rbh 14.7: #china #thc takeover

RBH 14.7: #China #THC Takeover

With the Fentanyl problem in the spotlight is another problem literally growing right under our nose? Are Chinese nationals taking over the U.S Cannabis black market? Why should that worry us? #China #THC



eureka city council 6-20-2023: did that b*tch just call me an a$$hole?

Eureka City Council 6-20-2023: Did that B*tch Just Call Me An A$$hole?

Council 6-20-2023: Did that B*tch just call me an A$$hole? Ah, Eureka City Council meetings: where the drama unfolds and hypocrisy reigns supreme. As a journalist and a concerned citizen, I recently attended one of these captivating spectacles. Little did I know I would witness a series of events that perfectly exemplify the sheer irony of the situation ...