Reading between the headlines #12 – july 2023

RBH 12 They Good, Them Bad & Their Ugly

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In the fast-paced world of news consumption, it can often be challenging to separate fact from fiction and delve deeper into the stories that shape our world. That’s where the podcast “Reading Between the Headlines” comes in. This news review podcast has gained quite a following for its unique approach to examining the latest news stories with a critical eye. Unlike traditional news outlets that aim to cover everything, “Reading Between the Headlines” takes a more focused approach, handpicking stories that deserve closer examination.

What sets “Reading Between the Headlines” apart from other podcasts is its recent format change. After 10 iterations, the podcast has evolved to concentrate on individual subjects and explore them in-depth. This new format allows the hosts to take listeners on a journey, starting from the local level, then moving to the national level, and ultimately expanding to the global level. By doing so, the podcast provides a comprehensive understanding of how these subjects impact different communities, nations, and the world as a whole.

By narrowing its focus, “Reading Between the Headlines” ensures that each subject receives the attention it deserves. This approach allows the hosts to conduct thorough research, analyze multiple perspectives, and provide listeners with a more nuanced understanding of the issues at hand. The podcast strives to bridge the gap between headline news and the underlying complexities that often go unnoticed.

It’s refreshing to see a podcast that recognizes the impossibility of covering every story and chooses to be selective. By handpicking subjects, “Reading Between the Headlines” ensures that each episode is meticulously crafted, offering listeners a thought-provoking and insightful exploration of important topics. The hosts’ dedication to quality over quantity allows for a deeper dive into the issues that truly matter.

If you’re tired of shallow news coverage and seek a podcast that goes beyond the surface, “Reading Between the Headlines” is worth a listen. Its new format promises to deliver captivating episodes that shed light on key subjects, offering listeners a chance to engage with the news in a more meaningful way. So tune in, and let “Reading Between the Headlines” guide you through the complexities of today’s world, one subject at a time.


The Sound of Freedom” is an extraordinary film that lays bare the chilling reality of human trafficking. Directed by the real-life hero Tim Ballard, who founded Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), this movie shines a spotlight on the dark corners of the world where innocent lives are exploited and sold like commodities. Through powerful storytelling, it captures the harrowing experiences of victims and the courageous efforts of those fighting to dismantle the global trafficking network.

Tim Ballard’s recent claims about the Biden administration being the top consumer of illicit underage content worldwide are deeply concerning. While these accusations demand careful scrutiny and thorough investigation, they cannot be dismissed lightly. If true, this raises serious questions about the integrity and moral compass of those in power. The issue of child exploitation knows no political boundaries, and it is vital that any allegations of such heinous behavior be thoroughly examined, regardless of political affiliations.

In a shocking turn of events, an ABC News reporter, who was known for supposedly debunking the “Pizza-Gate” conspiracy theory, has pleaded guilty to underage sex charges. This revelation underscores the importance of approaching such cases with unbiased scrutiny and fact-based reporting. It serves as a stark reminder that journalists must remain committed to upholding truth and integrity, even when it challenges prevailing narratives.

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Well, well, well, looks like our favorite tech giant turned ‘non-profit’ is at it again, pulling the strings behind the scenes! Arcata, CA, a quaint little town known for its picturesque charm, is now a victim of Meta’s grand scheme. Who would’ve thought that a tech giant could have such a tight grip on small town development interests? It’s almost impressive how they manage wasle their way in while pretending to have altruistic intentions. But hey, who needs transparency when you can just bank on the blind trust of the masses, right?

In the realm of social media, there’s a new kid on the block, or should I say, there was? Meta’s so-called ‘Twitter rival’ named ‘Threads’ has been struggling to stay afloat. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! It’s almost hilarious to see how they managed to lose half of their daily users in just 10 days. I mean maybe they thought no need for competition already being the undisputed king of the internet, right, Meta? With its vast empire of users across various platforms, its surprising that they didn’t do better research on desired features. Bravo, Meta, bravo!

Now, let’s talk about Norway, the land of beautiful fjords, and now, the land of privacy rights champions! Norway’s decision to temporarily ban Meta’s invasive advertising is undoubtedly a triumph for privacy advocates everywhere. It’s quite commendable that Norway has taken a stand against the data-hungry behemoth that Meta has become. Kudos to them for valuing user privacy over corporate greed! But, let’s be real here, folks. It’s just a “temporary” ban, which means Meta will probably find some other sneaky way to exploit users’ personal information soon enough. After all, they’ve made an art out of bending the rules in their favor.



Oh, the drama and scandal in the world of politics never cease to amaze us! The latest gossip on Humboldt Judge and Public Defender caught using cocaine has surely set tongues wagging. Joanne Carter, the courageous whistleblower, claims to have witnessed these esteemed figures indulging in their not-so-secret habit multiple times. Well, well, well, isn’t that just the epitome of justice and integrity at its finest? I guess we should applaud them for being so transparent about their extracurricular activities!

As if that wasn’t enough to keep the rumor mill buzzing, now we have cocaine making an appearance at the White House! Oh boy, oh boy, the suspense is unbearable. People are scratching their heads, wondering whose little stash it was – was it our dear old Hunter Biden? Or perhaps Kamala Harris  decided to add some spice to her political escapades? The possibilities are endless, and the entertainment value is through the roof! But don’t worry, folks, the White House secret service has given up the investigation, admitting they have no leads. I mean, why bother looking into such a trivial matter when they could be busy doing, well, anything else?

Meanwhile, in the real world, the Department of Treasury has taken some meaningful action against drug traffickers operating across Europe and North America. Wait, did I just say real world? My apologies, I must have momentarily forgotten that we live in a land of distractions and political theatrics. Let’s get back to more exciting news, like who snorted what, shall we?

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California, the land of progressive dreams  finally gets something right. San Francisco has proudly declared that they are banning cashless stores because apparently, it harms the poor.  Nothing says “helping the poor” like limiting their payment options and forcing them into a cashless society!  Is it only a matter of time till the Gavinator steps in to  Extinguish this little brush fire of logic In his old stomping grounds?

But wait, there’s more! Mastercard, the ever-innovative tech giant, has launched their latest piece of genius – paying with your face or hand! Because using a good old credit card or cash is just too archaic for our modern society. Who needs privacy when you can have your biometric data floating around in the vast abyss of corporate servers? I’m sure identity theft and security breaches are just figments of our imagination!

Oh, but don’t worry, the UK has joined the cashless party too! Small businesses that have the audacity to cling onto cash and resist the cashless craze are being rewarded with their bank accounts being shut down. Bravo, UK, bravo! Because what could possibly be more patriotic than forcing businesses to conform to your digital agenda or face financial ruin? It’s called “freedom of choice,” folks – the freedom to choose cashless or, well, nothing!

It’s truly a time to celebrate the wonders of technology and progressivism. Who needs financial autonomy and personal privacy when you can simply wave your hand or show your face to make a purchase? And who cares about the businesses that prefer to stick with good old-fashioned cash? They must be living in the stone age, right?

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In recent times, our nation has been grappling with a new and concerning phenomenon known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). This enigmatic condition has emerged seemingly in conjunction with the circulation of COVID vaccines, leaving us with more questions than answers. As communities mourn the loss of their loved ones, it is essential that we approach this matter with compassion and the earnest pursuit of understanding.

One such individual we lost was Jasper Randall Amir, born in 1992 and departed from this world in 2023. As we reflect on his life and untimely passing, let us remember the cherished memories he left behind and extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Each life lost to this mysterious syndrome represents a profound loss to our society.

The sorrowful news continues, as the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office faces the devastating loss of Correctional Deputy Andrew Kitten, who died unexpectedly. The impact of losing a dedicated public servant is felt not only by their colleagues but also by the communities they served. Our hearts go out to Deputy Kitten’s family, friends, and fellow officers as they navigate through this difficult time.

Even in the realm of sports and fame, tragedy has struck. LeBron James, an iconic basketball legend, experienced a parent’s worst nightmare when his son, Ronnie, was rushed to the hospital due to cardiac arrest. The fear and uncertainty surrounding sudden health emergencies remind us that no one is exempt from life’s fragility, regardless of their status or accomplishments.

Furthermore, we mourn the passing of Ray Lewis III, the ex-college football star and son of renowned linebacker Ray Lewis. To lose a young life at the age of 28 is a heart-wrenching reminder of the fragility of existence and the unpredictability of SADS.

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 The green ordeal

Ah, the Arcata gateway parking debacle – a true conundrum that would leave even the brightest minds scratching their heads! Imagine an apartment building with a grand total of 6 parking spaces, and not just any building – a building housing 48 possible drivers! It’s almost like they are competing for the title of “most creative parking solution.” Hats off to the masterminds behind this fractional parking cluster of fucks!

And speaking of genius, our dear ocean shippers are doing their best to keep up with the electrifying trend of electric vehicles. Who knew that carrying EVs could be such a high-stakes game of ketchup? As if the environmental concerns weren’t enough, now we have to worry about the risk of ships catching fire! It’s like a real-life game of “Hot Wheels,” where the stakes are not just plastic toys, but massive cargo ships!

But hey, fear not! Klaus Schwab’s daughter, the prophet of climate lockdowns, has come to enlighten us all. Brace yourselves, folks, because permanent climate lockdowns are on the horizon. Who needs personal freedoms and the ability to live our lives when we can have permanent restrictions and lockdowns to save the planet? It’s like a never-ending party, except the party is in our homes, and we’re not invited!

The future is looking bright, my friends. With fractional parking challenges and fiery ships carrying EVs, we’re on the fast track to progress! And let’s not forget the impending joy of permanent climate lockdowns, because nothing says “freedom” like having every aspect of our lives controlled by self-proclaimed environmental saviors!


Culture war – They, them, their

Ah, California Democrats – the champions of everything progressive and morally superior, or so they’d like us to believe! They really outdid themselves this time by resisting a child trafficking bill because, you know, who needs to protect innocent children when you can play political games? But hey, they eventually caved in, probably realizing that supporting child trafficking wasn’t a good look, even for them!

In the world of sports, we have a delightful tale of female swimmers who dared to complain about having to undress with their transgender teammates. And guess what? They were swiftly told to get re-educated! How dare they raise concerns about privacy and comfort? Who needs personal boundaries when you can just surrender them all in the name of political correctness?

 Alice Bailey, the mother of the New World Order had a 10-point plan to destroy Christianity.  I mean, why stop at just disagreeing with Christianity when you can actively plot its destruction? It’s like playing a game of world domination, but instead of board pieces, you use social programming.

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Oh, Joe Biden, the king of inconsistent claims and broken promises! It seems like every time he opens his mouth, the web of deception he weaves rapidly unravels. During his campaign against Trump, Biden was adamant about having no involvement whatsoever in his son Hunter’s business affairs. But oh, how the tides have turned! Enter Devon Archer, the long-time buddy and business partner of Hunter, who spilled the beans before Congress, giving us a juicy inside scoop.

If that wasn’t enough to make us question the honesty of our dear leader, now we have the White House committee on oversight and accountability stepping into the spotlight. Chairman James Comer has released some intriguing bank records, randomly, of course (because transparency is overrated). These records show millions of dollars flowing into the Biden family’s bank accounts through multiple shell companies, some conveniently being paid by CCP assets. Oh, how convenient! It’s like the stars aligned to shower the Biden’s with mysterious cash.

These revelations are deeply concerning. The American people deserve answers, not just vague denials and distractions. But let’s not hold our breath waiting for that to happen. We’re better off watching the mainstream media dance around the truth, putting on a show of acrobatic verbal gymnastics to defend their beloved President.

 Biden’s claim of not being involved in Hunter’s business deals is crumbling faster than a house of cards in a hurricane. With Archer’s testimony and those suspicious bank records, the truth is clear as day, even if the mainstream media chooses to look the other way. But hey, who needs transparency and accountability when you have a President with a winning smile and a pocket full of excuses? Keep up the good work, Joe! Your legacy of double-talk and evasive maneuvers will surely go down in history!

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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