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Redheaded Blackbelt is Humboldt County, California’s alternative online space for hard-left propaganda mixed with their other content. For over a decade, Redheaded Blackbelt has been Humboldt County’s alternate space for information competition against Lost Coast Outpost and others.  For many folks in Humboldt, the RHBB was where people would go online to get information about what was happening in Humboldt County until they, too, hitched their credibility to the left’s train to nowhere.

Is it a news site? 

Maybe once upon a time in a Humboldt County far, far away. Most of the time, they pretend to be, but Redheaded Blackbelt also acts like a shark whenever some politically expedient chum appears in the local waters.

RHBB, “objective facts.”

The RHBB website is absent of any claims to their journalism or what if any, bias they have. Their content, however, speaks volumes to their woke left bias and their lock-step narrative projection with the other local media hacks.  For example, they’ve been consistently turning a blind eye to tired COVID-19 Propaganda put out by the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services.

RHBB hooked on COVID-19.

Apparently, they’ve both missed the memo the rest of the world received loud and clear; Covid-19 is OVER, masks never worked, lockdowns were more harmful than helpful, and the mRNA “Vaccines” that were forced on society exclusively by Democrats aren’t safe and doesn’t work. You can read about this HERE

Credit is given where credit is due, RHBB does not seem to censor their comment section as rabidly as its competitors, and they also highlight its authors and contributors in its About Us section, which is commendable populism. 

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