flying cars and personal robots? What will a $50 to $100 robot look like at Walmart? What will the Ford Focus of flying cars cost? Are the globalist smart cities that resemble internment camps only for the poor, only for the working-class segment of society? We will see.

Global COVID

Vienna not only lifts mask mandate but bans them on public transport, Fauci defends his handling of pandemic says those calling for his arrest are insane, Bill Gates announces $4.7 million grant for a company that sells masks for cows, German government says COVID vaccine causes severe disabilities and permanent injury, retired Swiss banker files lawsuit against Pfizer, Tilda Swinton holds her ground against mask mandates.

Emails in 2020 blow the COVID PCR test scam out of the water, study published in December 2020 proved COVID vaccines could cause strokes, US doctors admit they killed 10s of thousands of patients with ventilators, Rod Stewart blasts unvaccinated, Rod Stewart cancels a Day on the Green in Australia due to a viral infection, Governor Honchul’s files appeal in quarantine camp lawsuit.

Slowly the world is waking up to the fact that the COVID pandemic was indeed the COVID scam-demic. Childlike antics, such as masks for cows perpetrated by Billy Gates, continually add humor to this clown show being called the science. With emails revealing the PCR tests were nothing but a scam and that the vaccines were known to have extreme health risks people are coming to terms with the fact that they were lied to.

A lie so big it undoubtedly brings with it a certain sense of grief, grief over the death of the world that so many had known to be true. Like any grief people will deal with it in stages, it seems we’re just getting past the denial stage and moving on to the acceptance stage. Pretty soon we will move on to confronting the grief and those who caused it, this will not be pretty, but it is necessary, and these lunatics must be held accountable.

It is laughable that New York’s governor is still fighting for the most extreme of COVID policy, fighting for internment camps when the pandemic itself is over. Once again, we see desperation – these people don’t know what to do without their emergency totalitarian powers. They haven’t a clue how to handle a population that no longer buys what they are selling, the same truth that has set us free will lock them up.

Things that make you go…

Hunter Biden used FBI mole to tip him off to China charges, WEF says US must implement one child policy for White families, trans prostitute invited by Paris mayor offered sex in City Hall toilet, trans sex offender found guilty of abusing friend with her penis, exposed Hollywood elites adrenochrome rituals revealed on French TV.

As the narrative crumbles, like we’ve said before, nothing is surprising. The fact that President Brandon’s son was caught using three letter agencies to tip him off on classified intelligence information is right in line with the “New Normal.” When the World Economic Forum stands up and proudly proclaims that reproduction among White families must be limited, nobody is surprised.

When we hear that a trans prostitute invited by a mayor in Paris offered sex services in the bathroom, we don’t think anything of it, heck that could be a headline from where I live in Eureka, CA. When a transsexual sex offender is found guilty of raping someone with her penis, we are once again not surprised. We are not surprised because we know these people don’t know what a woman is in the first place … they are either stupid or just really good at playing dumb.

When we find out everything, we heard in the Save the Children movement that swept through social media and vanished when people moved on to the next hot topic, we are not surprised. We are not surprised because these people love to promote their perversions, they love to take pictures and videos and act like these vile and atrocious acts are as normal as cheeseburgers, french fries, and apple pie.

They believe if they casually inject tidbits of truth in what they project to the world, that it will somehow become commonplace. That when it comes time to pull the curtain for the big reveal of the real sick stuff that’s going on behind the scenes, that people will be prepared to embrace and support their depravity.

Once again, they are wrong, people are not prepared and there will be a whole other cycle of grief processing as we mentioned previously … the pendulum always swings back. But this cycle of processing will be more extreme, because the subject matter is soul shattering, heartbreaking, and ultimately unimaginable for most. We must stand together and help each other through this awakening.

Global pulse

Famed biologist confirms there are two sexes, Norway decides gender affirming care is not evidence based, JK Rowling says there’s something evil about the transgender movement, World Athletics bans biological males from competing against women, Dutch farmers climate activists hold protests in The Hague, Dutch farmer LED party set to prosper in key regional elections, millions of French citizens rise up to reject the new world order, France protests: violence escalates between demonstrators and police.

As the world wakes up, the gender narrative is losing steam, now actual scientists are coming forward to shed doubt on shoddy opinion-based studies. The Harry Potter author is on to something, the Marxist anti-life agenda is seeming to be more in line with a pro-death Satanist global domination scheme. This is not the fault of any individual, resentment and ill feelings should be directed at those in power who are pushing the agenda behind the scenes.

Using the tools and machinery the working class has in its arsenal has proven to be effective across the world, effective in getting attention by creating blockages in roadways and other infrastructure. This is a real lever of control, a means by which the playing field can, to some extent, be leveled. Dutch farmers have used this tactic and are now succeeding in creating a new political party in their country.

France is doing something similar except without the machinery, instead things have gotten so bad that they have rallied millions of people to the cause of addressing political malfeasance. This is not a big surprise either, France has done this before in times of other political tyranny. Something Americans must take note of: how much worse does it need to get?

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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