The Bride, The Sleeping Church, and The Chosen | Letters to Liberty
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  • 06/04/2023

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The Bride, The Sleeping Church, and The Chosen | Letters to Liberty If you enjoy a nice hypothetical dive into the complicated world we live in today, grab a chair and a beer, and watch me dig. This hypothetical involves the world we live in today, its insane political climate, vicious social groups claiming to […]

The Bride, The Sleeping Church, and The Chosen | Letters to Liberty

If you enjoy a nice hypothetical dive into the complicated world we live in today, grab a chair and a beer, and watch me dig.

This hypothetical involves the world we live in today, its insane political climate, vicious social groups claiming to do good, a complicit media, the war for your mind, and most importantly (for you) – your salvation.

What if it was just a decision?  A choice to take the harder path?  Allow me to dig.

Nobody can seem to attribute any one reason to the sudden and seemingly engineered chaos “we the people” are seeing in the world.  Governments across the globe are spending like a teenager with a credit card.  They are taking citizens and breaking them into sub-groups, pitting them against each other.  Now our children are being targeted and there are entire entities who are trying to get between the children and their parents.

We have a media enterprise who is intentionally shifting our focus away from the obvious problems and back on their proxy-war, doing all they can to bring on civil wars.

We know all of this, we live it.  Let me shift gears here: What if there was a reason for it all?  What if I told you that this evil that has been put upon us has no choice but to ramp up its efforts and enact these horrific plans? I must tell you that they are in no rush.  These plans have been cultivated for a very long time.  Carefully grown, matured and protected.

Now imagine for a moment that a discovery has been made in scriptural research – the Bible and the most ancient of scrolls with original text all verify this.  What if I told you it was right in our face the whole time?  Think of your favorite movie: If it was played backwards to you, chapter by chapter, would it still make sense?  Kind of … somewhat … okay, not really.

What if the Bible was given to us with the books and Gospels out of order? 

If we could fix that order, and give a bit of context, it would probably make a whole lot of sense.  Daniel was ordered to “seal up the scrolls” (Daniel 12:9) only to be unsealed in the “end days”.  What if we were there?

What if there was a group of diligent Christians who were led to search the scriptures to find … something.  Like a splinter in the mind, a daily impulse to “go look.” Each time finding a new nugget that was right under our noses!  That search abd reward system was fed into more and more people who were pulled together from across the globe by an impulse (or the Holy Spirit).

Now what if they found that the three distinct groups of people mentioned in Revelation 7, were actual separate and designated groups, each with their own timeline?  

The Bride, The Church, The Chosen, Groupings, Titles, Batting Orders – Defined

For this exercise, let’s give these groups names, and their batting order.  The first group is “The Bride of Christ,” next is “The Sleeping Church,” and the last is “The Chosen/Left-Behind Jews.”

There has been much debate for centuries about “Pre/Mid/Post Tribulation Rapture.”  What if they were each right, and each wrong?

First, let’s get back to the order of the books.  This is the New Testament.  The Bible (The Old Testament) begins, “In the beginning …” and the Gospel of John also begins with, “In the beginning … .” John, was the precursor of Christ and it is fitting that John is the actual first book of the New Testament.  John is an “umbrella” covering all three groups.  It is 21 chapters, and is evenly split between the groups, with seven chapters each. 

The first 7 chapters for The Bride, including the beginning of chapter 8– for the “Great 8th Day”.  This is a more complex subject, but for this exercise, it completely fits, is expected to fit, and a confirmation of good research. The Sleeping Church has the middle group of their 7 chapters and the Left-Behind has the last group of 7 chapters.

Luke, (the only gentile apostle), speaks for the Bride, Mark (who will have to battle the Mark of the Beast) speaks to the Sleeping Church, and Matthew speaks to the Left-Behind Jews.

For this timeline to work, we must have three events, right?  There is only one rapture!  There are!  There is the “escape” of the Bride, and this was foretold by Enoch, who was “escaped” by the Lord.  Then we have the rapture, which was foretold by Elijah, (later called Elias).  These two groups are taken up to Heaven.  Jesus returns for the Left-Behind.

So how does the timing work?  Isn’t there scripture that says, “Nobody but the Father knows the day and the hour.”  This scripture does exists, but the question that was asked was, “…and when will the end of the world be?”  The world may never “end!”  I’ve also heard people say, “Jesus could return at any time.”  This is false. Jesus is bound by Law.  He will return at the appointed times – feasts.

For the Bride, he will escape them at the Feast of Tabernacles.  For the Sleeping Church, He will rapture them at the Feast of Trumpets, and He will return for the Left Behind Jews (144k) at the Feast of Atonement.  These events are separated by 7 years- three sets of 7- 777.  Within each of the 7 years is 6 years of torment- 666.

This gets deep, but hang-on, we are almost there. 

The Bride being escaped will wake up the Sleeping Church, and the Left-Behind will later see two groups going to Heaven and this will bring them to Christ. It’s beautifully orchestrated and aligns perfectly with scripture.  The 2014 & 2015 “Triad blood moons” at the feasts were our biblical warnings. 

The first to go is the Bride.  This happens at the Feast of Tabernacles (after the completion of the 7th year- then the following feast)- this next Feast of Tabernacles is soon, and starts at sundown on September 30th- October 7th, 2023.  At the completion of that feast, the Lord will take His harvest. (These timelines would fulfill the Fall Feast (harvest), He fulfilled the Spring Feasts when he was here.)

Now for the fun part!  Say on or about October 8th (nobody truly knows the day or the hour), millions of Christians searching  the scriptures looking for the Bide to be escaped are taken up to the Lord.  Like stars shooting to the sky – witnessed by everyone!

Our government would react just like the Heads of religion did when Jesus arrived 2000 years ago- they would protect their power seat!  Put yourself in their shoes.  If we saw millions going to Heaven, and they did nothing, we’d fall to our knees and repent.  Devils NEVER want you to repent – for anything!  They want you as dirty as they are.  The more that are dirty, they think the Lord will give them a pass.  The Lord has given great warning to not believe this.

Have you ever heard of Project Blue Beam

They’ve got it perfected now.  It’s truly amazing.  They can project any image they want into the skies.  So on that great day, they intend to implement a great counterfeit.  They (governments), will put alien ships or some other hoax into the sky and use this moment to gather the frightened people under its Eagle wings and lie to them and tell them they will be protected from the hoax. 

It will do great things to keep the people from thinking the Lord will soon rapture the Sleeping Church.  It will permanently silence anyone who confesses a love of God.  Those people will be treated as terrorists. Eventually, their torment end in their 7 years, as the sleeping church is Raptured and the attention is put on the Left-Behind Jews.

Maybe this will give you a little perspective as to why evil has increased so much in the world.  “They” will be ready to seize the moment and will do many terrible things to control your mind.  But there is one key- the choice is yours, and forever is a long time!

The Lord will give us each a Grace. 

I don’t believe anyone will receive a full and due judgment.  For some, just remembering that they betrayed everyone for the devil (who hates them), is enough punishment.

Now, if you’ve come this far, what if what you just digested here … is true?

I love you all,


P.S.- I will answer any questions.  This is all backed up.

Connect with Jimmy on Twitter: @RedStateJimy

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