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Oct 7, 2022 | 0 comments

In this public comment, I explained why saying the word “Indian” is not racist to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors who were confusing it with actual racist terms. Sometimes folks get confused by the headlines of the local woke media and they hop on boomerang hate campaigns that paint good people as racists for pure political expedience. In this case, the local left media is painting Alan Bongio as a racist for using the word Indian a few times in a planning commission meeting.

Hello Planning Commission, Chair, thank you for the time to speak

My name is Donnie Creekmore, co-founder of 



Where I recently authored an article defending Alan Bongio against the wild allegations being levied at his otherwise good name. 

For the record, I had never heard the name Alan Bongio until I began seeking articles flow through 

You see, at Lost Coast Populist we aggregate all of the local media into one space, so when multiple local sources began jumping on the Alan Bongio is a Racist bandwagon, I felt compelled to take a look at what all the controversy was about. 

You know it was pretty surprising to me when after the 15th article I read on the subject and not a single publication had either embedded the video of the event or at very least linked back to it. 


I had to find it myself, and I took six hours out of my life I’ll never get back watching a three-hour meeting twice trying to find the racism. 

My second viewing is when I realized what was happening. 

Alan had the audacity to speak honestly and openly about his frustrations with a situation gone awry. He was candid as he pointed out things that didn’t seem right to him. 

And frankly, they don’t sit right with me either.

Well, he had the audacity to speak his mind and, in an effort clearly to abbreviate having to say three separate Tribal names, he chose to say the word “Indians” instead. 

Using the word Indian is not the same as using the N-word

Well, news flash Humboldt County, the word Indian is not the same as saying the N-word. 

We know this because I can sit here and say Indian 100 times but we all know that if I dropped the N-word, there is no question I’d be a racist. 

Well, I’m standing here to tell you as a card-carrying Cherokee Citizen that the word Indian is not racist at all. 

Please call me an Indian. 

And the fact the local tribes went along and acted so weak and sensitive to this word, especially the way it was spoken, not in any way that would itself SOUND like the intent was racist, just disgusts me as an American Indian. 

But accept any of these titles, native American, American Indian, Indian, it’s all the same to me and it should be all the same to every tribe. Indians were the fiercest warriors, the most sustainable societies, and a culture that was built on its strength as well as its gentle nature. 

To see local tribes accept the woke leftist ideology of weakness that is infecting so much of our society is almost as hard to take as then seeing Rex Bohn throw Alan under the bus requiring Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity training. 

That is completely insane. 

Not only did he fail to show any semblance of racism in my view as a full-fledged Indian, but I also fail to even see him being insensitive.

He just called it as he saw it, and that is what triggered them. Maybe Alan had solid points, but it seems like I’m the only one who cared to comment back. 

Thank you



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