Two Party System in America Makes Nihilism Great Again 2022
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  • 11/12/2022

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Nihilism and The Two Party System – The American Cancer The Republican Party and the Democrat Party have together defined what is commonly known as the Two Party System in America. Many have viewed them as two wings of the same vulture picking away at the seemingly unending rations the hard-working people of this Nation […]

Nihilism and The Two Party System – The American Cancer

The Republican Party and the Democrat Party have together defined what is commonly known as the Two Party System in America. Many have viewed them as two wings of the same vulture picking away at the seemingly unending rations the hard-working people of this Nation produce. Indeed, a nihilistic view of politics, both local, state, and national, has developed among many who view this two party system in America as something which ought not to be. 

On the surface this disposition seems to have merit, anyone with working eyes and ears can see the divide between both parties at present time. While only being entirely surface optics, this revelation by itself can make the uninitiated question the entire two party system and its ability to ever make positive progress on the mainstream table topics Americans care about. 

Passionate People Produce Positive Progress

In truth, nihilistic views are cancer to American society. This disposition is directly responsible for the inaction of voters and the splitting of votes over minute idealistic differences – all the way to outright rejection of voting as a conspiracy. Folks on this far end of Two Party System Nihilism essentially believe the entire election process, and the two party system as a whole, to be an elaborate masquerade so the people feel as though they have a voice when really all politicians are selected by a mysterious cabal. 

Unfortunately for this entire paradigm of belief, the reality on the ground is far different from anything they’d ever assume from the outside. A reality once lived, would completely change their worldview on American politics. For folks like myself who’ve volunteered for their local Republican Central Committee and through that experience learned firsthand how the Two Party System in America works from the bottom up, nihilism just sounds like excuses made by the lazy, ignorant, and/or afraid. 

Media Theatrics Create False Impressions of Two Party System

For all of the optics and theater, we are spoon-fed by the mainstream media to shape our minds about the two party system, the truth is much more boring than one would expect. However, it is boredom and confusion among the volunteers and fecklessness among the leadership which completely define the Republican Central Committees (local branches of the Republican Party) on the local level. 

For example, what one discovers when they show up as a volunteer at the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee (HCRCC) is confusion coupled with an underwhelming experience in total, all created by the sheer lack of enthusiasm and support for new volunteers. Even worse, if you are new blood and do not agree entirely with the establishment Republican platform, then you better keep your mouth shut unless you confirm you are in the majority opinion. Otherwise, you will find yourself on the opposite end of a removal vote before you even have a chance to exercise parliamentary procedures. 

Already the commonplace understanding of the Two Party System as it’s been sold to us is crumbling.

90% of Local Republican Parties are Literally Just Paper Tigers 

Sadly, this is all by design and part of a Nationwide effort to prevent MAGA Patriots and Populist Republicans from taking over Republican Central committees in their respective counties. As recently pointed out by Gavin Mario Wax, Insider at Newsmax and Ambassador at TPUSA, on Twitter, many of these Central Committees only “exist on paper.”

“90% of local Republican parties are literally just paper. 
They exist on paper. Titles, some votes at a state convention, and maybe a few thousand in the bank from the last chicken dinner. 
That is not the institution that is gonna whip votes and win an election.”

Gavin Mario Wax, Twitter

While I agree with Gavin in some respect, I see the situation from a different, more nuanced perspective, having been the 5th District Chair of the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee. Gavin is correct, these institutions are packed with grifters who extract donations year after year from uninitiated supporters who falsely think their contributions are going toward whipping up votes to win elections. They take these donations and use them to finance fancy steak dinners. Exclusive invitees come and take selfies with whatever shooting star Republican politicians they convince to headline the show. 

What is the Difference between Republican and Democrat Central Committees?

A reality that goes completely below the radar for most Republicans, MAGA Patriots, and your general low-information voter, is that this same scenario has also played out in the Democrat Central Committees as well. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see how the Democrat Party has been infiltrated by far-left Marxists who push progressive ideas which, in their own words, is to lead our Nation directly into communism.

The Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy has shifted so far to the left that it would absolutely regard JFK, if alive today, as a MAGA, hard-right, White Nationalist. The ugly difference going down in the Two Party System of America is how the Democrats seem to have accepted with open arms this new wave of volunteers who’ve proven to have what it takes to win elections.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, the Republican Party seems to be systematically applying a campaign of exclusion at the expense of their own electoral losses. The GOP Establishment seems to be completely captivated by this fear response of fight or flight, not realizing their time has come and they need to step aside – for the good of America and to breathe life back into the party. 

It’s Almost Like a Two Party System Within The Two Party System.

One is entirely fine with the new volunteer base they’ve acquired as well as their off-the-depend woke leftism, meanwhile their opponents are a two party system themselves. One part of this two party system on the Republican side wants to keep its power while the other one just wants to win elections. Meanwhile, their competitors who are fine and dandy with their woke leftist volunteer base are busy whipping up votes to win elections while driving the national narrative.

So much for the two party system.

None of this Dog & Pony Show Bullshit Does a Thing to Win Elections

Where I differ from Mr. Wax is in my unwavering knowledge that it is the human beings pushing the paper of these Central Committees, grifting the donations, and thwarting new blood volunteers, who are the true firewall preventing the full power of civic action.

Indeed, it is NOT the fabled Two party System itself that is to blame for our seemingly stagnant government, it is the humans who occupy that system.

-donnie creekmore
humboldt county republican party sucks - lost coast populist (1920 × 1080 px)

For example, the Humboldt County Republican Central Committee recently expelled me as the 5th District Chair the moment I learned the Bylaws and their relationship to Roberts Rules of Order, a book about Parliamentary Procedure.  

The moment I made it clear my intentions were to teach every patriot volunteer I knew how to use these documents to bring new ideas and actions to the floor during regular meetings, it sparked an “off with his head,” knee-jerk reaction by the existing power structure. 

Sparked by fear of change, a handful of grey-haired RINOs initiated a plagiarized plan. Driven by technological ignorance, religious bigotry, and the thought of a knowledgable and fierce assembly, these folks used the tired, uni-party playbook smear tactic of character assassination. 

If you think the Two Party System is to blame, how do you reconcile things like this?

Uniparty Character Assassination Mixed w/ Marxist Confusion Double Speak

These silver-haired hypocrites of the highest order copy-pasted the infamous “Wrap-Up Smear” and applied it out of nowhere, claiming I was too dangerous and was causing them to feel unsafe in my presence. To prop up their flimsy allegations against me in front of their less inquisitive followers, they even hired armed security to hover over us during regular meetings. This was a shock seeing self-identifying republicans, self-proclaimed Christians no less, use the “Wrap-Up Smear” so famously described by non-other than Nancy Pelosi in this clip from 2017.

nancy pelosi "the wrap up smear" 2017 06 22
Here, a professional at the Wrap-Up Smear, explains how she uses it is used against political opponents

It was even claimed that the many witnesses of my so-called “dangerous behavior” had observed actions that supported their feeling unsafe in my presence despite the passionate rebuttals to their position from the very witnesses they cited! This, a Marxist rhetorical tool typically employed by Democrats, was used to confuse the assembly by claiming the exact opposite of what really occurred, while simultaneously claiming the witnesses thereto were in agreement.

Obviously, this leaves only those who have the time, wherewithal, and a healthy threshold of care to look into the real foundations of a local drama – the precise type of drama that typically pushes away the very folks who’d need to realize the counter perspective. 

Two Party System in America is to Blame – or – Prevalence of Cancel Culture?

Going farther out into a birds-eye view we can see the same Wrap-Up Smear job being run against local politicians and everyday citizens of Humboldt County simply for stepping out of line with the local left media and their woke mob.  Rex Bohn has felt the brunt of this tactic for a decade, while Alan Bongio is still wiping the blood from his bleeding wounds. The name Brett Watson, and Concerned Parent Protesters voicing their discontent for All Ages Drag Shows also come to mind.

This is bad enough but they also attacked the following businesses and the owners of the businesses in their personal capacity using this same ugly Wrap-Up Smear job. Contractors like Travis Schnieder as well as local restaurants like Tres Chiles Picosos and its Woman Owner Michelle have felt the heat from this devious tactic all in the past few months. Sadly this is having a massive negative impact on tourism to Humboldt County, CA. Obviously, this has less to do with the two party system than it does to illustrate the way blood sport politics has gone beyond the acceptable.

Winning Elections or Keeping Control – What Say You GOP

Indeed, the far-left Democrat Party is currently using every opportunity it can to rebuild America in its image while trampling, degrading, and attacking every classic American value in the process. A destroyed economy, the highest energy prices in history, and festering division among the community are just more means completely justified by their ideological ends. Meanwhile, the Republican Establishment is more interested in squandering every obvious winning opportunity in exchange for continued control of the party and its ongoing grift. 

I can not express in words how disgusted I’ve been to see Republican Politicians claim to be MAGA Patriots only to cozy up to the exact same establishment that consistently works against those interests, all for the false idea it would somehow potentiate a win. 

With that being said, I am proudly a registered Republican because it is the party that has been consistently for individual liberty as well as upholding the founding documents as fundamental to our freedom. I also do this out of strategy. More than anything else, I care about winning politically and doing it the right way. I know for a fact I will never be invited to join the Democrats, and I’d obviously never entertain the invitation.

I Will Never Be Accepted by the Republican Establishment / GOP

Strategically speaking, the difference is the former party is a cult that is incredibly difficult to enter – and increasingly difficult to remain a member post initial acceptance – while the latter is much easier to approach and interact with following the Precinct Strategy – you just have to keep your head down until you’ve built a solid majority.

From my experience, the nihilism that one might typically revert to is understandable and it is a completely normal human reaction to being kicked in the groin, consistently and without cause, by folks who claim to be on your team. However, that is only possible if you completely overlook the fact that if these folks were replaced systematically by passionate MAGA Patriots the nation over, we’d see the red wave the country is so desperate for. 

this video will get donald trump elected

For me, the goal of a prosperous America is much more important than my subjective experience. Republican Politicians, Maga Patriots, Libertarians, Inclusive Nationalists, and Patriotic Populists like myself need to do some deep soul-searching. We need to get entirely away from running on and repeating the tired “We are not the Democrats” message and get entirely back to the 2016 rhetoric that propelled Donald J Trump into a historic landslide victory. 

Fierce Populist Messaging Delivered by Brave Patriots with Stoic Resolve

donald trump full speech | toledo, ohio rally (10/27/2016)

It was this style of populist message, much like that of Barack Obama before him and Bernie Sanders running against him, which reached directly to the independent voters who typically have hard libertarian populist leanings. The obvious difference is the Trump Administration delivered a fiercer message that easily cut directly through the bullshit without a shred of apology. 

the second presidential debate: hillary clinton and donald trump (full debate) | cnbc

Regardless of your current opinion, go back: watch the epic interviews, status quo-shattering debates, and fiery Trump Rally speeches during Trump’s 2016 Make America Great Again campaign and take notes. This is the map. This is the way. It’s far time we take off the gloves, swallow the blood and spit, get up off our knees, and get into battle mode against our opposition – regardless of the party, they may currently occupy. Anything less is us being the weak, pathetic, victim tribe subscribing nihilists who can’t see past their own emotional responses to think strategically. 

Trump calls Ron Desantis “Ron Desanctimonious” due to recent statements to the press in regard to his rumored presidential run vs Trump

Fractured Republican Leadership, Two Party System Within a Two Party System

You can see this playing out in the recent statements by President Donald J. Trump calling Ron Desantis “Ron Desanctimonious” because of the Sunshine State Governor’s recent statements to the press in regard to his rumored presidential run vs Trump. During a speech given at a Trump Rally on Sunday, November 6th President Trump fired at Ron Disantes for his disloyal comments and recent conduct.

While I completely understand why Trump feels the way he does, and I agree Ron is making a huge mistake, Trump needs to pivot away from this infighting and go back to his 2016 firebrand. At any rate, this is doing nothing to hurt Trump or turn off his followers even if it is irritating to digest for some.

“There it is, Trump at 71, Ron DeSanctimonious at 10 percent, Mike Pence at seven. Oh, Mike is doing better than I thought. Liz Cheney? There’s no way that she’s at four percent. There’s no way. There’s no way. But we’re at 71, to ten, to seven, to four,”

-Donald J Trump – Trump Rally, PA – CLICK HERE FOR FULL VIDEO
two party system

What Two Party system? Patriots Have a Lot of Work to Do

Once you’ve completed this task, start showing up to your Republican Central Committee. Discover for yourself whether or not Gavin Mario Wax is on target where you live, or if there is indeed a group of humans running the show. If you find that your Republican Central Committee is indeed just a paper fiction masquerading as a party to grift donations, please reach out to us at with your story.

If you find a small group of retired, silver-haired RINO “Christian” Zealots, reflect back on what you’ve learned here and conduct yourself accordingly. If you show up and the house is filled with MAGA hats, don’t let the excitement of finding your people take your mental guard down. Most of these folks have realized they need to wear the clothes and talk the talk if they are to dupe their constituents. 

Can’t Beat The Two Party System or Your Local Committee, Go Around Them

Hopefully, you are a unicorn and you find a Republican Central Committee filled with Matt Gaetz-like firebrands who have already kicked over the table long before you showed up. In this case, rejoice in your glory and do absolutely everything you can to hold onto it, just like the grifters before them.

Otherwise, you may get lazy in your success and find yourself and your team of patriots at the opposite end of a removal vote. If anything but the ideal occurs, it’s time for you and your team of Patriots to start a PAC. This Patriot and his team of skilled cohorts are doing just that. We call it the Save Humboldt PAC.

We will do what the feckless local GOP is wholly incapable of delivering – a red wave in Humboldt County come 2024.

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Donnie Creekmore is a father of three amazing boys, and a proud husband to his wife. Donnie is a proud American Patriot, website designer and admin, successful businessman, and an all-around great guy!
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