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In a recent Eureka City Council meeting, concerned citizens produced evidence of council members being involved with an organization which promotes anarchy and infiltration of local governments as well as selective destruction of society through purposeful encouragement of drug use and homelessness. G Mario Fernandez is one of the council members involved in this scandal. This townhall is a follow up to that meeting.

Roy and Jessica had a phone call with the City Manager, Miles Slattery, before the Ward 3 Townhall. This call was important as it gave them insight into the government’s mismanagement and incompetence. The Ward 3 Townhall was an opportunity for them to make their voices heard about the issues they faced in their community due to bad governance. They were hoping that this conversation would give them a chance to discuss their grievances and bring about some much-needed change.

“We (Roy and Jessica) had a phone call with the city manager Miles Slattery before the Ward 3 Townhall. Miles called us “flat earthers” and “conspiracy theorists” multiple times throughout this phone call for calling out Mario, Kati and Leslie as anarchists in the last city council meeting.

Miles stated that he knows Mario, Leslie and Kati “very well” and he “speaks with them daily” and “knows they are not anarchists.” He told my partner, Roy, that he “should seek counseling.” Roy has known Miles 15 years and our kids played on the same basketball team. We both had lunch with Miles some months back and also and dinner with him and others during an out-of-town basketball tournament recently – he knows we are not conspiracy theorists.

We went to the Townhall meeting and Roy asked Mario some serious questions – and received some serious answers! This video proves that we are not conspiracy theorists (and Miles chooses being condescending towards the people of his community instead of doing research). Also proof that they try to evade questions through name calling (and operate unethically).

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In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust the government and their decisions. With the rise of government mismanagement and incompetence, it has become a norm for citizens to question their leaders and call out those who are not doing their job correctly.


Political philosophy


“Anarchism is a political philosophy and movement that is skeptical of all justifications for authority and seeks to abolish the institutions it claims maintain unnecessary coercion and hierarchy, typically including, though not necessarily limited to, governments, nation states, and capitalism.”

This is an example of how people are fed up with the lack of accountability in government institutions and are taking matters into their own hands. It also serves as a reminder that we should always be vigilant when it comes to our rights and freedoms, as they can easily be taken away from us if we don’t pay attention. As stated in the previous article on this issue, it is important that we are aware that anarchists may have an agenda that is not necessarily in line with our values, so we must ensure that our government funding is not being used to support any destructive activities or agendas.

This also serves as a reminder that while people may believe that their core values resonate with the community at large, a certain amount of mental gymnastics is required to come to that conclusion. Also that while co-workers interact with people on a day to day basis, they are exposed to a work mask persona and might know little to nothing about the core values of an individual.


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