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Ukraine Over People

Hello, this is Ash Teeter with Lost Coast Populist News hosting the Reading Between the Headlines Podcast. The sheer amount of news thrown at us these days can be overwhelming, this show is a news review looking at select global headlines from the past couple weeks. Awake not woke, opinions are not facts, make up your own mind. Source Links for all the headlines covered in this episode can be found in the credits at the end of the video presentation of this section. 

Filthy Lucre 

Apple’s new savings account draws nearly 100 billion in deposits in the first four days, another bank on the brink: PacWest stock crashes 53%, JP Morgan Chase taking over First Republic Bank, BTC price falls slightly after FED rate hike, the FED increases rate by 25 basis points, investors sue Adidas over Kanye West partnership fallout, the global financial scandal has spread from Malaysia to Hollywood, Larry Fink the CEO of BlackRock: “markets don’t like uncertainty they like totalitarian governments” … the global revolution against the dollar, banking collapse of 2023 is officially bigger than 2008 collapse media blackout. 

The 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal is definitely interesting, we covered it on the last episode as well. We learned that the scandal directed funds to Obama through Pras Michel. Now we learn that lots of this money went into forming Red Granite Pictures, responsible for Dumb and Dumber Too and the Wolf of Wall Street. 

It’s funny to see how this dirty money worked its way around Hollywood and Barack Obama’s campaign fund trough. It’s also funny to see investors suing Adidas over their break with Kanye, who also coincidentally was associated with the Red Granite Pictures scandal. 

JP Morgan taking over another bank is not surprising in the national consolidation that we are seeing, attempting to push for an end to uncertainty as Larry Fink would say bringing forth a totalitarian government and singular bloated banking overlord. 

But will these schemes bear fruit? According to financial commentator Jim Willey, it doesn’t quite look like it, with more and more small nations along with the few superpowers getting on board with the BRICS gold-backed currency being pushed by Russia and China. Is the day of the US petrodollar coming to an end? Are people tired of endless printing of seemingly more and more worthless paper currency to fulfill a gluttony for war, resource domination, and political mischief around the globe? 

Global Health 

Global population reduced by one billion since 2021 media blackout. RFK Jr, WWF, and Bill Gates are using climate change to depopulate the planet, worldwide pilot shortages thousands of vaccinated pilots have dropped dead since 2021. 

Those behind the globalist Marxist agenda are very open about what they’re working on, whether it be reducing nitrogen allowed in farming which in turn reduces food production which in turn leads to starvation. 

Or if it is pushing vaccines like philanthropist Bill Gates has been renowned for (and barred from some countries die to his actions), openly stating that through vaccines and birth control a net reduction in overall population can be expected. 

ukraine - over - people - rbh # 10 global ( mad - terrible )

RFK Jr, who was full on board with the fake climate emergency in 2014, is now blowing the whistle that this global climate narrative is being used to depopulate the planet, getting people so worked up and scared about temperature and sea level that they forget to pay attention to the impact that these ridiculous policies have on society as a whole. 

We had already been facing a decline in reproduction, partially due to the continuing downward trend in our economy making people reevaluate their ability to afford having children. Trends that led to the push for mass immigration from cultures which were still culturally primed for producing large families. 

Tech Watch 

Bill Gates says teachers will soon be replaced with AI, godfather of AI quits Google says he regrets his life’s work, Mark Zuckerberg’s AI obsession … could Facebook change its name again, scientists merge biology and technology with 3D printed electronics inside living worms. 

So yeah, that last one just sounds creepy, parasitic worms delivering a payload of 3D printed nanobots inside of your body. How to take a parasite and make it exponentially worse, we are literally going to become the Borg here probably sooner than anyone realizes. Something that Mark Zuckerberg would be all too tickled about I’m sure, cyborgs will be very commonplace in the metaverse – I’m sure he believes that to the fullest extent possible, for an Android. 

The writing is on the wall with the dangers of AI, we see it taking over jobs at a rapid pace. As artificial intelligence grows in capability, so does the practical and effective design of robotics designed to work alongside AI. This will lead to robots doing a lot of the work that humans have done before. What is the solution? Will you be responsible for your own robot’s maintenance, getting compensated for the work it completes? Probably not, individuals will likely not be able to afford the high-end robots. 

What happens when corporations get too entrenched with AI, having AI construct their business plans as well as execute them in the real world. It’s already being said that humans don’t have the bandwidth to comprehend the AI programming, as it’s already being programmed by trained AI. Without actual comprehension of the coding at play how is there to be legitimate oversight? 

Dirty Bastards Global 

Target launches transgender clothing line for toddlers, Bill Gates pumps millions into legalizing pedophilia, BBC vows to repair defaced naked child statue by notorious pedophile. 

Target unveiled a transgender clothing line for toddlers, that’s right the kids can’t even speak yet but somehow those parents know. Without ever talking to their children at all they can just tell by a twinkle in their eye or whatever little mannerism that just makes it so obvious. Then you get parents who have multiple children that identify in this manner at very young ages and you think: what are the odds? Astronomical.

For one kid it’s something like one in 1000 or a few thousand, for a second kid you get up into the millions. Then you think: “what are the odds that these kids are highly impressionable and whether they know it or not the parents or other adults around them are projecting this behavior onto the children which the children are in turn acting out.”

Projecting this behavior sets the stage for the normalization of pedophilia (or minor attracted people, as those pushing the agenda call it). Yeah, like we were talking about before with the emperor wearing no clothes analogy, no matter how obvious this behavior is, people still feel reluctant to call it out. Reluctant to point at it and say: “hey that’s just not right.” Why do people feel this reluctance? Is it the propaganda?

The gaslighting by censoring people’s comments to make them feel trapped and alone? Do people just think that the conspiracy is so BIG that it can’t be true? That it is impossible there’s a large group of people with significant resources trying to push a global agenda that they openly talk about on TV all the time? And it’s just so impossible that it’s actually happening and they’re talking about it all the time in the open, so yeah it can’t be happening. 

Insane in the Ukraine 

Putin vows to liquidate Zelensky and his clique of terrorists following Kremlin assassination attempt, Seymour Hersh says weapons sent to Ukraine are ending up on the black market, Russia blamed Ukraine for drone attack on Kremlin, CIA agent reveals Deep State ordered drone attack on Kremlin, FBI caught colluding with Facebook to censor all criticism of Ukraine. 

Yeah, once again it’s pretty obvious that Russia is winning in Ukraine, it’s kind of always been a little bit obvious given the sheer ridiculous size of Russia and its net resources. And like Seymour Hersh says, it’s kind of obvious that the arms being shipped over to help Ukraine are being sold on the black market – sure maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. And it doesn’t seem to be only the US that’s doing this, lots of people are just shipping weapons over there. Is it just like a buyers’ market over there for aging weapons? 

That was another thing – I think it was Jim Willie who was talking about it in the same video from earlier, the fact that our military technology in the US isn’t exactly state-of-the-art just because of the bloated bureaucracy in our military. That spending for defense projects usually ends up that 70% or more of funding for a given project is just doled out to people or businesses and does not go to the project as originally designated.

This leads to unfinished projects and/or faulty products, if completed. So what do we do with this taxpayer funded surplus? We ship it to the Ukraine to be sold on the black market and slush back to special interests and political funds here in the US, laundered through monetary mechanisms such as cryptocurrency as we saw with the FTX scandal. 

The fact that no ground troops have been committed to aiding Ukraine is also very telling, no one thinks they’re really going to win or is that invested in the victory or perhaps is capable of manufacturing needed support for such troop engagements. The stage has already been set where the failure in Ukraine, didn’t work out sorry we sent all the money there and our country is falling apart the end. 


Another Commonwealth country wants to sever ties with British monarchy, WEF orders governments to arrest citizens who read “fake news” online, Elon Musk partners with EU disinformation task force to purge independent media, group hit with congressional subpoena for committing anti free speech crimes in America, U.S. embassy tells Americans to shelter in place amid conflict in Sudan. 

So is Elon Musk’s pick for replacement CEO the result of partnering with the EU disinformation task force? The question is whether Elon is joining or infiltrating? Supposedly, Elon signed on to the European Union’s so-called code of practice on disinformation, requiring platforms like Twitter to censor users who question the mainstream narrative. Well, I have seen nothing of this so far, perhaps the new CEO brought in by Elon will start to censor topics deemed as fake news. 

It will be interesting to see how the WEF group GARM will be penalized for violating US antitrust laws. Apparently both the WEF and GARM did not provide documents as requested and have until May 26th to produce said documents. 

The debacle in Sudan where around 600 US citizens are being told to shelter in place in dangerous conditions seems kind of familiar, almost reminiscent of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. The Biden administration is flexing its superior planning capabilities again … I’m sure the people on the ground are both confident and ecstatic over the abundant commitment to their safety and well-being. 

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Ash Teeter is a local Humboldt artist, computer technician, and student. Ash has extensive experience in commercial/residential painting and decorating. Most importantly, Ash is a proud father, husband, and freedom-loving individual.
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