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  • 08/15/2023

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Clinton Ellis-Gilmore, esteemed member of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence -ARRESTED for INDECENT EXPOSURE: compelling disclaimers !!


A huge nod of respect to John Chiv for his bravery. I am speaking about his recent article reporting the arrest of Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore for indecent exposure. Crazy fella’s arrested for indecent exposure in Humboldt County; where is there a story you might be asking yourself? Exactly! 

This wouldn’t be a story under usual circumstances, but in Humboldt County our local politics closer resembles an episode of the Twilight Zone than it does the spirit of our Republic. When a local crazy gets arrested for indecent exposure in San Francisco it’s just another Wednesday, but when it happens in Humboldt County, and it goes unreported by Lost Coast Outpost, there’s likely more to the story than meets the eye. 


What makes John Chiv brave and this story stunning is our perpetrator is none other than a “novice for the Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” a group of mainly men who’ve accomplished the task of achieving protected class status. 

This is the same Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who were famously banned from Dodgers Stadium, and the same Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who were at the infamous Redwood Pride Halloween Event, which erupted a local backlash against the LGBTQ+ community for hosting and promoting drag shows for children.

Our video coverage of this Halloween event, posted below, showed a scene reminiscent of a strip club, yet hosted in a local community center which was open to the public. 

With a wide open door and kids flowing in and out, drag queens and kings danced in lude themes and in sexually provocative costume, all along accepting cash tips from children in the audience. Local government officials, namely Heidi Benzonelli, Michael Hansen, and Leslie Castellano were onsite and are responsible for the event. Mr. Ellis-Gilmore was also there with many other Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence doing whatever it is they claim to do.

What makes this a juicy story is coupling the above with the nonreaction from Lost Coast Outpost, which consistently reports on seemingly every arrest in Humboldt. For some mysterious reason, this one slipped past them. Maybe this is because it supports the claims of critics who the Outpost has vehemently attacked. Maybe it embarrasses one or more of their political bedfellows. 

“Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore was arrested yesterday by HCSO for PC 314 (2) indecent exposure. Gilmore was arrested at a turnout in the area of South Jetty Road/Table Bluff Road in Loleta following complaints of indecent exposure. Ellis-Gilmore was released on OR. “ -John Chiv


But what’s more is how John Chiv calls out folks in the LGBTQ+ community – in advance – for the inevitable reaction of some of its members simply for Chiv “posting about this arrest.” He tells them: 

“Direct your anger at Clinton, who has provided fodder for the local homophobes and transphobes instead of misdirecting it at me.”

John Chiv
image | indecent exposure -man arrested in loleta is sisters member, clinton ellis-gilmore | lost coast populist


What an excellent example of our local cancel culture in full bloom. Here we have an esteemed local journalist who has become so desensitized to the backlash one receives from the local left, whenever a word of criticism is raised their way, he feels inclined to add a disclaimer to his post. 

Like a piece of driftwood softened by the consistent pressure of the river, Chiv displays his own biases feeding into their narrative by giving credence to the notion there are a number of local homophobes and transphobes this arrest will somehow support. In truth, these terms are mere character attacks and red herrings that serve the purpose of demonizing the target so as to diminish their message. The use of such terminology has become so pervasive most will jump to these terms without fully realizing what it is they are saying.

Meanwhile, on Clinton’s Facebook he posts things like this:

Phobias are psychological expressions based on unsubstantiated fear. Let us not forget that there would have to be folks in fear of homosexuals and fear of transsexuals for his statement to be factual. I have never met a single person ever who would admit to fearing homosexuals or transsexuals, though I have met plenty who are vocally critical of their behavior around children.

It seems to this author, merely voicing such criticism is enough to get attacked and painted with mischaracterizations.


Despite Chiv’s generalized mischaracterization of some, indeed, the message from the critics I speak about have been consistent and simple:

“Do what you will just leave the kids alone.”

Patriot Parents of Humboldt County, CA

Fitting this logic perfectly, to date, there have been exactly zero protests outside of drag events promoted for ages 18+; meanwhile, there have been numerous protests, and outcry during public comment regarding drag events for children. The only purpose John’s rhetoric serves is to prop up the bogus notion these parents are just homophobic bigots in disguise and that they are the “hateful” boogeymen the local left works so hard to have you believe.

These critics are not chomping at the bit to have their names attacked in the local news or their businesses attacked by the local left mob. However, this is so often the scenario which unfolds, even John Chiv is adding disclaimers to his articles now!


In this case, despite John Chiv characterizing this as “fodder,” we have a real-life arrest for indecent exposure that fits how critics frame the Sisters and the larger LGBTQ+ community for promoting drag for kids. These critics worked with LCP to author a petition to end drag shows for kids in Humboldt County under the pretense that these events allow indecent exposure in front of legal minors.

This same petition was attacked with a Nancy Pelosi style “Wrap-up-smear” in the form of a hateful signature and lambasted by Lost Coast Outpost as if it was smoking gun evidence of hatred, homophobia, and transphobia they label their critics.

For reasons one can only speculate, the local left wing media appears to believe the LGBTQ+ community should be exempted from criticism, shielded from embarrassment, and exempted from legal recourse when they break the law. When critics gain traction, political bedfellows within the local government institutions and other non-profits spring into action drafting “anti-hate resolutions” and opining on and on about the local bigots and homophobia which plague Humboldt County. 

Furthermore, John Chiv released this article against his own wisdom. Unlike Lost Coast Outpost, which has chosen to protect its political bedfellows from embarrassment, John chose the principled path of letting the cards fall where they may. Him suggesting that “local homophobes and transphobes” will use this as “fodder” is a perfect example of how LGBTQ+ propaganda has impacted local perspectives.

For what other reason would a journalist be compelled to author the following?


“I don’t discriminate and ignore news about certain arrests like other local media. This post is no different than any other arrest from the jail log about an alleged crime or any other indecent exposure arrest. The alleged crime Clinton was arrested for is repugnant. “

“Such disclaimers are not necessary except in Humboldt, where the hypocritical, the clueless, the haters and those with an agenda retaliate, try and intimidate me and who want to silence relevant news and information about public safety. This includes people I have helped and stood up for and who said they value what I do. Their actions say otherwise.”

-John Chiv

But just like Kati Moulton, who called a constituent an Asshole to his face, during a Eureka City Council meeting, covering their ethics policy without repercussions, John Chiv thinks…

“Clinton will be just fine.”


That is because Chiv understands that the local Left doesn’t apply the same rules to themselves as to their political opposition. They lack all self awareness or any fragment of responsibility to principle.

For example, when Alan Bongio infamously referred to the collective of local tribes as “Indians” during a widely reported Planning Commission meeting, he was vilified by the local press as a racist and forced out of his positions in local government. His name is forever attributed to racism, a title that doesn’t fit the man they attacked at all. Meanwhile, Kati Moulton still sits on the Eureka City Council with impunity. 


Meanwhile, John Chiv says Ellis-Gilmore will benefit from his connections to the local left:

“He and his hubby hob knob with people who frequent places like the Elks Lodge. I am sure Clinton can afford a lawyer who knows how to work the Humboldt justice system for those with money and connections.

To the initiated, it is no surprise the local left has a vice grip on power in Humboldt County, California. So much so that their own “friends” feel intimidated to report an embarrassing arrest. An arrest that exposes the LGBTQ+ for exactly what they are, a group of folks who should not be allowed to practice their indecent exposure with the children of Humboldt County.

This arrest proves there are indeed folks within the LGBTQ+ community who are both willing, capable, and frequently practice the repugnant act of indecent exposure, and just like we’ve warned all along, Humboldt probably shouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines idle while the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their ilk throw drag events for children.



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    The tide has turned.

  2. Splinterfinger

    The fact he was whacking for hours, wow. Now the Sisters are trying to distance themselves from him. Convenient lol

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    Weimar problems inspire Weimar solutions


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